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Joseph Hawley Papers - 1750-1753
Part of Paulding County, Georgia
Part of Paulding County, Georgia
Part of Cobb Co., Ga
Map of the southern part of West-Chester County, N.Y.
Map of Washington County, New York
Map of Ulster County, New York
Part of the city of Orange. Double Page Plate No. 1 [Map bounded by Scotland St., High St., White St., Wallace St., N. Center St., Center St., Henry St.]
Index to street names
Part of Orange and West Orange. Double Page Plate No. 4 [Map bounded by Longview Ave., Wildwood Ave., Park Ave., High St., Lincoln St., Highland Ave., Freeman St., Wellington Ave., Hillside Ave.]
Part of the city of Orange. Double Page Plate No. 2 [Map bounded by Center St., N. Center St., Wallace St., Elm St., Hillyer St., Oakwood Ave., Wilson St., Taylor St.]
Part of the city of Orange. Double Page Plate No. 5 [Map bounded by Valley Rd., Freeman St., Highland Ave., Lincoln Ave., Randolph Pl.]
Outline and index. Map of the Oranges showing the cities of Orange & East Orange, town of West Orange, village & township of South Orange and borough of Vailsburgh
Atlas of the Oranges, Essex County, N.J. Comprising the cities of Orange and East Orange town of West Orange village and township of South Orange and borough of Vailsburgh [title page]
Map of upper New York City and adjacent country showing the city above 125th Street. The City of Yonkers and Townships of East Chester, Westchester, Pelham, New Rochelle. . . Mamaroneck. Made by actual surveys under the direction of R. W. Burrowes, C.E. of Mount Vernon.
Part of the town of West Orange. Double Page Plate No. 19 [Map bounded by Mt. Pleasant Ave., Prospect Ave., S. Orange Ave., Millburn Rd.]
Part of the village of South Orange. Double Page Plate No. 21 [Map bounded by Charlton Ave., Berkeley Ave., Stirling Ave., Finlay Pl., Holland Ave., Irvington Ave., Riggs Pl., Grove Rd.]
Part of the village of South Orange. Double Page Plate No. 22 [Map bounded by Ridgewood Rd., Berkeley Ave., Charlton Ave., Grove Rd., Riggs Pl., 3rd St.]
Part of the city of East Orange. Double Page Plate No. 14 [Map bounded by S. Clinton St., Central Ave., Watson Ave., Munn Ave., S. Orange Ave.]
Part of the city of East Orange. Double Page Plate No. 15 [Map bounded by Center St., Oakwood Ave., Central Ave., S. Clinton St., S. Orange Ave.]
Part of the village of South Orange. Double Page Plate No. 23 [Map bounded by Luddington Rd., Ridgewood Rd., Walton Ave., Maplewood Ave.]
Part of the city of East Orange. Double Page Plate No. 11 [Map bounded by Arlington Ave., N. 13th St., N. 14th St., Eaton Pl.]
Part of South Orange township. Double Page Plate No. 25 [Map bounded by Jefferson Ave., S. Prospect St., Springfield Ave., Millburn Ave., Maple St., Wyoming Ave., Roosevelt Ave., Claremont Ave.]
Part of the town of West Orange. Double Page Plate No. 18 [Map bounded by West End Ave., Upper Mountain Ave., Mountain Ave., Gregory Ave., Mt. Pleasant Ave.]
Part of South Orange twp. Double Page Plate No. 26 [Map bounded by S. Prospect St., Franklin St., 43rd St., Stuyvesant Ave.]
Part of Borough of Vailsburgh. Double Page Plate No. 20 [Map bounded by Kenmore Ave., S. Munn Ave., Orange Ave., Holland Ave.]
Part of the city of East Orange. Double Page Plate No. 10 [Map bounded by Arlington Ave., Springdale Ave., N. Park St., Lake St., N. Brighton Ave.]
Part of Orange and East Orange. Double Page Plate No. 7 [Map bounded by Oakwood Ave., Main St., Halsted St., Central Ave.]
Part of the city of East Orange and borough of Vailsburgh. Double Page Plate No. 13 [Map bounded by N. Munn Ave., S. Munn Ave., Central Ave., N. 20th St.]
Part of the town of West Orange. Double Page Plate No. 17 [Map bounded by Mt. Pleasant Ave., Freeman St., Valley Rd., Luddington Rd., Walker Rd.]
Part of the city of East Orange. Double Page Plate No. 9 [Map bounded by Springdale Ave., Arlington Ave., Main St., Park St., N. Park St.]
Part of the town of West Orange. Double Page Plate No. 16 [Map bounded by Murray St., Watchung Ave., Standish Ave., Park Ave., Mt. Pleasant Ave.]
