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A view of the Great Cohoes Falls, on the Mohawk River; the fall about seventy feet; the river near a quarter of a mile broad.

A view of the fall of Montmorenci and the attack made by General Wolfe.

Carte et plan de la première cataracte du Nil.

View of the river St. Lawrence, Falls of Montmorenci from the island of Orleans.

Chute du Mohack River.

Passaic Falls in the state of New Jersey.

Great falls of the Potomac.

The Falls of Niagara.

Cateratte del Nilo; Abitazioni Nubie vicino alle Cateratte.

Falls of St. Anthony on the Mississippi.

Jones' Falls near Baltimore.

Hadley's Falls.

Little Falls at Luzerne.

Baker's Falls.

Glenns Falls.

Ansichten der zweiten cataracte. = Vues de la seconde cataracte.

Ansicht der ersten Katarakte. = Vue de la première cataracte. (Indication des planches 1 à 4)

The Cohoes Falls from the dam.

The Genesse Falls, Rochester.

Passaic Falls

Hudson Fall at village of Gleens

Horse Shoe of Niagara from the Canadian side

Falls of Cohoes, of the River Mohawk

Extremity of Adley's Falls

Pawtucket Falls

Course of the Hudson and the mills near Sandy Hill

Falls of Mount Ida, above the town of Troy

Falls of the Hudson at Sandy Hill

Falls of the Hudson at Sandy Hill

1 et 2. Cataractes du Nil. 3. Habitation nubienne près les Cataractes.

Falls of Mill Creek Springfield O.

View of the High Falls of Trenton, West Canada Creek, N. Y.

Falls of the Genesee.

Niagara Falls.

Cascades of the Columbia.

Two people crossing plank bridge over mountain waterfall and stream.

Haute Égypte. Sortie de la première cataracte.

Haute Égypte. Entrance de la première cataracte.

Nubie. Vue cavalière de la seconde cataracte.

Nubie. Seconde cataracte, Dgebel-Aboucir.

Scenes below Table Rock.

Rope ascension, over Niagara River.

American Fall from Luna Island

American Falls no. 13.

[Niagara Falls.]

Suspension bridge no. 63.

Below foot of Goat Island

Horseshoe Falls no. 1.

Horse-shoe Falls - Niagara.

American Falls from Luna Island.

American Fall, from Lunar Island.

General view from point view, American side.

Horseshoe Fall, N. Y.

Terrapin Tower - Niagara. Winter.

Munising Falls, Grand Island.

Hudson River.

Falls of Melsingah, Fishkill, on the Hudson.

Munising Falls, Grand Island.

Butter Milk Falls, West Point, N.Y.

Butter Milk Falls, West Point, N.Y.

Hudson River.

Walking stick fall, Rockland Co., N.Y.

Falls of Melsingah, Fishkill, on the Hudson.

Walking stick fall, Rockland Co., N.Y.

Horseshoe Falls, fr. bel. Biddle's staircase.

General view, from the American side.

Table Rock, from above.

Horseshoe Falls, from extending tree, G. I.

Terrapin Tower & falls from Goat Island.

General view from American side.

Below Table Rock, win[t]er, Niagara.

Niagara, general view from American side.

Lower Fall, from below, distant view.

Diana's Baths, North Conway, N.H.

American Fall from Elevator Tower, Niagara.

Lovers' retreat, and rapids, Niagara Falls.

The ice wall. (Great Horse Shoe Falls.) Niagara.

Luna Island scenery, Niagara.

General view of the Horse Shoe Falls.

Sparkling crystals on every bough. [Winter scene, Niagara Falls.]

Table Rock from below, Niagara, N.Y.

New suspension bridge, Niagara, 1258 feet long.

[Ice covered ledge above the river, Niagara.]

Thompson's Cascades. Maj. Rogers' bath.

Interior. Suspension Bridge, Niagara, N.Y.

Dual Vista, Glen Onoko.

Yo-Semite Valley, California.

Suspension bridge, river and falls in the distance.

General view from Victoria Point, Niagra on line of N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R..

New Susp. Bridge, Niagara, N.Y.

Terrapin Tower Bridge, frostbound.

Table Rock, Niagara Falls.

Cascade near Terrapin Tower.

View on Montreal River.

Silver Cascade, White Mountain Notch.

Silver Cascade.

Osprey Falls on Middle Gardiner River, Y. N. P.

Suspension bridge, Niagara.

Suspension Bridge.

Nevada Falls, 700 feet high.