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civil war 1861 1865

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H.T. Loomis, W.K. Neal, W.G.M. [i.e. W.J.M.] Thompson, [W.T.] Coombs, [J.B.] Abbott, A.O. Stoddard, J.B. Brown, Henry Brown, G.B. Randlette.
Court-martial of Col. Kerrigan, Washington, Dec. 1861
View of the Long Bridge over the Potomac; Alexandria Road On Virginia side. The Long Bridge from the Washington shore. The Long Bridge from the Virginia shore. The Virginia shore from the Long Bridge
Gen. Garnett's death [July 13, 1861].
Death of General Lyon, August 10, 1861
Flotilla of the Potomac River; Freestone Point; ---- --- Creek
Sheridan & staff.
Group of unidentified USSC personnel; three seated in front, five standing in rear.
Field relief corps of the U.S. Sanitary Commission. Supply wagon and tent of a corps relief agent. Lewis H. Steiner, Chief inspector.
Village of Hampton, Va. sketched on the day of the occupation by the 3rd and 4th Mass. Regiments
Rebels preparing to bombard Fort Sumter--scene on Cummings Point
Georgetown, Washington, Alexandria. May '61
The Naval Brigade under command of Lt. Crosby. . ., Hampton Creek, night of 8th June
Jefferson Barracks. St. Louis, Mo.  Group of men seated and standing on grass near road; chapel and other buildings in rear.
View of Chambersburg Turnpike from Gettysburg, showing a portion of the first day’s fighting-ground, including Oak Ridge, occupied by Rebel batteries on the second and third.  The small stone house, near the summit of the hill, was occupied [sic] by Gen. Lee as his headquarters.
Rosecrans & Sheridan.
Howard ambulance, front and side view, on city street.
Hospital Steamer ‘Red Rover.’
The barn and orchard attached to Gen. Meade’s Headquarters.  During the terrific artillery firing of Friday both house and barn were perforated by shot and shell, and from fifteen to twenty staff horses were killed immediately around them.
. . . . Oakhill, the north end of Falls Church, Va.
View from Mount Pleasant, Arlington Heights, Va.
Slaves building Confederate Army fortifications at James Island, Charleston, South Carolina, in 1863.
The residence of John L. Burns, now familiarly known as the Hero of Gettysburg; a title won by his heroic conduct upon this memorable battle-field. Seated upon the porch, with his gun and crutch beside him, is the old man, now past 70 years of age.
Cemetery Hill, Showing the Gateway and a portion of the Cemetery.
Arrival of the New York 71st regiment at the Railroad Depot, Washington, D.C. May 25, 1861.
Blenker's Brigade from the headquarters of the Garibaldi Guard, Roche's Mills, Va.
Firing of a flag of truce from the Craney Island battery near Norfolk (Adriatic of Phila.)
[Group of USSC personnel; eight seated in front, ten standing in rear.]
Mathais Point. Death of Capt. Ward on board the Thomas Freeborn gunboat. 6[:00] p.m. Thursday, 27th June 1861
"The metropolitan sanitary fair."--Mrs. McClellan's table in the department of arms and trophies--sale of Frank Leslie's sketches.
Regiments drilling on the grounds in front of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md.
The kitchen of Fremont Dragoons, fairgrounds, Tipton, Md. Oct. 13, 1861. [Published Nov. 2, 1861.]
General N. P. Bank's headquarters near Edward's Ferry.
The struggle for the guidon
The remains of Col. Vosburg at headquarters Navy Yard, lying in state. Washington, D.C., May 20, 1861.
U.S. Sanitary Commission : Lodge 4, 389 H Street, Washington, D.C.
Northern portion of Gettysburg, with General Hospital in the Distance, from a position near the Seminary.
The National Cemetery, rear of Soldiers' Home, Washington, D.C. : Under the supervision of Capt. James M. Moore, A.Q.M., U.S.A.
Howard ambulance, rear and side view, tailgate up, on city street.
Funeral of Col. Ellsworth, East Room, White House, Washigton, D.C., 10[:00] a.m.; 25 May ['61]
Gen. Smith's Brigade--from Fort Marcy. Chain Bridge, Va.
Entrance to office of Sanitary Commission. No. 8 Cherry Street, Nashville, Tenn.
Round Top, : Noted for the desperate struggle which took place near its base.
President-elect passing through Baltimore.
Castle Picnkey, Charleston Harbor, in possession of the South Carolina troops.
Office of Sanitary Commission, Louisville, Ky.
View from the top of Pilot Knob. The advance of the army. . .
Building bridges over the Georgetown and Alexandria Canal for the use of the soldiers. Fort McQuade. . . .
Union pickets foreground. Rebel in hay stack. Munson Hill Fort
Culp's Hill, occupied by the right wing of the Union Army, and the scene of the terrific musketry contest on the second and third, which resulted in the defeat of the Rebels.
