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A tree grows in front of the entrance to the cave concealing Muhammad and Abû Bakr.

Full-page miniature of God pointing out the apple tree to Adam and Eve.

Text with placemarkers and rubric. Miniature of Absalom caught in a tree by his hair.

The reed and the olive tree [cont.]; The wolf and the heron.

The Virgin and Child at the Foot of a Tree

God Forbidding Adam and Eve to Eat from the Tree of Knowledge

The death of the prophet Zakarîyâ (Zacharias), who is killed when the tree in which he is hiding is sawed in two.

The Canopia Tree.

Women of Kazegut in different dresses; Negroes climbing the palm tree; A Negro playing on the Ballard or Balafo; Hut of the Negroes.

[The Kola fruit; The Kûrbari fruit; The guava or goyava fruit; The kalabash tree.]

Whidah pease ; The cotton tree ; The Maniok root.

Island of Madera; The dragon tree.

No. 50: The true sweet gum cistus of candy; The common fir, or pitch tree; The olive tree; The small wild daisy

No. 52: The carob tree; The tree of life; Thyme; Rue-leaved whitlon grass

a curious herbal containing five hundred cuts of the most useful plants which are now used in the practice of physick engraved on folio copper plates after drawings taken from the life by elizabeth blackwell to which is added a short description

Boys playing under a pine tree. One of them is blindfolded and another, who is clinging to the trunk of the tree, holds out a stick from which a paper folded to resemble a crane is suspended by a string

Lavatera, altææ folio, et facie flore rubro = Lavaterre. [Tree Mallow]

Lady playing the harp under the tree. By Margaret Casson. 'Thus with my pencil I delight to trace, ...' (July 8th, 1796, M.C.)

Planera ulmifolia = Planéra à flles. d'Orme. [Planner tree]

Persica vulgaris = Pêcher commun. [Peach tree]

Halesia tetraptera = Halésie à quarte ailes. [Mountain silver-bell or Silver bell tree]

Schinus molle = Mollé à folioles dentées. [Brazilian pepper tree, Peruvian music tree, California pepper tree etc.]

Melaleuca hippericifolia = Melaleuque à flles de millepeuis. [Tea tree or false St. John's wort]

Pæonia moutan = Pivoine moutan. [Tree peony]

Melia Azedarach = Azédarac bipinné. [Chinaberry, China tree, Chinaball tree]

Dillenia scandens = Dillenia sarmenteux. [Type of evergreen tree]

Gymnocladus Canadensis = Chicot de Canada. [ Kentucky coffee tree or American coffee tree]

Xanthoxylum fraxineum = Clavalier à feuiller de Frêne. [Common prickly-ash, toothache tree, toothache bush, yellowwood, angelica tree]

Philadelphia, from the great tree at Kensington, under which Penn made his great treaty with the Indians.

Cerasus = Cerisier. [Bunch of cherries on a tree branch]

Cercis Siliquastrum = Gainier d'Europe. [Judas tree]

Cerasus = Cerisier. [Bunch of cherries on a tree branch]

The Varian Tree in Broadway between 26th & 27th Sts.

Styrax officinale = Aliboufier officinal. [Drug snowbell; storax tree]

Vitex Agnus-castus = Gatilier commun. [Chaste tree; Hemp tree; Sage tree; Wild pepper]

Datura arborea = Stramoine en arbre. [Tree datura]

Pistacia lentiscus = Pistachier lentisque. [Mediterranean mastic tree which bears pistachio]

Cerasus = Cerisier. [Bunch of cherries on a tree branch]

Miss Tree

1, 1a. Spotted Tree Frog, Hyla maculata; 2, 2a. Bengal Frog, Rana Bengalensis.

Lined Tailed Tree Snake, Ahætula caudolineata.

1. Side Streaked Tree Snake, Dendrophis lateralis; 2. Reddish Dip[s]as, Dipsus [Dipsas] rubescens.

1. Spotted Bellied Snake, Coluber ventromaculatis; 2. Bell's Tree Snake, Ahætula Bellii.

1. Hardwicke's Polyplectron Hen, Polyplectron Hardwickii. China. Brit. Museum; 2. Bay Francolin [Bay Many Spurred Francolin], Plectophora (Francolinus) spadiceus. Kokee tree of the Mahrattas. Brit. Museum.

Black-throated Wax-wing, or Bohemian Chatterer. 1. Male. 2. Female. (Canadian Service Tree).

Bewick's Wren. Male. (Iron-wood Tree)

Canada Bunting (Tree Sparrow). 1. Male. 2. Female. (Canadian Barberry).

Baltimore Oriole, or Hang-nest. 1. Male adult. 2. Young Male. 3. Female. (Tulip Tree).

Yellow Red-poll Wood-Warbler. 1. Males. 2. Young. (Wild Orange Tree.)

American Redstart, 1. Male, 2. Female. (Virginian Hornbeam or Iron-wood Tree.)

Black-poll Wood-Warbler, 1. Males, 2. Female. (Black Gum Tree. Nyssa aquatica.)

White-eyed Vireo, or Greenlet. Male. (Pride of China, or bead tree. Melia Azedarach.)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo. 1. Male. 2. Female. (Papaw Tree. [Porcelia triloba]).

Audubon's Wood-Warbler, 1. Male, 2. Young. (Strawberry Tree. Euonymus Americanus).

Hermit Wood-Warbler. 1. Male. 2. Female. (Strawberry Tree.)

Maryland Ground-Warbler. 1. Adult Male, 2. Young Male, 3. Female. (Bitter-wood Tree.)

The holy tree of Metereah

163. The Crested Purple Finch ( Erythrospiza purpurea). 164. The Tree Bunting (Emberiza canadensis).

Seybo tree.

Winged females standing before the sacred tree. (Nimroud) [Calah]

Winged figures kneelling before the sacred tree. (Nimroud) [Calah]

Ornaments: 1. Ostriches ; 2. Man holding two wild goats ; 3. Winged bull ; 4. [Man holding a gazelle or wild goat; two winged figures before the sacred tree]

Christmas tree with toys around, including doll houses.

Cypress tree, 25 feet diameter.

Indian Ice Tree and American Falls.

Tree lined avenue.

House over the Stump of the Original Big tree, diameter 32 feet, Mammoth Trees of Calaveras Co., California.

Section of the original Big Tree, diameter 25 feet, Mammoth Trees of Calaveras Co., California.

People standing under the old elm tree.

Banana tree.

Mountain lion walking away toward a fallen tree.

Small village at foot of hill; small tree and railroad car in foreground.

Niagara Falls. [Winter view, with ice-covered tree in foreground.]

Interior of the House built on Big Tree Stump. Calaveras Co., Cal.

Ice Tree and American Fall.

The Wawona Tree, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite Valley, Cal. U.S.A.

Orange tree, loaded with fruit, flowers, and buds.

Big Tree, Empire State, circumference 84 feet. Mammoth Trees of Calaveras Co., California.

Section of the original Big Tree, diameter 25 feet, Mammoth Trees of Calaveras Co., California.

1000 Mile Tree, Weber Canyon.

Big Tree A. Lincoln, 320 feet high, Mmammoth trees of Calaveras Co., California.

Old elm tree on Boston Common.

But-end section of the Original Big Tree, diameter 25 feet, Mammoth Trees of Calaveras Co., California.

Big Tree A. Lincoln, 320 feet high, Mmammoth trees of Calaveras Co., California.

The palmetto tree.

Orange tree, loaded with fruit, flowers, and buds.

Date tree, in Dr. Peck's garden.

Indian Ice Tree and American Falls.

1,000-mile Tree, Weber Canyon, Utah. U.P.R.R.

Blossom from the date tree.

Old elm tree, Boston Common.

View of a large tree in front of a barn, possibly "the big elm".

Old elm tree, Boston Common, 1876.

Garden, showing flower beds, enclosing hedges, tree and fountain.

Two Sentinels, 312 ft. high, 69 ft. in in circumference. Mammoth Tree Grove, Calaveras County, California.

Cutting out a section of the big tree.

Mammoth tree Fresno Co. Cal.

Mango tree, near Pinogana.

People posing under a tree.

Banana tree.

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