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album female society for birmingham west bromwich wednesbury walsall and their respective neighbourhoods for the relief of british negro slaves

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the Third report of the female society for Birmingham, Westbromwich, Wednesbury, Walsall, title page
Female in chains kneeling on the ground in a plantation
O my great massa in heaven, pity me, and bless my children!
Diagram or plan of the town, inhabited by the runaway and rebellious negroes, called by them "We no sen', you no come"
The driver's whip unfolds its torturing coil. "She only sulks go lash her to her toil."
The representation of the brig Vigilante from Nantes, a vessel employed in the slave trade, which was captured by Lieutenant Mildmay, in the River Bonny, on the Coast of Africa, on the 15th of April 1822.
Slaves exposed for sale. See Bickells "West Indies as they are," page 19
The mode of flogging slaves. As described in Bickells "West Indies as they are," page 13
The separation of a family of slaves after being seized & sold upon a warrant of destraint for their masters debts. As described in Bickells "West Indies as they are," page 16&17.
Slaves chained together by the neck and driven to work on the roads. See Bickells "West Indies as they are," page 15
But soon as approaching the land, that Goddess-like woman he view'd; the scourge he let fall from his hand, with the blood of his subjects imbrued
Female mourning over her dead child
Chart of the world, on Mercator's Projection. Illustrative of the Impolicy of Slavery.
Mode of whipping
Mode of whipping
Slave in chains kneeling & praying