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Regimiento Cazadores a Caballo de Olivenza

Garde du Prince d'Orange: carabins du capitaine Monsieur de Marquette en garnison à Malines vers 1580

Gardes du Parnce [Prince] d'Orange en garnison à Malines vers 1580

Garde du Prince d'Orange: sous les ordres de Monsieur de Famars, lieutenant, en garnison à Malines vers 1580

The figurative map of Adriaen Block

Regt. Toldi Palffy Infanterie Pikenier 1700

Obristwachtmeister v. Rgt. Deutschmeister, 1710

Musketier v. Rgt. Deutschmeister, 1710

Deutscher Husar 1710

Kürassier 1722

Kürassier Trompeter 1722

Carabinier 1722

Kürassier Regiments Pauker 1722

Officier v. Artillerie, 1750

General 1745

Ungarische Infanterie 1750

K.K. Hatschier Garde 1745

Obrist Wachtmeister v. Inf. Rgt. Platz 1750

Husar 1748

Trommler v. Inf. R. Kaiser 1748

Frei Corps []

Kurassier Officier parade, 1745

Regiment v. Sprecher, 1743

Chevaux legers 1748

Trumpetter v. Husar [?] Kalnoky

Officier v. R. Alt Starhemberg 1745

Füsilier v. R. Alt Starhemberg 1745

Bunker Hill after the battle.

The witch of Endor raising the spirit of Samuel

Home of Oliver Ellsworth, Windsor, Connecticut.

[Wm. Duer.]

A view of part of the town, the harbour and Bay of St. George, with Fort George in the island of Grenada.

Vue de Paulus Hook prise de l'apartement de Mde. la Mquise. de Brehan à New York.

[The Pont Dery, near the Pont Rouge, about twenty-five miles north-west of Quebec, on the Jacques Cartier River.]

Singing Angel. 'Bring the child...' (Eliza, Willow-Grove, August 7th, 1795).


The Baskets.

Friendship, peculiar boon of Heaven, ...' (Jane Robertson, 12th June, 1802)

We believe that death is not the end of Man, ...'

Composition of the musical instruments, sheet music and flowers.

Shells and flowers.

Torch, pigeons and message.


Nest. (Georgina, 1834)

Bouquet 'Now O Love, ... (Madonna del Altana?, Willow-Grove, August 12th, 1793)

House on the water.

"On a Pocket Mirror," continued


While melting airs arise at their command: ...' Philips's pastorals. (M. Caccon, Liverpool, July 8th, [17]96).

An animal on grass.

Lady playing the harp under the tree. By Margaret Casson. 'Thus with my pencil I delight to trace, ...' (July 8th, 1796, M.C.)

Finis. (Portrait silhouettes)

Anchor in a floral frame. (Braided lock of hair enclosed between two pages)

Thus with my pencil I delight to trace, ... But where the pen or pencil shall I find, ...' (M.C.)


Oh! grant me kind Heav'n, some peaceful retreat... ' Mrs. Browne of Gwrych.

[Central image of butterfly flanked by collaged watercolor shells and feather in pencil and watercolor.]

Ich Dien (emblem of Prince of Wales)

Threaded shells.

Collage 'May'


The striken Deer will weep.

The Minute Kingfisher. (by C.H.W. )

Collage by Felicia Dorothea Browne.

To my aunt Anne. - Gwrych, 12th Dec. 1805. J. Henry Browne, (continued); Written on reading the above.

Il ya des rivières ...' (quotation from Balzac?) -- Anne Barwell.

[Cherub unfurling scroll reading 'JR'; collage, watercolor, ink.]

Memorials of Friendship. (Cover page verso)

Close as this lock of hair the ribband binds, ... [signed Eliza Cooke, Liverpool, June 15, 1795; and again with a new verse, March 1, 1796]

Bouquet. Marque d'estime. (E. Grimsditch?)

To Anne Wagner. 'When on this page ...' (M. Casson, March 15th, 1796)

A little girl and boy.


Lyre, palette and the wreath. (M. Casson, del., 1800)

[Cherubs, one playing a lyre, the other holding sheet music; textile and paper onlays.]

Bouquet Gage d'amitié. (S. Lake)

Black swan.

Collage by Mary H. Venables (?)

Portchester? Castle. (By George Browne?)

Felicity. (Felicity D. Browne to her sister Anne Wagner, Liverpool, March 3, 1795).


Basket with fruits and flowers. (Catharine Lyon, May 20th, 1796)

Sappho' - collage by Felicia.

Basket with flowers.

L'intention fait Valoir les Bagatelles.


Poetry, signed by Elizabeth Venables, Abergele, 29th July, 1803.


To Miss Anne Wagner. 'Pensez quelquefois de votre sincère ami. (Orton Smith Jr., Bristol, 31st July, 1797)

To Miss Anne Wagner.

The bay of New York from Paulus Hook, Columbian Academy New York March 1796.

[A view of Broad Street, Wall Street, and the City Hall.]

The figurative map of Cornelis Hendricks

View of Annapolis, Maryland.

View of Utica from the hotel September 1807.

[España], soldaat tweede regiment cavalerie v linie

España, soldaat leide [?] regiment cavalerie v linie

España, officier derde regiment cavalerie linie

España, mineros y oficial de artilleria

España, [o]ficial del regimiento de Barcelona