U.S. Christian Commission, at the General Hospital, Gettysburg, Pa.
The body of Col. Baker at Anthony Buchly--the undertaker's store--Penn. Ave., Washington
Block house no. 3 near Fort Corcoran, Arlington Heights, Va.
Occupation of Baltimore by General Butler. Union troops passing down Lee Street, May 12, 1861. Portion of Boston artillery flanked by Infantry of the 6th Mass. regiment to Federal Hill
The Boston battery at General Butler's camps, Relay House. Commanding the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad by Patapsco River
Practicing with the celebrated Sawyer gun on the rebel batteries at Sewell's Point near Norfolk, Va. from Fort Calhoun (unfinished) on the rip-raps in front of Fortress Monroe
High battery at the Chain Bridge
The Theological Seminary, used as a hospital.  The battle first commenced a short distance in the rear of this building; and here may be seen the spot upon which the brave and gallant Gen. Reynolds fell.
Howard ambulance, side view, wooden box (for limb support) on ground. Background masked.
Ulic (John A.B.) Dahlgren's Naval Battery. Road to Fairfax County, near Alexandria. July 29th, 1861.
A rebel treed. Arrest of rebel officer Lt. H. J. Segal of the insurgent army near Falls Church by Lt. Col. Winslow and Capt. Shattuck of the N.Y. 37th regiment
Howard ambulance, rear view, tailgate partially lowered, rollers that support cushioned litters are visible. Background masked.
Battery commanding the approach to Washington on the height of ------- Ridge near the relay house
Flag boat Yankee of the Potomac flotilla--scouting off Evansport. . .
Gen. Butler's experiments with the Sawyer rifled cannon. . .
Jefferson Barracks. St. Louis, Mo.  Two long brick buildings, one with shutters at windows, garden and fence in foreground.
Howard ambulance parked in front of warehouse, front view, another ambulance behind it.
General Hospital, near Gettysburg, Pa.  This hospital was established by the Government soon after the battle, and furnished accommodation for about three thousand wounded soldiers.
General Meade’s Head Quarters. : A position of great peril, occupied by the General during the heaviest part of the conflict. It is situated on the west side of the Taneytown road, a short distance south of the National Cemetery.
The Rhode Island camp. Washington--Virginia, with camps
Sketch of the battle of Fredericksburg, Saturday, Dec. 13th 1862, Right Wing, C.S.A., Lt. Gl. Jackson's corps
Map of the seat of war in Virginia
Western vicinity of Fredericksburg, Virginia
The Chickahominy from Mechanicsville to Bollom’s Bridge
The Civil War in America : General Stuart (Confederate) with his cavalry scouting in the neighbourhood of Culpepper courthouse
U.S. Sanitary Commission. Soldiers’ Home [Cleveland, Ohio].
U.S. Sanitary Commission Lodge, location unknown.
U.S. Sanitary Commission. Soldiers’ Home. [Cleveland, Ohio].
Owner's proof on claim for slave lost in public service, December 4, 1863.
Certification of witnesses that Laurens was worth $2,000; April 6, 1863.
Additions & corrections for the "Map of a part of the Rappahannock above Fredericksburg"
Doctor's certificate on death of slave Laurens while in the service of Confederate States building fortifications on James Island, S. C., March 26, 1863.
Petition for compensation for slave impressed into military service ; Civil War.
Lee's Ord. Park, Petersburg
Original receipt for $2,000 compensation obtained by L. Warren Nelson; Columbia, South Carolina, 15 October, 1864.
[A valuation on Larens, a slave, by a witness who knew him; December 4, 1864.]
The campaign in Virginia--fight at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864--General Smith's corps in action.
Thompson, Alfred. [Application of Eliza Mercer of Howard County, Maryland, for compensation for the war service of her slave, Alfred Thompson, an enlistee in the 39th Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops, Company D., 1865.]
From South Carolina. Monument to the Martyrs of the Race-Course ...
From South Carolina. Our Martyr and His Mourners … Honor to Our Martyrs
Attack on Fort Wagner
Martyrs of the Race-Course - Union prisoners' cemetery at Charleston, S.C.
Wheel of time
Stampede of the Eleventh Corps on the Plank Road
The red badge of courage, [Front cover]
Camp-fires of the Afro-American: or, The colored man as a patriot, soldier, sailor, and hero, in the cause of free America: displayed in Colonial struggles, in the Revolution, the War of 1812, and in later wars, particularly the great Civil War - 1861-5, and the Spanish-American War - 1898: concluding with an account of the war with the Filipinos - 1899
Strange true stories of Louisiana
Thomas D. Duncan. At the age of fourteen, two years before he rode with Forrest's famous troop.
[The splint applied.]
Capture of the U.S. steamer Harriet Lane ....

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