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Structure, typically with a roof and walls, standing more or less permanently in one place

A building, or edifice, is a structure with a roof and walls standing more or less permanently in one place, such as a house or factory. Buildings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and functions, and have been adapted throughout history for a wide number of factors, from building materials available, to weather conditions, land prices, ground conditions, specific uses, and aesthetic reasons. To better understand the term building compare the list of nonbuilding structures.

Buildings serve several societal needs – primarily as shelter from weather, security, living space, privacy, to store belongings, and to comfortably live and work. A building as a shelter represents a physical division of the human habitat (a place of comfort and safety) and the outside (a place that at times may be harsh and harmful).

Ever since the first cave paintings, buildings have also become objects or canvasses of much artistic expression. In recent years, interest in sustainable planning and building practices has also become an intentional part of the design process of many new buildings.

Building Media

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America with those known parts in that unknowne worlde both people and manner of buildings
America with those known parts in that unknowne worlde both people and manner of buildings.
Giovanni Battista Piranesi - Veduta del Porto di Ripetta.
Arbour of the Cave or Cabin Kind
Man plowing field with two oxen, four small buildings in the background
Elephant with caparison and howdah. Mahout in white robe and attendants, buildings in the background
Camel and rider in white robe, with two white buildings and figures standing in the background
Man and seated woman in front of three small buildings
Atmaran" Hindoo of Peshawar
1-14 Wall Street
Vue de la place de l'Étoile, projetée, d'après un dessin de M. Wibaille, architecte
Louxor: pendant le inondation
Jefferson Barracks. St. Louis, Mo.  Group of men seated and standing on grass near road; chapel and other buildings in rear.
Jefferson Barracks. St. Louis, Mo.  Two long brick buildings, one with shutters at windows, garden and fence in foreground.
Views within the city : a. private houses standing on the west edge of the Tyropean Valley (opposite Robinson's Arch); b. Goliath's Tower at n.w. corner of the city
Distant view of soldiers, carriages, horses, buildings and a tent in a valley.
Broadway, West Side. Liberty to Dey St.
Ellis Island, May, 1902 : a view of the grounds adjoining one of the buildings, stewn with rubble, debris and building materials.
View of Ellis Island buildings.
View of a long corridor within one of the Ellis Island buildings; a booth marked post office stands on the left.
Buildings near Ellis Island pier; immigrants can be seen with trunks and luggage.
View of Ellis Island buildings.
View of Ellis Island buildings and two ferries at pier; apparently taken from atop the Immigration Station building.
View of Ellis Island grounds with plantings; buildings to rear.
No. 59 O.T. Luis & Co., East 13th St.- Manhattan Hair Works - East 14th St.
Coat-of-Arms, with Fifth Avenue, 1911 New York, engraved below. [Opening page]
No. 143 Park & Tilford - Bonwit, Harris & Co. ladies wear - No. 159 O.J. Gude Co.
No. 24 Charles de Rham - No. 42 Wm. Brockie, West 10th St.
No. 23 Daniel E. Sickles- No. 41 Miss M.L. Kennedy, East 10th St.
[No. 1 Wm. Butler Duncan, East 7th St. - No. 19 Dr. E.L. Partridge, East 8th St.]
[Metropolitan Life Ins. Building - Long Beach Estates - Brentanos, books - No. 233, Pickslay & Co.]
No. 222, Lingerie Shop - Peck & Peck, hosiery - No. 240, The 5th Avenue Linen Store.
No. 126 Johnson Cowdoin & Co. - No. 140 Hardman Piano Co.
Fifth Avenue, New York, from start to finish 1911. [Title page with illustrations of Washington Arch, The New York Public Library and Richard Morris Hunt Memorial]
[Metropolitan Tower - Madison Square Garden - Brunzwick Building, East 26th St.]
[Washington Arch - No. 12 Apartment house, West 8th St.]
No. 152 F. Schumacher & Co., West 20th St. - Crouch & Fitzgerald, trunks - West 21st St.
No. 99 Cohen Bros. & Co. - Bamberg & Risser - Lord & Taylor, East 19th St.
West 11th St - No. 62 Mrs. Geo. L. Kingsland, West 12th St.
West 23rd St. - United Cigar Co. - Albemarle Hotel - Hoffman House - No. 202 Berlitz, School of Languages
No. 236-8, Smith, Gray & Co. - Second National Bank - No. 258 Marceau, Photographer,  Rice & Duval, Tailors.
No. 49 John Dallert, East 12th St.-No. 61 Wernz & Koehne, East 13th St.
East 14th St. No. 90, Ed. Pinaud - Peerless Film Ex. Naething's Restaurant -West 18th St.
No. 155 Chas. Scribner's Sons, publishers - O.J. Dude Co. - Flatiron Building - East 23rd St.
No. 251, Coleman, Tailor, Little Shop - Pennsylvania Railroad Co. - No. 265 Calumet Club.
[West 15th St. - The Union Skirt Co. - West 16th St. No. 112 Louis Meyers & Son.]
