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drawings of florentine painters classified criticised and studied as documents in the history and appreciation of tuscan art with a copious catalogue raissonne

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Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Uffizi, 1868. [Studies of draped figures and nude man.]
Guiliano da Sangallo, Siena, 2472. [Man walking with two women holding sword and basket.]
Benozzo, Uffizi, 537. [A cardinal followed by an acolyte.]
Fra Filippo, British museum, 1387. [Pleading woman.]
Pesellino, Uffizi, 1838. [Studies for woman covered in drapery, monk leaning on stick.]
A. Pollajuolo, [sic] Uffizi, 1902. [Nude woman with two children.]
Fra Angelico, Windsor, 163 verso. [St. Lawrence, a woman holding a child, and a youth with clasped hands.]
Botticini, British museum, 589. [Study for coronation, with Christ.]
Botticelli, British museum, 567. [Study for an allegorical figure of abundance.]
Fra Angelico, British museum, 162. [The youthful David with a crown on his curly head, sitting on a settle, singing and playing on the psaltery.]
Amico di Sandro, Louvre, 53. [Head of a young woman.]
School of Botticelli, British museum, 578. [An allegorical figure of faith.]
Credi, Uffizi, 686. [Study for a marble chapel with an annunciation over the altar.]
School of Pollajuolo, [sic] Christ church, Oxford, 1948. [Man wearing drapery holding a book.]
Compagno di Pesellino, Berlin, 670. [Study for a God the father reading in a book.]
A. Pollajuolo, [sic] British museum, 1905. [Hercules in fighting pose.]
School of Pollajuolo, [sic] Hamburg, 1944. [Two centaurs fighting.]
Credi, Louvre, 709. [Head of an oldish man, wearing cap.]
Giuliano da Sangallo, Uffizi, 2469. [Studies of man wearing draped garment, and architectural elements.]
[Title page.]
A. Pollajuolo, [sic[ Uffizi, 1903. [Study of John the baptists, hands and feet.]
A. Pollajuolo, [sic], Uffizi, 1901. [Nude man with hand on hip.]
School of Verrocchio, British museum, 2707. [Study of drapery.]
Verrocchio, British museum, 2691. [Head of a woman.]
School of Botticelli, Uffizi, 577. [Two youths kneeling in the midst of four other figures Above them the holy spirit.]
Pesellino, Dr. G. Frizzoni, Milan, 1840. [Woman wearing decorated robe.]
Pesellino, Louvre, 1841. [Nativity.]
A. Pollajuolo, [sic] British museum, 1906. [Nude men driving bound prisoners forward.]
Verrocchio, Uffizi, 2690. [Head of a youth.]
P. Pollajuolo, [sic] Uffizi, 1952. [Head of a woman.]
Botticelli, Uffizi, 563. [Study for the baptist standing.]
Botticelli, Uffizi, 564. [Study for a St. Jerome.]
School of Pollajuolo, [sic] M. Léon Bonnat, Paris, 1850. [Study of nude man.]
Fra Angelico, Windsor, 163. [Bust of St. Lawrence.]
Agnolo Gaddi, Louvre, 758. [The blessed virgin ascending steps of a temple.]
Benozzo, British museum, 542. [A bare-headed young man, in a cloak, pointing with his right hand as he walks.]
Benozzo, Dresden, 532. [The full-length figure of St. Michael holding the hilt of a sword in his right hand, and a globe in his left..]
Domenico di Michelino, Louvre, 1752. [Group of saints.]
Credi, Louvre, 715. [Study for a St. Bartholomew, painted for Orsammichele [sic].]
Botticini, British museum, 590. [Study for coronation, with the blessed virgin.]
Credi, British museum, 691. [Study for an angel in the Fortiguerri monument.]
P. di Cosimo, Corsini, Rome, 1861. [Head of a man.]
Fra Bartolommeo, Uffizi, 319. [Head of a young woman.]
Leonardo, Windsor, 1118. [A wolf sitting in the stern of a boat steers it towards an eagle resting on a globe.]
Fra Bartolommeo, M. Léonn Bonnat, Paris, 496. [The entombment.]
Garbo, Christ church, Oxford, 768. [Study for a Madonna with St. Catherine and the Magdalen.]
Fra Bartolommeo, Uffizi, 239. [Two studies for a charity.]
Leonardo, Uffizi, 1020. [Study for the architecture and figures in the background of the adoration.]
Neri di Bicci, Uffizi, 1767. [The blessed virgin with Christ child.]
Leonardo, Windsor, 1154. [Bust of a lady with the head in profile.]
Leonardo, Louvre, 1063. [Study for the drapery of the virgin in the Louvre version of the Madonna with St. Anne.]
Domenico Ghirlandajo, [sic] British museum, 878. [Rapid sketch for the fresco representing the birth of the virgin.]
