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Plate 102-X. Gas furnace with pots for melting metal.
Plate 113-X. Heavy pattern reversible mixer.
[Plate 148-X = Outlets for drawing off contents from kettles. Plate 49-X = Different sizes of paddles for enameled kettles.]
Plates 104-X and 105-X = Gas burners for industrial operations as used in our various furnaces. Plates 55-X and 56-X = Ring burners.
Plate 125-X. Still with two condensers.
No. 5. Stills, vacuum pans and condensers. Plate 124-X. Kettles 100 to 1000 gallons capacity.
Plate 110-X. Heavy steam jacketed kettle with xtension curb above the hinge.
Plate 90-X. Jacketed stills and vacuum pans.
Plate 120-X. Oil burning furnace for heating any kind of kettle, caldron or still.
[Plate 60-X. Furnace for melting or heating chemicals by fire.]
Plate 16-X. Jacketed still or vacuum pan.
Plate 10-X. Extra heavy steam jacketed kettle of plain cast iron and coated with acid resisting enamel.
Plate 92-X. Illustration of jacketed still with container and dimensions and prices of containers only shown in Plate 91-X.
Plate 8-X = Mixer. Plate 9-X = Lifting device.
Plate 128-X. Still with fractionating column condenser tubes and containers.
Plate 32-X. Chemical kettles.
Plate 131-X. Illustrates a rectifying or re-distilling apparatus.
Plate 33-X. Portable furnaces and caldrons.
Plate 30-X. Caldrons for setting in brick work.
Plate 115-X illustrates the way any of the power mixing kettles can be arranged for a direct motor worm drive.
[Plate 129-X. Distilling outfit, the still of which is of cast iron and can be made of any capacity up to 1000 gallons.]
Plate 69-XX. Vertical tanks.
Plate 18-X. Some jacketed still or vacuum pan.
No. 1-B. Caldrons and kettles. Plate 24-X. [Title page].
Plates 69-X and 70-X. Horizontal steel storage tanks.
Plate 101-X. [Illustration of Jacketed kettle]
Plate 106-X. Oil burning furnace.
Plate 139-X. Plan and sectional drawing of metal pots Plate 64-X and 65-X.
Plate 6-X. Sectional view of Plate 5-X.
Plate 50-X. Brick setting for caldrons and kettles ; Plate 52-X. Grate bars. Plate 50 and 51-X. Furnace doors.
Plate 102-X. A heavy gas furnace for kettles, caldrons, stills and metal pots for chemical manufacturing and other operations.
Plate 127-X. A lead lined still with a lead pipe coil reflux condenser.
Plate 99-X. Jacketed stills and vacuum pans.
No. 3-A. Metal melting pots and furnaces. Plate 120-X. Illustration of oil burning melting furnace.
[Plate 130-X. Distilling outfit for different purposes such as separating and extracting, made of plain cast iron or acid enameled.]
Plate 50-X = Brick setting for caldrons and kettles. Plate 51-X = Furnace doors. Plate 52-X = Grate bars.
Plate 91-X. Stills, condensers and containers. [illustration]
No. 4-B. Steam jacketed kettles and chemical appliances. Plate 5-X. Power mixing kettle.
No. 2-B. Acid enameled stills and vacuum pans. Plate 99-X. Power mixing kettle.
Plate 3-X. Power jacketed still or vacuum pan.
No. 6-B. Plate 102-X. Gas and oil burning furnaces for kettles used in chemical operations and metal manufacture.
Plates 155-X and 156-X illustrate kettle with a special mixing paddle, revolving between stationary breakers.
Plate 136-X. Castors suitable for Plates 32-X, 30-X and 10-X.
Plate 138-X. Welded horizontal steel storage tanks.
Jacketed autoclaves and stills with suitble mixers for medium pressures up to 100 pounds. [Illustration].
[Plate 149-X. Acid enameled paddles.]
Plate 122-X. Acid egg.
