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Advertisement. Rich Kip Junr., Upholsterer, at the State Bed New York
Theatre Royal (Liverpool, England) playbills: portfolio, 1829-1830
Esmeralda images on 19th-century music covers
Souvenirs de Fanny Cerrito, trois airs de danse pour le piano-forte. avec le violon ou le flûte ad libitum, dansé par Mll Cerrito pendant l'automne de l'année 1843 à Rome
Fanny Ellsler [sic] in The shadow dance.
The Greatest Colored Aggregation in the world to-day
La sicilienne. Valse redowa. Music de Pugni pour le piano, par Fred. Burgmüller. Printed in colors by Sarony & Major
Poster warning Blacks in Boston - kidnappers.
Hi-gelebt : muzik fun H. Kon.. Yiddish theater
Herts Grosbart.. Yiddish theater
A impozanter kinstler sezon in Teater Koliseo.. Yiddish theater
The celebrated cancan dance executed by M'lls Morlacchi and Baretta.
The 'Osborne.' Plate 22-A.
Mott's Lenox double oven portable french range. Plate 8-A.
Demarest's flushing-rim washing-out water closet range. Plate 979-G.
Mott's patent wash-down water closet, the 'Trent.' Plate 963-G ; Plate 964-G.
Mott's patent combination needle, shower, liver spray and bidet bath. Plate 830-G.
The 'Inodoro' ivory-tinted or white porcelain. Plate 930-G. The 'Inodoro' white or ivory-tinted porcelain. Plate 99-G.
Demarest's patent flushing-rim wash-out water closet range [sections]. Plate 980-G, 981-G, 983-G and 387-G.
The Primo. Plate 1008-G ; Plate 1009-G.
The 'Inodoro' embossed, ivory-tinted, or white porcelain. Plate 928-G ; Plate 929-G.
Patent wash-out water closet, the 'Inodoro.' Plate 919-G ;  Plate 920-G.
The 'Inodoro' embossed, square top. Plate 922-G ; Plate 923-G.
The 'Inodoro' ivory tinted or white porcelain. Plate 926-G ; Plate 927-G.
Mott's combination needle and shower bath. Plate 63 1/2 -G ; Needle and shower bath. Plate 1017-G
Cast iron flue lining - Opening page pasted with Dr J. S. Billing's presentation slip.
Elevation of Chimney Breast, showing arrangement of flue linings.
Mott's patent combination needle, shower, descending douche, liver spray and bidet bath. Plate 828-G.
Mott's patent flushing-rim wash-out urinal. Plate 972-G.
The 'Inodoro' back-outlet wash-out water closet. Plate 88-G, Plate 90-G, Plate 301-G and Plate 291-G.
'Yorkshire' brown glazed wash tubs. Plate 932-G.
'Yorkshire' brown glazed wash tubs. Plate 931-G.
The 'Trent' patent wash-down closet. Plate 967-G ; Plate 968-G.
Mott's patent flushing-rim wash-out urinal. Sections. Plate 973-G ; Plate 974-G.
Patent circular combination needle, shower, liver spray and bidet bath. Plate 65-G. Patent combination needle, shower, liver spray and bidet bath. Plate 66-G.
Mott's latrines for use in railroad depots, hotels, hospitals, aslums, factories, and other public institutions.
Mott's 'Comet' furnace. Portable, with wrought iron radiator. Plate 26.
[Drawings of flue lining with price listings.]
The Primo, The Primo direct-action syphon-jet water closet and Paper holder. Plate 1012-G -- Plate 1015-G.
Mott's patent needle and shower baths. Plate 1016-G.
'Yorkshire' brown glazed wash tubs. Plate 564-G.
Combination brass needle and tubular shower bath. Plate 1020-G ; Combination brass needle and ring shower bath. Plate 1021-G.
The 'Trent' patent wash-down closet. Plate 965-G ; Plate 966-G.
Mott's patent flushing-rim wash-out urinal. Plate 971-G.
The 'Inodoro' square embossed -- Ivory tinted. Plate 924-G ; Plate 925-G.
Demarest's patent flushing-rim wash-out water closet range. Plate 984-G.
[Oval basins. Design 2127, 1959, 1980, 4017, 1958, 2133, 4006 and 1697.]
Combination dome needle, shower and descending douche bath. Plate 831-G.
The 'Trent' closet. Plate 969-G ; Plate 970-G.
The Three white kittens , [cover]
Go and see Hardy Gillard's great American educational panorama, Over the Pacific Railway to California : bird's eye view of the country from New York to San Francisco, 3,500 miles.
Portraits at The VanderWeyde Light Studios, 182 Regent Street W, P. xvii (opp. p. 64)
Buffalo Bill's Wild West : America's national entertainment...programme...
Read Kizzy's loyality
Palestine. advertising card
Florida. advertising card
Indian Territory [Oklahoma]. advertising card
The 'Comet' 1889 furnace. Portable, with tubular steel dome and galvanized iron casings. Plate 26-A.
Chinese Empire. advertising card
Mott's 'Star' 1889 furnace. Portable, with galvanized iron castings. Plate 25.
Section showing 'Star' 1889 furnace set in brick. Plate 24.
Section showing drum an tubes of 'Comet' 1889 furnace. Plate 26-B.
Portugal. advertising card
New York. advertising card
Arabia. advertising card
Mott's 'Star' 1889 furnace. Brick set. Plate 23.
The 'Comet' 1889 furnace. Portable.
The Great Rouclere: the original automobile mystery
Loie Fuller Dance Programme Boston Theater. (p. 13?)
The King in Yellow
Kellar the Great Magician
Pairpoint Genuine Hand Cut Glass - Retains Its Beauty
Ayer's pills. Best family medicine.
Selected plates from Les maîtres de l'affiche
Announcement for 1917 - Our New Period Patterns
Pairpoint Genuine Hand-Cut Glass Strictly Hand Blown - Not Pressed - No Camouflage
L'Amant des danseuses: roman moderniste par Félicien Champsaur
Musée Grévin, pantomimes lumineuses, Théâtre Optique de E. Reynaud, musique de Gaston Paulin
Folies-Bergère, La Loïe Fuller.
Kirk's White Cloud floating soap
Sapolio Housework. [Sapolio cleaning product ad]
Companie Générale Transatlantique. [Shipping companie of France ad]
Harry Houdini, the world's handcuff king and prison breaker
Laurant the Celebrated Magician
Harry Handcuff Houdini, the jail breaker
Williams and Walker Nature's Black-Face Comedians in a Series of Specially Posed Facial Stunts. Left page.
Tiffany Stvdios
Harry Houdini, the jail breaker: prison cell and barrel mystery
Thurston, Kellar's Successor
Condensed Statement of the "Short Ballot" Principle
Thomas Alva Edison on cover of Scientific American.
Thurston the Great Magician: the famous Indian rope trick
The Incomparable Albini
Something New!" An Anniversary Sale for Booksellers, 1897 -1927, [Detail]
Florence Lawrence (Lubin). [Motion Pictures June 1912]
Dunninger at the Eden Musee (blue variant)
Dunninger at the Eden Musee (red variant)
Your Family and Near Ones
Pyotr and Vasili

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