Part of the city of East Orange. Double Page Plate No. 12 [Map bounded by North St., S. 14th St., Central Ave., Munn Ave.]
Part of the village of South Orange. Double Page Plate No. 24 [Map bounded by Irvington Ave., Wetmore Ave., Parker Ave., Hilldale Ave., Maplewood Ave., Walton Ave., 3rd St.]
Part of the city of Orange. Double Page Plate No. 6 [Map bounded by Lincoln Ave., Henry St., Taylor St., Wilson St., Center St., Sterling Ave., Scotland St.]
Part of the city of East Orange. Double Page Plate No. 8 [Map bounded by Halsted St., Lincoln St., Summit St., N. Munn Ave., S. Munn Ave., Central Ave.]
Map of Kings County N. Y.
Map showing the injury to the property  T. F. Rowland, continental works, by the proposed bill entitled "An act to change the bulkhead and pier lines at and near the entrance to Bushwick inlet into the East River."
Map of the vicinity of City Hall, Brooklyn.
Map of property belonging to the heirs of John Meserole, dec., located in the Seventeenth ward of the city of Brooklyn, Kings county, L. I.
Index map to Bensonhurst-by-the-sea, and additions.
Map of property in the town of Flatbush, Kings County N. Y. belonging to N. B. Kukuck.
Map of the City of New York shewing the original high water line and the location of the different farms and estates.
Map of the City of New York north of 155th Street : showing the progress made in laying out streets, roads, public squares and places by the Commissioners of Central Park under chap. 565 of laws 1865 and of New Pier and Bulkhead Lines under chap. 695 of laws of 1867 / compiled and drawn by Edward S. Ewen
Map of the cities of New York and Brooklyn
Guide map to 92 acres of land at Washington Heights in the 12th ward of the City of New York to be sold by the executors of Isaac Dyckman Dec'd, on the 1st day of June 1870 at the Exchange salesroom, no. 111 Broadway : showing its situation with reference to all that part of the City of New York north of the Central Park, and also showing the new Streets and Avenues established by the Commissioners of the Central Park.
Map of land to be acquired under Chapter 191, Laws of 1880 for market purposes
Map of New York City above 119th Street and the Bronx
Map showing the relative position of lots with the new fire cisterns situated in front of the Friends meeting house in Rose Street ; surveyed Jan. 1824 by Danl. Ewen, City surveyor. Copied Jan. 1832 by J. F. Bridges City Surveyor.
Map of New York City from Battery to 29th street ; showing farm lines & boundaries as originally granted. Compiled by Edwin Smith, City Surveyor; from 1834 to 1840.
Property Nos. 43, 45, & 47 Broad St., New York.
Property identification map of Inwood Hill. [copy #1 Blue Print, 63 1/2" X 37"] [Copy # 2, Lithograph, Col., 69" X 42"]
Map of the Village of Astoria, queens Co., N.Y.
Village of Jamaica, an inset map from Topographical Map of the Counties of Kings and Queens.
Lands of the Harlaem Canal Company: formerly the property of Valentine Nutter Esqr.
Map of Long Island City, Queens County, N. Y., showing farmlines, reduced from Commissioners new city map.
Map of Queens Borough, City of New York.
Map of Staten Island or Richmond County, N.Y..
Map of Staten Island (Richmond Co.) N.Y. , also cities of Bayonne & Perth Amboy and village of woodbridge, N.J., showing topography, farms, shore soundings, etc.
Map of Staten Island, Richmond County, State of New York.
Real estate map of property bounded by Brook St., Westervelt Ave., property of J. C. Green, and property of the New Brighton Co.
Higginson's Map of New York and Vicinity embracing the Counties of Kings & Richmond, N. Y. Hudson, N.J.
[Plate 8: Bounded by Stanhope Street, Metropolitan Avenue, Fresh Pond Road, Evelyn Avenue, Mt. Olivet Avenue, Metropolitan Avenue (Lutheran Cemetery), Central Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Summerfield Street, Wyckoff Avenue, Covert Street, Irving Avenue, Hancock Street, Wyckoff Avenue, Gates Avenue, St. Nicholas Avenue, Greene Street and Cypress Street.  .]
[Plate 10: Bounded by Trotting Course Lane (St. Johns Cemetery), Forest Park, (Cypress Hill Cemetery) Myrtle Avenue, Wyckoff Avenue, Cooper Avenue, Hinman Main Avenue (Lutheran Cemetery), Metropolitan Avenue and Dry Harbor Road.]
[Plate 46: Bounded by (Jamaiaca Bay) Isabel Avenue, Wavecrest Avenue, Adah Avenue, Remington Avenue, Almeda Avenue, Seaview Avenue, Meridith Avenue, and (Atlantic Ocean) Boulevard, .]
