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Office of the Freedmen's Bureau, Memphis, Tennessee

Entwicklung der ägyptischen Schriftzeichen

A merry Christmas.

Greetings from New-York

A Apple Pie

Admiral Jellicoe landing at Suva, Fiji.

Tad Lincoln at age seven

Selling a freedman to pay his fine, at Monticello, Florida

Babylonisch-assyrische Keilschrift

City Hall and Newspaper Row, N.Y. City

Merry Christmas.

Lami River, near Suva, Fiji.

Portrait of Robert Todd Lincoln

B Bit It

Prayer meeting in a contraband camp, Washington, 1862.

Hieroglyphische Inschriften und Reliefdarstellung aus dem Grabe des Prinzen Rahotep in Medum (um 2800 v. Chr.)

Bird's eye view of lower New York

Costumed dancers

The harbour, Suva, Fiji.

Tad Lincoln as a Zouave. 1861

C Cut It

Römischer Aquaeduct in Segovia

The lost colony

Girls making mats, Fiji.

The Ansonia

Greetings to our friends at Christmas.

Dennis and John Hanks standing beside the old Lincoln home. 1865

D Dealt It

Aqueduct of the emperor Valens, near Pyrgo

Landing negroes at Jamestown from Dutch man-of-war, 1619

With hearty Christmas greetings.

Beating the death drum for a cannibal feast.

View from the Woolworth Tower looking West, New York City

E Eat It

Brücke über den Gard

Landing of Hendrick Hudson

Interior of the aquarium, N.Y. City

Canoe racing, Fiji.

Christmas greetings.

F Fought for It

The settlers at Jamestown

Christmas greetings.

The Aquarium, New York City.

A fine type of Fijian.

G Got It

Detalles pitorescos del aqueducto de Chelves

The maypole of Merry Mount, 1625

A happy Christmas.

Young Fijian warriors.

Aquarium. New York City

H Had It

Vista pintoresca de los aqueductos de Tarragona

Father Marquette and his symbol of peace

Seventh Regiment Armory, New York

Village scene--Fiji.

Best wishes for a merry Christmas.

J Jumped for It

The Phoenician Hercules--from the temple of Venus at Golgos

Marquette's reception by the Illinois

18th Regiment Armory, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Typical Fijians.

Wishing you a merry Christmas.

K Knelt for It

The colossus of Golgos

Oglethorpe's interview with Tomo-chi-chi.

Armory, East 166th St. & Franklin Ave., Bronx, New York City

Greetings from California.

Botanical gardens, Suva, Fiji.

L Longed for It

The Assyrian Hercules--from the temple of Venus at Golgos

The Acadians driven into exile

The top of the season to you from two "Chaps"

Old chiefs of Fiji (once cannibals).

M Mourned for It

The embarkation of the Acadians

The lion gate of Mycenae

Merry Christmas.

Native foods, taro, turtles & yangona roots.

N Nodded for It

Discovery of the gigantic head

Siege of Boston.

Christmas greetings.

Typical Fijian girls.

O Opened It

Porte, finestre, mura ec. del palazzo di Persepoli

Battery Park, New York


A Fiji maid.

Battle of Saratoga. Gen. Arnold wounded in the attack on the Hessian Redoubt.

P Peeped in It

Work of excavation on the Acropolis

The Battery, N. Y. City

Native houseboat, Suva, Fiji.

A merry Christmas.

Q Quartered it.

Battle of Saratoga.

Wilson's arch, Haram wall

The march to Valley Forge.

Battery Park looking north, New York City

All good wishes for Christmas.

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