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The Sentient Beings according to the Burmese. Buddhist Cosmogony.
Nishi Honganji, (Buddhist Temple) Kioto
Buddhist Images in Great Gate Chionin, at Kioto
Shanghai.  A Buddhist temple in the old city.
Asiatic furniture from the collection of Lord Curzon of Kedleston, G.C.S.I, D.C.L., etc. Burmese carved and gilt doorway from Mandalay. Buddhist manuscript box (poongyi) and shrine (sadaik) of wood encrusted with coloured glass, Upper Burma. Dragons (chinthe) placed at the entrance of a temple, Mandalay. Indian chair of traditional design, from Portuguese Colony at Goa.
Lama (Buddhist priest), Tibetan, Pemianchi, in Tibet.
Bhotia, Buddhist, Tibet.
Itinerant Lama, Buddhist priest, Saharanpoor.
Lama, Buddhist priest, Saharunpoor.
Kunyts, Hindoo and Buddhist, Simla.
The habitations of the Sentient Beings according to the Burmese. Buddhist Cosmogony.
The Perahera, an annual Buddhist procession.  Kandy (Ceylon).
Cremation of a Buddhist priest.
Buddhist priests at their shrine.
Bhotia female, Buddhist, near Lhassa, Tibet.