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carl h pforzheimer collection of shelley and his circle

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Holograph poem, "Justice with Mercy," recto and verso
Margaret Nicholson: who attempted to assassinate the King 2.d of August 1786, [Frontispiece]
Photographic portrait of Thomas Medwin
Catharine Macaulay autograph letter (copy) signed to Mary Wollstonecraft, 30 December 1790
Oil portrait of Timothy Shelley
[?Holograph] fragment from A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Mary Wollstonecraft - A vindication of the rights of woman, P. 435
A vindication of the rights of woman, Pp. 414-415, Ch. 13
Anne Wagner album

Anne Wagner album

Friendship album kept by Anne Wagner, with entries by her niece, the poet Felicia Dorothea Browne (later Hemans), and other friends and family members, mostly between 1795 and 1805. Contains inscriptions and qu... More

Lady Anne Hamilton commonplace book of poetry
Autograph letter unsigned to Mary Hays, 18 January 1796
Mary Wollstonecraft - Holograph review of Albert de Nordenshild
Mary Wollstonecraft - Holograph essay (fragment), "On Poetry"
Photographic portrait of Jane Williams Hogg
Minstrelsy of the Scottish border... , [Title page]
Domestic misery: or, The victim of seduction, [Frontispiece and title-page]
Holcroft Thomas - Larder
Fables anciennes et modernes [Plate for fables 60-71].
Fables anciennes et modernes [Plate for fables 1-12].
Holcroft Thomas - Sorrow
Fables anciennes et modernes [Plate for fables 13-24].
Holcroft Thomas - Gaffer Gray, [Back cover]
Holcroft Thomas - Gaffer Gray, [Front cover]
Holcroft Thomas - Clients
Holcroft Thomas - The invitation
Fables anciennes et modernes..., [Title-page]
Holcroft Thomas - The welcome
Holcroft Thomas - Charity
Holcroft Thomas - Lawyer Doublefee
Holcroft Thomas - Salutation
Holcroft Thomas - The empty purse
Holcroft Thomas - Farm yard
Holcroft Thomas - Parsonage
Holcroft Thomas - Parson Trulliber
Fables anciennes et modernes {Plate for fables 48-59.
Fables anciennes et modernes [Plate for fables 25-35].
Holcroft Thomas - Squire Guzzle
The miller, his son, and his ass.
Fables ancient and modern [Title-page].
The wolf and the mastiff.
The sun and the wind.
Washing the blackamoor white.
The fox and the mask.
The shepherd's boy and the wolf.
The fly in the mail-coach.
The good-natured man and the adder.
The grass-green cat.
The waggoner and Hercules.
The fox and the raven.
The fox without a tail.
The fox and the stork.
The dog and the shadow.
The grasshopper and the ant.
The lion and other beasts hunting.
The bear and the bees.
The daw and borrowed feathers.
The belly and the members.
The old man and the bundle of sticks.
The hermit and the bear.
The goose with golden eggs.
The labourer and his sons.
The country-maid and her milk-pail.
The horse-dung and the apples.
The horse and the stag.
Industry and sloth.
The town mouse and the country mouse.
The wolf and the lamb.
The fox and the grapes.
The travellers and the money-bag.
The weasel in the granary.
The mouse, the cock, and the cat.
The mountain in labour.
The poor farmer and the justice.
The mice in council.
Mary Wollstonecraft - Elisa, ossia, È una disgrazia l'esser donna ...
Outlines of English grammar..., [Title-page]
Autograph letter signed to Dr. Charles Burney, 24 January 1810
Maria Flaxman - The transformation
Maria Flaxman - Prince Dorus offended
Maria Flaxman - Claribel carried off
Maria Flaxman - Visit to the benificent fairy
Maria Flaxman - Prince Dorus and his maids
Maria Flaxman - Minon asleep
Maria Flaxman - Truth brought home
Maria Flaxman - Self-knowledge obtains its reward
Prince Dorus , [Title page]
Maria Flaxman - The enchanted cat
Autograph note, third person, probably to Anna Maria Barrow, [1813?]
Edward V. Richard III. Henry VII. Henry VIII
The history of England, [Frontispiece]
The history of England, [Title page]
Henry II. Richard I. John. Henry III
Henry IV. Henry V. Henry VI. Edward IV
Charles I. Charles II. James II. William III
Edward I. Edward II. Edward III. Richard II
A tournament
Anne. George I. George II. George III
Edward VI. Mary. Elizabeth. James I
The family Robinson Crusoe..., [Title page]
Frontispiece: The family Robinson Crusoe

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