[Plate 45: Bounded by Horton Place, Remsen Avenue, Central Avenue, (Inlet, Atlantic Ocean), John Street, Bay Avenue, Rochester Avenue, Spray View Avenue, Neptune Avenue, Boulevard, Channel Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Cornaga Avenue, Healey Avenue, Bayview Avenue, The Strand, Waterloo Place, Mott Avenue.]
Plate 24: Bounded by Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Twelfth Street, Fifth Avenue, 14th Street, Willets Point Road, Whitestone Road, Bayside Avenue, Whitestone Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Hurd Avenue and Eleventh Avenue.
[Plate 34: Bounded by Bischoff Pl., Lott Lane, Flushing Avenue, Lathrop Avenue, Park Avenue, Highland Avenue, Grand Avenue, Hillside Avenue, (Jamaica Estates) Madison Avenue, (Long Island R.R.) Fulton Street, Vanderbilt Avenue, Archer Street, Vanwyck Avenue, Newtown Creek Road, Vanderbilt Avenue, Hancock Street, (Maple Grove Cemetery) Hoffman Blvd.,  Hutton Avenue & Knoll Avenue.]
Plate 26: Willets Point Road (Little Bay), Bell Avenue (Little Neck Bay), Bayside Road and Weststone Road.
[Plate 23: Bounded by (East River) Avenue G, North Boulevard, N. 20th Street, Avenue C, Boulevard Drive, South Point, Circle Boulevard Drive, Malba Drive, 18th Street, Third Avenue, N. 22nd Street, Fourth Avenue, 5th Street, Third Avenue, First Street, First Avenue, 6th Street and West Boulevard.]
[Plate 9: Bounded by Covert Street, Wyckoff Avenue, Summerfield Street, Rathjen Street, L.I.R.R., Myrtle Avenue, Sheridan Street, Central Avenue, Ridgewood Avenue, Cooper Avenue, Fresh Pond Road (Cypress Hills Cemetery), Cypress Road (Ridgewood Reservoir, Highland Park), Cooper Avenue (Cemetery of the Evergreens) and Irving Avenue.]
[Plate 33: Bounded by Atlantic Avenue, Vanwyck Avenue, Hawtree Creek Road, Ridge Avenue, Rockaway Plank Road, Centerville Avenue and Ocean Avenue.]
[Plate 11: Bounded by Juniper Avenue ..., North Hempstead Plank Road, Caldwell Avenue, Madison Street, Valentine Street, Adams Street, Locust Avenue, Hoffman Boulevard, Remsen Street, Trotting Course Lane, Middle Village Road (St. Johns Cemetery), Dry Harbor Road and (Lutheran Cemetery) Metropolitan Avenue.]
[Plate 37: Bounded by Atlantic Avenue, Cummings Street, Hollis Avenue, (South Hollis Hills) South Street, Farmers Avenue, ... Central Avenue, Merrick Plank Road, ... Dean Island, ... South Street, and Larch Street.]
[Plate 4: Bounded by Rapelje Avenue, Woolsey Avenue, Flushing Avenue, Old Bowery Bay Road, Woodside Avenue, Middleburg Avenue, Celtic (Woodside) Avenue, Foster Avenue, Laurel Hill Avenue, Skillman Avenue, Harold Avenue and Jackson Avenue.]
[Plate 21: Bounded by (Mill Creek) Bayside Avenue, Congress Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Whitestone Avenue, Bayside Avenue, 16th Street, Mitchell Avenue, 19th Street, Broadway, 18th Street, Sanford Avenue, Union Street, Madison Avenue, Main Street, Bradford Avenue, Lawrence Avenue and Clinton Avenue.]
Plate 20: Bounded by Sanford Avenue, Broadway, Auburndale (Cemetery Lane) Road, Fresh Meadow Road, Renwick Avenue, Oak Ave, Rose Street (Kissena Lake Park), Jamaica Avenue, Mill Street, Mulberry Street, West Avenue, Hillside Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, Franklyn Avenue and Union Street.
Index to Localities and Sub-Divisions.
Plate 42: Bounded by Central Avenue, (Springfield, Laurelton, Rosedale Terrace) Springfield Road, (Springfield Park, High View Park, Higbie Park), Higbie Avenue, Farmers Avenue, Merrick Plank Road, Locust Avenue and (Locust Manor, Cedar Manor) Smith Avenue.
STREET INDEX: Long Island City -- Newtown -- Flushing.
[Plate 25: Bounded by (East River)26th Street, 36th Street, 11th Avenue, 35th Street, Bayside Avenue, 22nd Street, 14th Avenue, Boulevard, Riverside Dr., Harbor Road, Sylvan Pl., 16th Avenue, Boulevard, Gryders Lane, North Dr., Bayview Ter., South Dr., Gryders Lane, 14th Street, 5th Avenue, 12th Street, 4th Avenue, 18th Street, 5th Avenue, 22nd Street and Seventh Avenue.]
