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Sixth vision: John sees birds feeding on the vanquished and the battle between the armies of the beast and those of the White Rider. (Apoc. 19:17-18)

Sixth vision: John sees seven angels with the seven plagues in jars, and seven angels holdings harps, and standing on a sea of glass shot through with fire.

Sixth vision: as an angel pours the seventh vial into the air, a voice from the temple announces the end of time; cities split into parts and huge hailstones rain down on men. (Apoc. 16:17-21)

Sixth vision: an angel pours out the second vial and the sea is filled with drowned men; an angel pours out the third vial turning the waters into blood; John listens as angels announce the judgment of God.

Sixth vision: one of the four living creatures (here as the lion of St. Mark) hands out vials containing seven plagues to angels; an angel pours out the first plague causing malignant sores to the bearers of mark.

Sixth vision: John witnesses the defeat of the beast and the false prophet who are thrown into hell, where the birds feed on them; an angel, with key and chain, locks the beast in prison for a thousand years. (Apoc. 19:20-21)

Sixth vision: an angel shows John the great harlot; John, depicted as if a small child carried by the angel, sees the bedizened harlot mounted on the beast with seven heads and ten horns. (Apoc. 17:1-4)

Sixth vision: an angel pours out the fourth vial on the sun, causing it to burn the people; an angel pours the fifth vial on the throne of the beast, and people bite their tongues in agony.

Sixth vision: an angel pours out the sixth vial on the Euphrates and dries the river; with the seventh vial, foul spirits, like frogs, come from the mouths of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet..