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Rustam meets with Kay Kâ'ûs.

Gushtâsp (Gushtâsb) slays a wolf.

The young Siyâvush, son of Kay Kâ'ûs, on his way from Zâbulistân to his father's court with his army is showered with gold and ambergris by the people.

Kay Khusrau meets with Rustam prior to his going to rescue Bîzhan.

The soldiers of Afrâsiyâb battle the Iranians for the first time.

Barbâd, the musician, stands before Khusrau in his garden at Naurus.

Rustam's Seven's Feat: he slays the White dîv.

The confrontation between the army of Gushtâsp (Gushtâsb) and the army of Arjâsp.

Afrâsiyâb and his forces stop at the Oxus; the old boatman has been tied up.

Isfandiyâr's Third Exploit: he battles the dragon.

Rustam and Rakhsh dying in a pit filled with spears.

Tazhâv comes to fight with the Iranian army.

Iskandar fights with the inhabitants of Zangbâr (Zanzibar).

Farûd battles an Iranian soldier.

Bahrâm Gûr during his sojourn in India kills a unicorn (kharg).

The new king Kay Khusrau talks with nobles of his court.

Khusrau Parvîz, his hands bound, is led by two rustics wearing straw hats with high crowns, from a pavilion in a garden where he had taken refuge.

The young Kay Khusrau, dressed as a shepherd, is lead before Afrâsiyâb by Pîrân.

Rustam kills Ashkabûs and his horse.

Rustam captures Garsîva, the brother of Afrâsiyâb, and Jahn at the fortress of Gang-dizh.

The troops of Afrâsiyâb attack the Iranian retainers of Siyâvush.

Rustam lifts Shangul from his saddle on his lance.

Rustam and the soldiers of Iran fight the Tûrânians.

Hormuzd, seated in a small covered pavilion, talks with one of his father's ministers he has jailed.

Rustam battles three Turanian soldiers.

Suhrâb before the White Castle, his army behind him.

Iskandar receives tribute from the Khâqân of Chîn.

The celebration of the birth of Shîrvî, the son of Khusrau Parvîz and Maryam, the daughter of the Qaysar of Rûm.

A man with a message for Gurâz allows himself to be captured by the Rûmî troops and his letter is read by Qaysar.

Kay Khusrau crosses the sea in pursuit of Afrâsiyâb.

Siyâvush undergoes the fire ordeal.

Qaydrûsh, the son of Qaydâfah the queen of Andalûs, is lead before the vizier Naitkun disguised as Iskandar - who orders his death.

Rustam's Sixth Feat: he kills Arzhang dîv.

Gîv pulls Tazhâv off his horse with a noose.

Jamshîd surrounded by members of his court.

Afrâsiyâb, who has dreamed of his defeat by the Iranians asks his sages to interpret his dream.

Rustam after removing Bîzhan from the pit, bends over to remove his rope.

Iskandar and Khizr (on a mule), both holding shining globes that light their way through the gloom, ride towards the Fountain of Life.

Suhrâb and Rustam fight.

Iskandar talks with the prophet Khizr about his quest for the Fountain of Life.

Gîv, dressed in a tiger-skin coat and helmet, leads the young Kay Khusrau and his mother Farangîs across the Oxus.

Rustam, having killed Afrâsiyâb's horse with his spear, attacks the Tûrânian leader.

Gayûmars seated, surrounded by wild beasts, including a lion, a tiger, giraffe, and horned deer.

Bahrâm Gûr kills a dragon that devoured a youth.

Rustam, fully armed and wearing his traditional tiger-skin coat and leopard hat, comes out through a gateway to kill an enraged white elephant that has trampled its keeper.

Sarlawh = Frontispiece

The body of Firdausî carried to the grave by four men.

Nûshîrvân, asleep with his head in the lap of his devoted minister Buzurjmihr, had his jeweled armlet stolen by a bird and unjustly accuses his minister of the theft.

Isfandiyâr lifts Kuhrâm, one of Arjâsp's captains, above his head by his waistband.

Rustam, Yazdigird's general, slain by Sa'd, the son of Vaqqâs the Arab.

Rustam's First Feat: Rakhsh kills a lion while Rustam sleeps.

Pîrân leads the Turanian forces against the Iranians.

Kay Kâ'ûs receives his grandson Kay Khusrau.

A third battle against the soldiers of Zangbâr.

Bahrâm Gûr hunting, accompanied by his slave girl Âzâdah.

Gushtâsp (Gushtâsb) slays a dragon.

Rustam, wearing his leopard hat and armor, lifts Pîlsam off his horse on a spear.

Tarjumah-i Shâhnâmah [Translation of Shâhnâmah into Turkish]

Akvân Dîv flings Rustam into the sea.

Rustam grabs the tail of Chingish's horse.

Iskandar kills Fûr of Hind in single combat by cleaving him down the middle with his sword.

Iskandar lies dying.

A party of Iranian soldiers with drawn swords chases Farûd, who defends himself with a mace.

Siyâvush plays polo with Afrâsiyâb.

Khusrau Parvîz kills the horse of Bahrâm Chûbîna with a bow and arrow.

Farîdûn, seated on his throne, surrounded by five courtiers.

Siyâvush undergoes the fire ordeal.

Khusrau Parvîz, seated on the throne at Madâ'în, is surrounded by courtiers, including a cook in a big white hat and white robe.

Pîrân leads the Turanian forces against the Iranians.

Zahhak enthroned, surrounded by five courtiers.

The king of Hâmâvarân sues Rustam for peace.

Bîzhan followed by his companion Gurgîn talks with Manîzha's nurse.

Kisrâ, who is later called Nûshîrvân, ascends the Iranian throne.

Iskandar relaxing in his camp.

Kay Khusrau executes Afrâsiyâb and his brother.

Afrâsiyâb dictates a letter to Siyâvush.

Shâh Shâpûr II, disguised as a merchant, travels to Rûm and arranged an audience with Qaysar (the Byzantine emperor).

Rustam's Fourth Feat: he kills the sorcerer.

Gîv and Tûs fight with Kâmûs.

Firdausî approaches the three poets of Shâh Mahmûd who sit reading while servants prepare meat on a spit behind them.

Rustam views Suhrâb's tomb.

Ardashîr enthroned.

Pîlsam fights with Rustam.

A Roman commander pays homage to Khusrau Parvîz in the city of Warigh.

Dârâb, the son of Bahman and grandson of Isfandiyâr, seated in a domed hexagonal pavilion in a courtyard, his mother Queen Humây on a smaller throne, to the left.

Dârâ, the son of Dârâb, sits on the throne with supports in the form of gold lions.

Garzîvaz visits Siyâvush at Siyâvushgîrd.

Front cover of binding

Iskandar marches through Hind (India) where the people of the cities open their gates to him.

The Iranians battle the army of Turan.

Rustam, roasting an onager, kicks aside the rock pushed by Bahman.

Siyâvush and Afrâsiyâb feasting on the occasion of Siyâvush's marriage to Farangîs.

Qubâd, son of Pîrûz, enthroned at Ctesiphon, delivers an oration to the Iranians.

Garsîvaz leads Manîzha next to the pit where Bîzhan is imprisoned.

Rustam attacks Akvân Dîv, who is described in the text as in the guise of an onager of invisible, but here is shown as a dîv.

The meeting of Rustam and Isfandiyâr.

The Turkish troops attack the forces of Bîzhan.

The troops of Bahrâm Chûbînah defeat those of Sâvah Shâh.

Kay Khusrau enthroned, surrounded by eight courtiers.

Another battle against the soldiers of Zangbâr.