Dressing station post at Dommartin, buildings on the side of the hill have enormous bomb-proof dugouts back of them built by the Germans ; View of the valley ; Church at Dommartin, struck by a shell, while being used as an Ambulance dressing station ; An unexploded German bomb.
Pebbly beach, hotels and houses in the middle distance
Fulton Street Dock, Manhattan skyline, Manhattan.
Daily News Building, 42nd Street between Second and Third Avenues, Manhattan.
Squibb Building with Sherry Netherland in the background, 745 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan.
Giovanni Battista Piranesi - Mausoleo antico.
The general plan of the buildings at Chichén Itzá.
Plans of buildings excavated at Nimroud [Calah] and Kouyunjik [Quyunjik].
Waste places in Jerusalem, between Mount Zion & the Holy Temple
Street view in Jerusalem, with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
No. 991 Daniel C. clark - no. 993 Louis Stern - East 81st St. - No. 1009 James B. Duke
No. 811 Frances Loring - Mrs Frederock Baker - East 63rd St. - No. 826 Henry M. Brooks
Portrait of Miss Belle Beach Bain - Miss M.S. Whitney's Champion MARKSMAN - Miss Bain and Her own Champion pony, Jack London
East 43rd St. - Temple Emanu-el - Harriman National Bank - East 44th St. - Delmonico's.
No. 728 Chas. M. Morse - Mrs. C.P. Huntington - Mrs. Herman Oelrichs - No. 743 S.R. Guggenheim -  East 58th St.
No. 318 Kaskel & Kaskel, haberdashers  - Reed, Barton Co. silversmith Walk-over Shoes - West 33rd St.
No. 874 Mrs. C.F. Stickney - Mrs Harriman - Mrs. Adolph Lewisohn - No. 883 Mrs. John Sloane - Lenox Library, East 70th St.
No. 932 M.L. Schiff - No. 936 Edwin Gould - E.S. Harkness - Temple Beth-El, S.E. Cor. 76th St.
No. 604 Miss. Russell Sage - West 49th St. - Frederick Flower - No. 618 Equitable Trust Co.
[No. 550 L.P. Hollander & Co. - Dreicer & Co. - West 46th St. - Pickslay, jeweler - No. 572 Budd, haberdasher.]
No. 972 Payne Whitney - Isaac D. fletcher - East 79th St. - Isaac Broakaw - No. 986 W.J. Curtis - 80 N.E. Cor.
No. 277 Mme. Estelle, millinery - International Sleeping Car Co. - Behning Piano Co. - No. 297 Dunne & Co. tailors.
[Best & Co. N.W. 35th St. & 5th Ave. - West 36th St. - Singer Sewing Machine Co. - No. 398 Tecla, jeweler.]
Fifth Avenue, from start to finish. Index to Merchants and Residents [page 2]
No. 665 Mrs. H.M. Schieffelin - No. 675 Sam'l Untermyer - No. 675 Cornelius Vanderbilt - No. 685 Criterion Club
Fifth Avenue, from start to finish. Index to Merchants and Residents [page 1]
No. 507 Mrs. C.H. Gardner - East 49th St. - Belgravia Apartments - No. 621 Buckingham Hotel - St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Metropolitan Club - Madison trust Co. - Park & Tilford, fancy groceries - Hotel Netherland
No. 1053 George Leary - Chas. P. Pevin - Henry Phipps - No. 1069 Mrs. J. B. Reynolds - East 88th St.
Delmonico's, N.E. Cor. 44th St. & 5th Ave. - Margaret Murtha - Church of the Heavenly Rest - No. 555 Lewandos, cleaners, Dyers
East 38th St. - Hardman Piano Co. - Benson & Hedges, tobacconists - Union League Club.
No. 1032 Annie Leary - Fifth Avenue Apartments - James B. Clews - Morton S. Adler - No. 1044 Mrs. Richard Dana
No. 450 Mirror, candies - Knox, hatter - New Public Library - West 42nd St.
No. 572 Budd, haberdasher - West 47th St. - Miss Carroll - Scott & Fowles, art dealers - West 48th St.
East 66th St. - Mrs. H.O. Havemeyer - Mrs.B. Thaw - Geo. J. Gould - No. 858 Thos F. Ryan
Fifth Avenue, from start to finish. Index to Merchants and Residents [page 4]
No. 530 Fifth Avenue Bank - A. Roman, Ladies' tailor and Habit maker - L. P. Hollander & Co. - No. 556 M. Knoedler & Co.
West 52nd St. - W.K. Vanderbilt - W.K. Vanderbilt Jr. - Brewster & Co., Automobiles and Carriages - St. Thomas Episcopal Church
St. Patrick Cathedral - East 51st St. - Union Club - No. 647 Robert Goelet
[Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5th Ave. & 81st St.]
West 38th St. - Black, Starr & Frost, diamonds -  No. 442, Miss Mary A. Wendel.
No. 1071 Rob't C. Lewis - Wm. W. Fuller - McLane van Ingen - No. 1083 A. M. Huntington
No. 834 Frank J. Gould - No. 838 William Watts Sherman - No. 840 John Jacob Astor - No. 844 J. P. Morton
[No. 391 C.G.Gunther & sons, Furriers - Tiffany & Co. jewellers - William Schaus, art dealer - East 38th St.]
No. 504 Youngs Hats - West 43rd St. - No. 522 Sherry's caterers.
Gotham Hotel University Club - Fifth Ave. Presbyterian Church - Cartier, jewelers - Edward Brandus, art - West 54th St.
No. 345 McCutcheon & Co., McKnight Realty Co. - No. 257 B. Altman, dry goods.
No. 561 T. Strausberger, lamp shades - Alex. McConnell - Windsor Trust Co - No. 579 Miss. Helen M. Gould .
Fifth Avenue, from start to finish. Index to Merchants and Residents [page 3]
East 90th St. - Andrew Carnegie's Residence - East 91st St.
East 58th St. - Plaza Bank - Ramsdell Drug & Co. - Hotel Savoy - Netherland Hotel
[East 35th St. - Costikyan & Co, rugs - Chas. C. Kurzman, millinery - No. 391 C. G. Gunther & Son, Furs.]
No. 303 F.A.O. Schwarz, toys, Haas Bros. - Kinckerbocker Club - No. 327 Geo. H. Everall.
West 50th St. - Joseph, importer - Crichton, Experts in Old English silver - No. 640 Henry Clay Frick.

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