Cosimo Rosselli, Mr. G. T. Clough, London, 2387. [Studies of man.]
Domenico Ghirlandajo, [sic] Windsor, 893. [Bust of elderly female.]
Leonardo, British museum, 1035. [Profile bust of a warrior in fanciful armour [sic].]
Leonardo, Buda Pesth [sic], 1011. [A bald-headed man with open mouth turning suddenly to the right, and facing him the lower part of the profile of another man.]
Leonardo, M. Léon Bonnat, Paris, 1079. Leonardo, Louvre, 1064. [Sketch for an allegory. An allegory possibly of an incantation.]
Leonardo, Windsor, 1117. [Neptune guiding his sea-horses.]
Filippino Lippi, Uffizi, 1285. [Head of a woman in profile.]
Cosimo Rosselli, British museum, 2385. [Monks visited by saint and angels.]
Domenico Ghirlandajo [sic], British museum, 881. [Bust of an oldish man, in profile to right.]
Leonardo, Louvre, 1068. [Study for the entire composition of the adoration.]
Filippino Lippi, Uffizi, 1298. [Study of man addressing large group outside a temple.]
Fra Bartolommeo, M. Léon Bonnat, Paris, 499 verso. [St. John in the wilderness.]
Albertinelli, Uffizi, 6. [The annunciation.]
Leonardo, Buda Pesth [sic], 1012. [The bust in profile of a youth with mouth wide open, the face and neck highly finished, the rest barely outlined.]
P. di Cosimo, Louvre, 1860. [Head of a man.]
Fra Bartolommeo, Uffizi, 256. [Madonna enthroned with angels and saints.]
Granacci, Uffizi, 923. [Study for a Lucretia.]
Albertinelli, Louvre, 17. [The virgin for an annunciation.]
Albertinelli, Uffizi, 13. [Trinity with cherubs and saints.]
Sogliani, British museum, 2637 verso. [Study of partially nude man wearing cape.]
Domenico Ghirlandajo [sic], Munich, 885. [A bishop baptizing a person of ripe years.]
Mainardi, Uffizi, 1392. [Heads of two young men.]
Filippino Lippi, Dresden, 1279. [Two drawings of a man leaning on his knee and a partially nude man with walking stick.]
[Title page.]
Domenico Ghirlandajo [sic], Uffizi, 876. [Study for drapery of virgin in Louvre visitation.]
David Ghirlandajo [sic], Uffizi, 814. [Study of two men.]
Leonardo, Venice, 1102. [Sketch for the Louvre version of the Madonna with St. Anne.]
Garbo, British museum, 764 [The resurrected Christ.]
Leonardo, Windsor, 1215. [Over a triumphal arch a nude on horseback trampling a prostrate foe.]
Leonardo, Windsor, 1153. [Bust of youngish man nearly in profile, with open mouth and expression of great effort.]
Fra Bartolommeo, Louvre, 468. [The Madonna seated, visible to below the knees with the child in her lap--study for the altar-piece in S. Martino at Lucca.]
Leonardo, Windsor, 1125. [A youth in short coat and fluttering sleeves, spear in hand and arm akimbo.]
Fra Paolino, Uffizi, 1785a. [Study for crucifixion.]
P. di Cosimo, British museum, 1859a. [Studies of blessed virgin with Christ child.]
Baldovinetti, Uffizi, 192, 194, 195, 196. [Designs of youths and angels for cornices.]
Leonardo, Louvre, 1069. [The Madonna, turned to right, holds in her right hand a vase, from which the child takes fruit, while he caresses her cheek.]
Fra Bartolommeo, Uffizi, 244. [Assumption of the virgin, with angels dancing about her in a ring.]
Leonardo, Windsor, 1123. [Two studies for nude woman kneeling with an infant, probably for a Leda.]
Ridolfo Ghirlandajo [sic], Corsini, Rome, 902. [Group of bishops carrying coffin.]
Garbo, Louvre, 769. [The martyrdom of St. Lucy.]
P. di Cosimo, Albertina, 1863. [Christ child adored by blessed virgin and angels.]
Leonardo, M. Léon Bonnat, Paris, 1072. [Sketch for the hanging figure of Bernardo di Bandini.]
Leonardo, Uffizi, 1015. [Madonna holding the child, who fondles a kitten.]
Leonardo, M. Léon Bonnat, Paris, 1073. [Sketch for a nativity.]
Amico di Sandro, Louvre, 54. [Tobias and the angels.]
Raffaelle Botticini, Stockholm, 592. [Sketch of a kneeling virgin for a nativity.]
Carli, British museum, 640. [The vision of St. Bernard.]
Leonardo, Windsor, 1145. [Study for a last supper.]

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