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Yucatan Conventus Iuridici Hispaniae Novae Pars Occidentalis, et Guatimala Conventus Iuridicus

Central America and Yucatan (Mexico).

Colossal stone figure.

Casa del gobernador, Uxmal.

Eglesia, Chichén Itzá.

[Ground plan of the Casa Grande.]

[Plan of the City wall.]

Ticul vase.

A watch-tower.

[Terrace and building.]

Interior of an apartment.

A Noria, or well.

Village of Yalahao.

Entwined serpents over a doorway.

Ancient Indian map of Mani.

Ruined building.

Rows of columns and Castillo.

A ruined mound.

Paintings on a wall. Chichén Itzá.

Sabachtsche. [rear view].

Interior of an apartment.

[Engravings of human figure, ornaments vases etc.]

Hieroglyphics on the wall of Casa Colorada, in Chichén Itzá.

House of the Turtles.

[Curious painting.]

Elephant's trunk in profile.

Plan of Uxmal.

Terraces and buildings.

Pyramidal mound and building at Labna. [Labnah].

Ruined building at Xampon.

Chichén Itzá - Circular building. (Caracol).

Ornament called the elephant's trunk.

Labna - Portion of a façade.

Ake. [Mound called El Palacio.]

East front of the House of the Dwarf.

Back view of the Castillo of Tuloom.

Figures in bas-relief.

Carved wooden beam.

Front of the Casa Grande at Zayi. [Sayil].

Front view of the Castillo of Tuloom.


A building at Chunhuhu.

[An isolated edifice at Tuloom.]

Labphak. [Xlapak].

Aguada at Uxmal.

Castillo, Chichén Itzá.

A Senote.

Staircase, with colossal serpents' heads.

Skull and crossbones.

Sculptured figures.

Casa Real of Kewick.

Arch used by the ancient American builders.

Sculptured stone tablet at Akatzeeb.

[End facade of the Monjas, at Chichén Itzá.]

Chunhuhu. [Chunhuhub].

East side of the Courtyard of the Monjas.

Front of the Casa de Palamos.

[Rancho of Jalal - an Aguada.]

Tuloom - [rear view of the abandoned building.]

Map of Yucatan.

Ancient mound, Village of Silan.

Gothic arch.

Southeast corner of the Monjas.

Sculptured stone jamb.

Street in the village of Nohcacab.

San Miguel, Island of Cozumel.

Double-headed lynx.

An altar.

[Casa de las Monjas, Chichén Itzá.]

Southern end of Casa del Gobernador.

Cyclopean arch.

[Picturesque view.]

View from the Nuns.

Building (Casa No.3).

[An Aguada.]

Mound at Xcoch.

Building (Casa No. 1).

[Ground-plan of the lower range.]

The general plan of the buildings at Chichén Itzá.

West front of the House of the Dwarf.

[Sculptured entwined serpents.]

Building (Casa No.2).

Mound at Nohpat.

System of Aguadas.

[Section of the cave.]

Frontispiece [Vol. 2].

Gateway at Mucuyché.

Interior of gateway at Labna.

Ancient building, Island of Mugeres.

Sacbey - front of a building.

Doorway at Kewick.

Interior of gateway at Labná.

Sculpured figure at Chichén Itzá.

Ornament over a doorway.

House of Birds.

Part of the façade of the Monjas.

Zayi (Sayil) - great terrace and building.

Labphak (Xlapak) - bas relief on stone.

Sculptured stone figure.