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cartes de visite portrait photographs

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Bertha Henry.
[Studio portrait of unidentifed young man, seated on prop hay bale.]
[Studio portrait of unidentified woman, arms on back of chair.]
[Studio portrait of unidentified man wearing double-breasted jacket.]
S. A. Payne (Bishop Payne).
[Studio portrait of a young man.]
[Full-length studio portrait of unidentified man.]
Unidentified female subject
Beau Visage. Lausanne
Julius Steegall.
[Studio portrait of unidentified seated young man, his left arm resting on chair.]
[Studio portrait of unidentified seated young man, holding cap.]
Unidentified couple
Grande Gallerie prés la Chapelle de Cell
Josie Wallace.
[Studio portrait of unidentified man with long sideburns and wavy hair.]
Portrait of a Creole gentleman.
Robert Douglass, dyeing and cleaning business, Washington, D.C.
[Studio portrait of two young women.]
Jim Patterson.
[Oval half-figure portrait of unidentified man.]
Bishop Crowther.
[Full-length portrait of man, with studio props.]
John Gassett.
Place de la Cathédrale a Berne
Mons Meg in Edinburgh Castle
[Studio portrait of a young man wearing tie and stick pin.]
[Studio portrait of unidentified  woman holding handkerchief.]
[Full length portrait of unidentified man.]
Lottie Grimke
Com. Dupont
Lucerne & le Mt. Pilate
Unidentified male
LaPorta del Duomo
Ischl. Hotel Elisabeth & Esplanade
Three unidentified children
Unidentified group playing cards
Two unidentified men
Unidentified female
H. L. Esterlin to Mrs. H. & Mr. E. Harlow.
Vue dans Lucerne
Rev. Samuel Osgood, D.D. Pastor of the Church of the Messiah. (Unitarian). New York City
Sickles & staff
Lena […]
Unidentified female
Honey, P. Britt's dog
Gov. Andrew [Massachusetts Governor]
Unidentified female
Chester Cathedral- from walls
Unidentified woman
Unidentified female
Unidentified girl
Unidentified woman
Unidentified woman
The Scourged Back - The furrowed and scarred back of Gordon, a slave who escaped from his master in Mississippi and made his way to a Union Army encampment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1863.
Studio portrait of John C. Napier
King of the Greeks
ThePotter House destroyed by Sherman during siege of Atlanta
I sell the shadow to support the substance, Sojourner Truth.
Lee's Ord. Park, Petersburg
Albert Dogan.
In memory of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America. Born February 12, 1809. Died April 15, 1865. "With malice toward none, with charity for all." Second Inaugural Address
[Studio protrait of unidentified man, standing, wearing long coat.]
Albert Cottrell [Albert Contrell]
Unidentified child
July 3rd, 1868
Dederick's Steam Man
Kim & Jennie to Laura H. Fredille.
Unidentified child
[Three-quarter length portrait of unidentifed man.]
Dr. Crumwell., Washington, D.C.
Unidentified boy
Studio portrait of young chimney sweeps.
George Johnston
[Profile portrait of unidentifed man.]
Quinta de Sta. Helena, Residencia de Don Carlos Moye, U.S. Consul
[Portrait of seated woman wearing a headwrap.]
Chester, U.S. minister, Liberia.
Lydia Buckman. "Birdie" 2 yrs. June 23, 1874
Unidentified man
Unidentified girl
Your friend, Jno. H. Smith.
Madame Fernand Fouquet..
[Unidentified young woman wearing gloves, leaning on prop fence.]
Rev. B. G. Sayers, 1881.
[Dr. Davis, who was educated in Aberdeen, Scotland.]
Lottie Grimke.
Frans Netscher, Editor Hollandsche Revue
[Half-figure portrait of man wearing bow tie.]
[Three-quarter length portrait of unidentified woman dressed with long-fringed shawl.] Born Feb. 22, 1791-72, on verso.
[Portrait of woman seated next to tasselled curtain.]
[Studio portrait of unidentified woman dressed in a rouched jacket and large striped bow at neck.]
Market woman, Brazil.
[Half--length portrait of unidentified woman wearing wide lace collar.]
Unidentified man

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