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1. Centriscus Scolopax, The Snipe-Fish; 2. Centriscus Scutatus, The Knife Fish; 3. 4. Cyclopterus Liparis, The Unctuous Sucker.

1. Indian Goat Sucker, Caprimulgus Indicus; 2. Bombay Goat Sucker, Caprimulgus Asiaticus.

133. The Mullet Sucker (Catostomus aureolus). 134. The Pigmy Dace (Leuciscus pygmæus). 135. He Many-spined Stickleback (Gasterosteus occidentalis). 136. The Brilliant Chubsucker (Labeo oblongus).

97. The Horned Sucker (Catostomus tuberculatus). 98. The Striped Killifish (Fundulus fasciatus). 99. The Big Killifish (F. viridescens). 100. The New-York Chubsucker (Labeo elegans).

104. The Pale Sucker (Catostomus pallidus). 105. The Shining Dace (Leuciscus nitidus). 106. The Common Sucker (Catostomus communis).

242. The Large-scaled Sucker (Catostomus macrolepidotus). 243. The Long-finned Chubsucker (Labeo cyprinus).

1-4. Acomus lactarius, Milk River Sucker; 5. Young of the same.

1-4. Catostomus sucklii, Nebraska Sucker; 5. Young of the same.