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Hotee Loll, Hindoo banker of Hattrass, Allyghur.
Shair Ullee Syud, Shiah Mahomedan, descendant of Mahomed, Allyghur.
Sheikh Zeaoollah, Soonee Mahomedan, Sheikh caste, Allyghur.
Kwajeh Torab Ali, Mahomedan Moulvee or lawyer, Allyghur.
Izzut Ullee Khan, Soonee Mahomedan, from Coel, Allyghur.
Thakoor Tej Sing, Hindoo landholder, Jät, Allyghur.
Nait Ram, Sunat brahmin, from Coel, Allyghur.
Duleep Sing, Hindoo, from Kullianpoor, Allyghur.
Thakoor Heera Sing, Hindoo landholder, Allyghur.
Rugnath Sahai, Hindoo, Allyghur.
Pundit Ramnarain, Hindoo priest, brahmin, Allyghur.
Meer Inayut Hosein, Shiah Mahomedan, a Syud or descendant of Mahomed, Allyghur.
Pundit Aftab Rae, Hindoo priest, brahmin, Allyghur.