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The choir of Westminster in number 16; the groom of the vestry; the organ blower; two sackbuts, and double courtal; gentlemen of the Chapel Royal, in number 32.
Children of the choir of Westminster in number 8; the sergeant porter; the sergeant of the vestry; children of his Majesty Chapel Royal, in number twelve.
The closet keeper of the Chapell Royal; the Kings chaplains having dignities, in number 14; Aldermen of London, in number 21.
Engelse Quakers en tabak planters aende Barbados
North America : corrected from the observations communicated to the Royal Society at London and the Royal Academy at Paris
A map of the British Empire in America : with the French, Spanish and Hollandish settlements adjacent thereto
Southwest view of Fort George with the City of New York.
A north view of Fort Frederic or Crown Point.
Chart of the Atlantic Ocean, with the British, French, & Spanish settlements in North America and the West Indies : as also on the coast of Africa
An accurate map of the British, French & Spanish settlements in Nth. America and the West Indies : as stipulated by the preliminary articles of peace sign'd at Fontainebleau by the ministers of Great Britain, France & Spain, Novr. 3d, 1762.
An accurate map of North America : describing and distinguishing the British and Spanish dominions of this great continent according to the definitive treaty concluded at Paris 10th Feby. 1763 : also all the West India Islands belonging to, and possessed by the several European princes and states
A plan of New York Island, with part of Long Island, Staten Island & east New Jersey : with a particular description of the engagement on the woody heights of Long Island, between Flatbush and Brooklyn, on the 27th of August 1776 between His Majesty's forces commanded by General Howe and the Americans under Major General Putnam, shewing also the landing of the British Army on New-York Island, and the taking of the city of New-York &c. on the 15th of September following, with the subsequent disposition of both the armies
A new and correct map of North America with the West India Islands : divided according to the last treaty of peace, concluded at Paris, 10th Feby. 1763 ; wherein are particularly distinguished, the several provinces and colonies, which compose the British Empire
Narrative of Mazzei’s capture and imprisonment by the British
A New map of North America with the West India Islands : divided according to the preliminary articles of peace, signed at Versailles, 20, Jan. 1783, wherein are particularly distinguished the United States, and the several provinces, governments &ca which compose the British Dominions,
Hay, John. Detroit. To Governor Hamilton
A New and correct map of the British colonies in North America comprehending eastern Canada with the province of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Government of Newfoundland : with the adjacent states of New England, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
A new and general map of the middle dominions belonging to the United States of America : viz. Virginia, Maryland, the Delaware-counties, Pennsylvania, New Jersey &c. with the addition of New York, & of the greatest part of New England &c as also of the bordering parts of the British possessions in Canada.
A new map of North America with the West India Islands : divided according to the preliminary articles of peace, signed at Versailles, 20 Jan. 1783, wherein are particularly distinguished the United States, and the several provinces, governments &ca which compose the British Dominions laid down according to the latest surveys and corrected from the original materials, of Goverr. Pownall, Membr. of Parliamt. London.
A plan of the northern part of New Jersey : shewing the positions of the American and British armies after crossing the North River in 1776
A map of the country from Rariton River in East Jersey to Elk Head in Maryland : shewing the several operations of the American and British armies, in 1776 & 1777
Map of the United States with the contiguous British & Spanish possessions
A chart of the British Channel, on Mercator's Projection ...
Men haul fruit, hay, in wheelbarrows. Men feeding pigs fruit from a wheelbarrow.
[Fishmongers. Men and women sorting fish from a basket. A man holds up a fish for inspection.]]
Men moving hay with pitchforks.
[Woman fills a bucket with water. Man rests on haystack. Men sit on a rock. Woman holds baskets. People resting on the ground.]]
[Men standing with a whip, basket, or bundle. Men sitting or laying, or kneeling on the ground.]]
[A family group walks through a gate. A man points while another rests on the ground.]
Etchings of rustic figures....(Title page)
[Fishermen.  Men pull a rope. Men push a boat into the water. Men pull a boat on shore.]]
Woman with a bucket. Woman and child haul fruit in a basket. Woman and child sort fruit from a basket. Woman standing with large basket of fruit. Woman moving a bucket. Child pulling a sledge, mother holding a baby.
[Men on boats pull a net from the water. Men steer boats with polls. Men work in boats.]]
[Woman drives a horse drawn cart, a dog chases along side. Man driving a cart talks to another man on horseback.]]
Mother and children walking and carrying baskets, one child rides a donkey. Family cooks a meal over an open fire.
[Men on horseback. Men leading work horses, some hauling loads of rocks.] ]
Young woman and small children gather near sleeping older woman holding a bundle. Child reads to an elderly woman. Young children play with string, basket.
[Men steer boats that carry cargo.]]
[Men carrying baskets or bundles. Men resting on the ground. Men tying bundles.]]
Marketplace scenes. People in groups with baskets of fruit, men on horseback.
[Horses pulling carts, hay, sleds, and wagons.]]
Men moveing barrels on boats at low tide. Men repairing the masts of two boats.
[Fishermen work inside boats at low tide.]]
