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Siyâvush playing polo with Afrâsiyâb.

Siyâvush plays polo with Afrâsiyâb.

Siyâvush plays polo (chaugân) before Afrâsiyâb.

The cricket and the ants [cont.]; The fox and the worm; The hen who laid the goldern eggs.

The eagle [cont.]; The cricket and the ants.

Carte du Golfe de Benin et partie de la Côte de Guinée, depuis la Riv. de Volta jusquáu C. Formosa: dressée sur les Journ. des navigat

A chart of coast of BARBARY from C. Bajadore to the Golfe of St. Anne

A large draught of the GOLF of PERSIA

Emir, homme de loy de la race de Mahomet

Habit of a lady of Ischia, an island in the Gulf of Naples. Fille de l'Isle d'Ischia le Golfe de Naples.

Letter to Admiral Lacrosse

Music of the original Christy Minstrels

Zoologie. Orthoptères. Xyes, Grillons, Sauterelles.

Zoologie. Orthoptères. Criquets.

Tennis, Péluse, Qatîéh.

Minéralogie. Arabie Pétrée (Râs Mahammed et côtes du Golfe Élanitique). Diverses roches primitives; Madréporites.

Isthme de Soueys [Isthmus of Suez]. Plan du port de Soueys et du fond du Golfe Arabique. I-IV. Profils du canal projeté entre les deux mers.

Zoologie. Orthoptères. Criquets.

Alexandrie [Alexandria]. 1. Vue intérieure d'une ancienne basilique, vulgairement nommée Mosquée de St. Athanase; 2.3. Plan et coupe d'un stade situé au sud-ouest de la colonne dite de Pompée.

Stadium at Ephesus

[Heads of dogs, horses and of a man.]

[Birds of fowling.]

[Badger hunting: dogs chasing and attacing badgers.]

Title page. Sporting sketches.

[Clearing hurdle during a hunting.]

Cover page.

[Hunting dogs.]

[Hunters training their horses.]

[Mounted hunter with three hounds running behind.]

[Dogs chasing birds.]

[A hunter with rabbits.]

[Fowling] Working up to a wake (and) panting.

[Sportsmen within an enclosure.]

[Fox hunting.]

[A hunter with dogs chasing a stag.]

[Mounted hunter, running dogs and a fox.]

[Duck fowling.]

[Hunting scene (dogs ready to hounddown).]

[Hare hunting.]


[Hunters before hunting.]

[Mounted sportsmen.]


[Trying to get animal from its burrow.]

[People on a carriage watching dogs chasing a rabbit.]

[Badger hunting: dogs chasing and attacking badgers.]

[Releasing the dogs for hunting.]

[Chaos in the hunt.]

[Race with a carriage.]

[Successful fox hunting.]

[Dogs chasing pheasants.]


[Sportsmen within an enclosure.]


[Hunters, animals, birds.]

[Scenes of the hunters' life.]

[Pheasant fowl.]

[Running hounds.]

[Scene of the hunters' life.]

[Trying to get animal from its burrow.]


[Hunting dogs attacking a bear.]

[Hunters with their dogs.]

[Light-brown horse.]

[Parts of a white and brown horses.]

[Two hunting dogs.]

[Dark-brown horse.]

[Two dogs and two dog heads.]

[Heads of a white and a brown horses.]

[Brown horse running.]

[Horse heads and ...]

[White horse running.]

[Two dogs' heads and a paw.]

[Two dogs' heads and a paw.]

[Two horse heads.]

The three great men of the village cannot do as they like.

[Knitting shepherd.]

[Heads of domestic and wild animals and full figure of a dog, pig, horse, cows and a cock; a working farmer.]

[Two horses and a pony.]

Hinds; Stags or Red Deer.

[Two women feeding domestic birds, (also six heads of domestic and wild animals).]

Fragments des bas-reliefs

[Pointer looking at gamebird.]

Sketch of pheasant, one flying and the other on the ground.

[Partridges in a field.]

Tonga-Tabou. Maison du chef Lavaka., Combeau d' un chef., Vue de l'un des Monumens destinés à la sépulture de la Race Royale.

[Coach with driver, passengers, and dog barking.]

[Jumping horse.]

[The chase.]

[Knight in armor with mace, mounted on horse.]

Vue de la chaîne de Ruhat et de la montagne d'Hammam Pharaon; Profil de montagnes de la presqu'isle de Sinaï, depuis Suez jusqu'au Ras Mohammed; Profil de montagnes de la côte d'Afrique, depuis Suez jusqu'au Djebel Ezzeit; Vue des côtes de l'Arabie, prise du rivage de Dahab; Vue de Suez, prise des sources de Moïse; Vue de la côte au nord de Dahab; Profil des isles du Golfe Élanitique [Gulf of Aqaba].

Mammifères: 1. 2. 3. Naturels de la Nouvelle-Irlande. (Race Noire.); 4. 5. Naturels de la Nouvelle-Guinée. (Race Noire.).

Mammifères: 1. 2. 3. Naturels des iles Viti. (Race Noire), 4. 5. Naturels des Tikopia. (Race Jaune).

[Two deer, near a running fence.]

[A deer.]

[Steeplecase race.]

Un employé du gouvernement sortant de chez lui avec sa famille [above]; Une dame brésilienne dans son intérieur [below].

Le dîner; Les délassements d'une après dîner.

Kaart van een gedeelte van de westkust van Columbia en een gedeelte van de kust van Peru benevens de golf ben Guaijaquil.

Light may the boat row, duett, sung with the most enthusiastic applause by Mrs. and Miss Watson, at the Park Theatre, concerts &c.

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