[Plate 29: Bounded by Fresh Meadow Roa, Cemetery Lane, Hill Roa, Bell Avenue, Rocky Road (Douglas Pond, Oakland Club), Cedar Road, Brushville Road, Radnor Road, Doncaster Blvd., Fresh Meadow Road, Union Avenue and Renwick Avenue.]
[Plate 5: Bounded by (Con. Ed. Gas Co. of N.Y.)Winthrop Avenue, Blackwell Avenue, Berrian AVenue, Cabinet Street, Riker Avenue, Bowery Bay Road, Flushing Avenue, Woolsey Avenue and (East River) Barclay Street.]
Atlas of the City of New York, Borough of Queens, Long Island City, Newtown, Flushing, Jamaica, Far Rockaway, from actual surveys and official plans
STREET INDEX: Jamaica -- Far Rockaway.
[Plate 36: Bounded by (Jamaica Estates) Hillside Avenue, Flushing Avenue, Pueblo Avenue, McLaughlin Blvd., Epsom Course, Avenue East, Dunton Avenue, Hillside Avenue, Carpenter Avenue, Hempstead and Jamaica Plank Rd., Woodhull Avenue, Old Country Rd., (Woodhull Park) Fulton Street, and Madison Avenue.]
[Plate 1: Bounded by (East River) River Street, Dock Street, Front Street, Hunterspoint Avenue, West Avenue, Vernon Avenue, Freeman Avenue, Jackson Avenue, Thomson Avenue, Upton Street, Mott Avenue, Creek Street, Borden Avenue, Vernon and Flushing Street.]
[Plate 28: Bounded by Whitestone Blvd., Crocheron Avenue, Highland Avenue, Woodhull Avenue, Rocky Hill Rd., Auburndale Rd. Sanford Avenue, 19th Street, Mitchell Avenue, 16th Street, Bayside Rd., and Little Bayside Rd.]
[Plate 39: Bounded by Chichester Ave., Claremont Ave., Queens Blvd., Hempstead and Jamaica Plank Rd., W. Whittier St., Wertland Ave., (Queens Court) Creed Ave., Hempstead and Jamaica Plank Rd., Springfield Rd., Little Plain, Hollis Ave. & Cummings St.]
[Plate 30: Bounded by Nassau Road, Broadway, Clinton Avenue, East Alley Road, Little Neck Road, Jericho Turnpike, Rocky Hill Road, Alley Road and Broadway.]
[Plate 44: Bounded by (Banister Creek) Somerset Avenue, (Atlantic Ocean) Jarvis Lane, South Street, Central Avenue, Carleton Avenue, Remsen Avenue, Mc Neil Avenue and Fenwick Avenue.]
[Plate 32: Bounded by (Forest Park) Magnolia Avenue, Union Place, Tulip Street, Cleveland Avenue, Washington Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Division Avenue, ... Maple Grove Cemetery, Newtown Road, Van Wyck Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Union Place.]
[Plate 38: Bounded by Hillside Avenue, Rocky Hill Road, Hamilton Avenue, Jericho Turnpike, & Hempstead and Jamaica Plank Road.]
[Plate 41: Bounded by Bergen Landing Road, Rockaway Plank Road, Rockaway Turnpike, Meyer Avenue, New York Avenue, Farmers Avenue, Rockaway Plank Road, (Idlewild Park)Three Mile Road and (Richmond Hill Circle) Old South Road.]
Outline and Index Map of the Borough of Queens, City of New York.
[Plate 7: Bounded by Maspeth Avenue, Maurice Avenue, Juniper Avenue, (Mount Olivet Cemetery) Fresh Pond Avenue, Metropolitan Avenue, Stanhope Street, Woodard Avenue,(Newtown Creek) Grand Street and Flushing Avenue.]
[Plate 2: Bounded by (East River) Vernon Avenue, Boulevard, Fulton Avenue, Mill Street, Orchard Street, Boulevard, Hoyt Avenue, Barclay Street, Woolsey Avenue, Rapelje Avenue and Freeman Avenue.]
[Plate 35: Bounded by Johnson Ave., Rockaway Tpke., Beaver St., Prospect St., South St., Canal St., Douglass St., Larch St., Theodore St., Dewey Ave., Merrick Rd.,  (Jamaica Ter.), Cumberland St., Brooklyn Ave., Pacific St., New York Ave., Meyer Ave., Rockaway Tpke., Lincoln Ave., Vanwyck ave., Chichester Ave. & Rose St.]
Joseph Hawley Papers - 1750-1753

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