[[A man ferries a boat full of barrels while another sleeps. Men ferry cattle and sheep.]]
[Men lift a net from the water. A family group walks down a hill. People rest on a bench in a marketplace.]]
[Fishmongers. Men and women sorting fish from baskets or from a net.]]
[Men carrying firewood. Men sawing a log.]]
A map of the roads leading to the town of Britania in the British settlement, Susquehanna County, Penna.
Men using rakes, a wheelbarrow, and a shovel to move hay. Men resting.
[Men carrying basket, shovel, wood. Two men resting on the ground with a dog. Man feeds slop to pigs.] ]
[[A woman holds fruit to be placed in a man's basket. A man offers a duck to a family cooking around an open fire.]]
[Marketplace scenes. Men on horses, people selling baskets of fruit, women carrying baskets or sacks.]]
[Men pulling wheelbarrows, shoveling, using a pick ax, resting on the ground.]]
[Men chopping or sawing wood]]
[People lead a donkey carrying baskets. Men on a boat, one man steers with a poll. People feeding hay to a donkey.]]
[Women carrying baskets, sacks, or hay. Women with children. Men using walking sticks. Men carrying farming tools or baskets.]]
Marketplace scenes. People in groups holding baskets of fruit. People resting in a group. Women talking with baskets balanced on their heads.
[Marketplace scenes. Men and women gather around baskets of fruit, or sacks. People rest on the ground.]]
[[A man and two women gather firewood. A family group rests together on the ground.]]
People walking and carrying baskets or sacks. Family group resting in a field.
[Men sitting on a fence or on the ground.]]
[Women , or women with a child carry bundles of flowers or grain.]]
[Men work on a boat at low tide. Men pull am anchor rope onto a boat. Men remove a mast from a boat.]]
Ballroom dancing on British and American 19th-century music covers
Mode in which the young Memnon's head, (now in the British Museum,) was removed by Belzoni.
A Looto Serre
Mr & Miss Marshall in their celebrated Pas styrien. As danced by them at the Theatres - Royal - Covent Garden & Drury Lane, London.
Castle of Zohauk-i-Maran; the British commandant of Shah Shoojau's second Janbaz cavalry, and Affghan troopers of the corps
British Residency at Ankober, highlands of Ethiopia
Encampment of the Kandahar army, under General Nott, outside the walls of Caubul, on the evacuation of Afghaunistaun by the British
Bala Hissar and city of Kabul, with the British cantonments from the "Ba Maroo" hill. Hostilities commencing.
The "Bullock's Hump" and military cantonments, Kandahar
Jugdelluk, the last stand made by General Elphinstone's army in the calamitous retreat
Fortress of Alimusjid, and the Khybur Pass
Dedication To His Excellency the right honorable Sir Stratford Canning, G.C.B. Her Mejesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the Sublime Porte, to whom the Nation is indebted for the Assyrian remains in the British Museum …
Charles Dickens, as Captain Bobadill from a picture by C.R. Leslie, R.A.
Burning of White House, 1814.
Notes in sketch form for a lecture. Inscribed to Charles [Warren Stoddart] at end of British lecture tour, "Jan. 9, 1874. 10.30pm."
The British fleet in the lower bay.
Distant view of soldiers, carriages, horses, buildings and a tent in a valley.
Botticelli, British museum, 567. [Study for an allegorical figure of abundance.]
Botticini, British museum, 589. [Study for coronation, with Christ.]
Fra Filippo, British museum, 1387. [Pleading woman.]
Fra Angelico, British museum, 162. [The youthful David with a crown on his curly head, sitting on a settle, singing and playing on the psaltery.]
School of Botticelli, British museum, 578. [An allegorical figure of faith.]
Verrocchio, British museum, 2691. [Head of a woman.]
School of Verrocchio, British museum, 2707. [Study of drapery.]
Benozzo, British museum, 542. [A bare-headed young man, in a cloak, pointing with his right hand as he walks.]
Botticini, British museum, 590. [Study for coronation, with the blessed virgin.]
Credi, British museum, 691. [Study for an angel in the Fortiguerri monument.]
Oak cabinet, with circular convex panels, having incised arabesque ornament filled in with black composition. Royal Scottish Musuem, Edinburgh. Walnut chair (chaise sans bras), with interlaced floral ornament on the back. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Mirror, gueridons, and table overlaid with silver plaques. Presented by the Citizens of London to Charles II. From the royal collection at Windsor castle. By permission of His Majesty.
G. Bernard Shaw, Welwyn, August 1st, 1904.
The Waste of daylight. ... : [Cover]
Landi Khana Camp. Furthest outpost on frontier of Afghanistan. New boundary runs across road at 'x'
A religious meeting on the field; American, British, French, Belgian and Portuguese troops are represented in this gathering of defenders of Liberty listening  to a sermon on the western front.
Jangi : pumping station near Landi Kotal : rushed at night as soon as hostilities were started, six marines soon... being killed by ...
D. Lloyd George, Criccieth, August 25th, 1918.
A map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish settlements adjacent thereto
A map of the British empire in America with the French, Spanish and the Dutch settlements adjacent thereto

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