Plate 71-X. Vertical open top steel storage tank.
Plate 142-X. Special filter with a coil around the upper jacket.
[Plate 135-X. Acid resisting enameled kettles with a wood mixer.]
No. 10 Plate 121-X. Acid eggs blow cases and filters.
Plate 119-X. Small autoclave set in a gas furnace.
Plate 137-X. Apparatus by which jacketed kettles may be heated.
Plate 10-X. Standard steam jacketed kettles of plain cast iron, and coated with acid resisting enamel.
Plate 3073-A. Lawler Steam Trap.
[Plate 151-X shows a mixing and tilting kettle.]
No. 9. Plate 116-X. Autoclaves.
Efficient heaters for heating water by steam.
Plate 66-X. Chemical tanks.
Plate 67-X. Cast-iron sectional tanks.
Plate 31-XX. Cross bars for holding the power bracket for mixers.
Plate 8046-A. Efficient heater construction.
Plate 8048-A. Efficient heater measurements. [illustration].
Plate 32-X. Chemical kettles.
Plate 102-X. Gas furnace for heating caldrons and kettles.
Plate 114-X. Digesters, same as autoclaves but without the mixing device.
Illustrating jacketed autoclave which is made in cast iron and cast steel.
Plate 28-X. Acid egg or Blow case.
Plate 067-A. For exhaust or low pressure steam.
Plate 109-X. Special conical lead lined steel tanks.
No. 13. Jacketed kettles, cast iron, acid enameled. Plate 124-X. kettles of 100 to 1000 gallons capacity.
Plate 117-X. Autoclave jacketed.
Plate 112-X. Jacketed crystallizing pan with the power stirring device.
Plate 30-X. Caldrons for setiing in brick work or for portable gas furnaces.
[Plate 118-X. General appearance of jacketed kettles for 220 gallon size.]
No. 11. Light-weight chemical mixing kettles, cast iron and acid-resisting enameled. View of Kettle Machine shop.
Plates 152-X and 153-X show how the mixing paddles may be lifted out of a kettle by a simple hinge.
Plate 148-X. Outlets for drawing off contents from ketles. Plate 49-X. Various size paddles.
Plate 111-X. Jacketed crystallizing pan.
No. 8-A. Crystallizing pans and chemical kettles. Plate 96-X.  Crystallizing pans with handles.
Plate 22-X. Steam or oil jacketed kettles that will resist acids.
Plate 72-X. Wrought steel varnish kettle.
[No. 12?]Pipe and fittings. Plate 146-X.
Plate 134-X. Power mixing jacketed kettle for mixing liquid product of light consistency, not thicker than ordinary molasses.
Plate 121-X. Acid egg or Blow case suitable for large requirements and high pressure.
Plate 31-XX shows how any of the Caldrons shown in plates 30 or 32-X can be arranged with power mixing devices.
Plate 147-X. Steel plate gas furnaces with light weight cast iron caldrons.
[Plate 59-X. Heavy steel furnace.]
Plate 64-X. Dimensions and prices of Plate 64-X and 65-X with spout and furnace as shown in Plate 139-X.
Plate 65-X. Pots with spout and valve.
[Plate 132-X. Acid enameled distilling apparatus that is suitable for any fine product.]
Plate 54-X. Oil bath furnace, made of heavy steel plate.
Plate 108-X. Oil burning furnace for large operations for chemical and other industries.
No. 7. Special and lead lined tanks. Plate 40-X. Steel truck for tanks and kettles.
Plate 68-X. Wrought-iron water tank.
Plate 95-X. Crystallizing pans for evaporating over coal, gas or oil furnaces.
Plate 26-X. Autoclave not jackted.
Plate 26-XX. Laboratory autoclave.
Illustrating a sectional drawing of three of the Plate 122X acid eggs; the central flange ismade with asbestos packing.
[Plate 141-X. Jacketed filter used for pressure or vacuum.]

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