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Taikoro in caste Mukden.
Dosadh, low caste hindoo, Behar. {Also known as Dusadh, Dhari, Dharhi
Rujwar, low caste hindoo, Behar.
Musahar, low caste hindoo, Behar.
Dosadhs, low caste hindoos, Behar. [Also known as Dusadh, Dhari, Dharhi]
Kesarah Nutni, low caste Hindoo, Allahabad.
Aruks, Hindoos of low caste, Shahjehanpore.
Sheikh Zeaoollah, Soonee Mahomedan, Sheikh caste, Allyghur.
Baories, bird catchers, low caste Hindoos, Delhi.
A charcoal carrier, Kolee caste, Dehra Dhoon.
Meenas, Hindoos of low caste, vagrants, Delhi.
Nuts, jugglers and acrobats, low caste Hindoos, Delhi.
Muzbee Sikhs, low caste, Lahore.
Changars, low caste wandering tribe, Lahore.
Golahs, low caste Hindoo tribe, Rajpootana
Dhair, out caste Hindoo tribe, Berar.
Lodhas, low caste Hindoo tribe, Rajpootana
Polayers, slave  caste, Travancore.
Pasees, low caste Hindoos, Oude Plate 86
Koerees, low caste tribe, possibly aboriginal, Goruckpoor.
Tharoos, (low caste Hindoos, probably aboriginal), Shahjehanpore.
Jogis, snake charmers, Hindoos of low caste, Delhi.