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Akvân dîv about to fling the sleeping Rustam into the sea.

Kay Khusrau crosses the sea in pursuit of Afrâsiyâb.

Akvân Dîv flings Rustam into the sea.

Fifth vision: the two-horned beast instructs people to worship the beast from the sea; those who refuse are slain.

Fourth vision: beast from the sea and the two-horned beast from the earth who gives the scepter to the first beast; men and women worship the first beast. (Apoc. 13:11-12)

Sixth vision: John sees seven angels with the seven plagues in jars, and seven angels holdings harps, and standing on a sea of glass shot through with fire.

Sixth vision: an angel pours out the second vial and the sea is filled with drowned men; an angel pours out the third vial turning the waters into blood; John listens as angels announce the judgment of God.

Seventh vision: an angel from heaven points to the destruction of Babylon; another angel takes up a stone, as it were a great millstone, and hurls it into the sea. (Apoc. 18:2-21)

Fourth vision: people kneel before the beast from the sea; God watches as the beast from sea kills soldiers. (Apoc. 13:5)

Fourth vision: angels battle against the crowned beast from the sea; the beast, without crowns, blasphemes God for forty two months.

Seventh map of Asia (Caspian Sea and east),in full gold border.

Third map of Asia (Caspian Sea and surrounding), in full gold border).

The shepherd and the sea [cont.]; The pomegranate, the apple, and the olive trees, and the thornbush.

The thieving child and his mother [end]; The shepherd and the sea.

68 CE: Vespasian, on a visit to the Dead Sea, demonstrates its famed buoyancy. He orders some non-swimmers to be thrown into deep water with their hands tied behind their back; all rise to the surface and float. Other remarkable properties of the Dead Sea are also described, such as the changing color of its water and its bituminous mud, so sticky that it can only be removed from the hulls of boats with women's monthly secretions. Use of this illustration of swans a-swimming is evidently an allusion to the buoyancy of the water.

[Three masked performers with sea monsters]

A new mapp of the Empire of Mexico describing the continent to the Istmus of Panama : together with all the islands in the North Sea

Sea spiders and dragons.

Columbus goes to Sea to discover the Countreys.

A chart of the sea coasts of New England New Jarsey Virginia Maryland and Carolina from C. Cod to C. Hatteras.

A chart of the sea coasts of New-England, New-Jarsey, Virginia, Maryland and Carolina : from C. Cod to C. Hatteras

A chart of the sea coasts of New England, New Iarsey, Virginia, Maryland & Carolina, from C. Cod to C. Hattaras

A chart of the sea coasts of New England, New Iarsey, Virginia, Maryland & Carolina, from C. Cod to C. Hattaras

A new map of the islands of the Ægean Sea, together with the island of Crete, and the adjoining isles.

The Sea-Atlas: Containing an hydrographical Description of most of the sea-coasts of the Known Parts of the world.

The city and harbour of CADIZ

A sea chart of part of the coasts of GALLISIA and PORTUGALL from Cape de Finistrre to the Burlings and from the Burlings to Cape de St. Vincent

The SOUTH-WEST coast of IRELAND from Dungarvan to the River Shannon

The city of LIMA where the vice Roy of Peru is Resident

A large draught from Benjar on the Island of BORNEO to Macasser on the Island of CELEBES shewing the streights of Bally with the Island to the Eastward thereof.

A chart of the sea coast of ITALY, SICILY and part of BARBARY

A draught of the coast of Africa from the streights mouth to Cape Bona Esprance

A large draught of the GULF OF DARIEN with the coast to PORTO BELLA with a perticular draught of the scotch settlement in calledonia

A chart of the sea coasts of ALGRAVE and ANDALUSIA between Cape St. Vincent and the Strait of Gibralter and C. Spartel

HARWICH Woodbridg and Handsordwater with the sands from the Nazel and to Hosely Bay.

BURLINGTON BAY, Scarbrouth and Hartlepoole

A chart of the coast of BARBARY from C. Spartell to C. Cantin

A chart of the coast of GUINEA from cape de Verd to cape Bona Esperanca

A new and correct chart of the coast of IRELAND

The River Humber

A chart of PRUSSIA and Coerland from Rygshead to Der Winda

The Sea-Atlas.

A large chart of part of the coast of GUZARATT and INDIA from Diu head to Bombay

A chart of the CANARIE and MADERA Islands

A chart of the CARIBE ILANDS

The island of JAMAICA ; A draft of the harbor of Port Royall and all ye kees : Latt 17:50.

A new and correct chart of the sea coast of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND and IRELAND

The sea coast of LANGUEDOC PROVENCE and part of Italy from cape Dragon to cape Delle Melle

A chart of the NORTH SEA

The coast of NORWAY; between the Naze and Schuytenes

The Coast of NORWAY and Lap Land from North Kyn to the River Kola

The channell of ABBO or UTTOY; A chart of STOCKHOLM Leith

The chart of the Leeth of BERGEN from Schuytenes to Bergen

A chart of the shoulds and rivers of GAMBIA

A new chart of the sea coast of ARGUIN from Gulf of Anna to the Land bank of Tindel

The coast of NORWAY from Naze to Paternosters and part of Iutland

[Moray Firth and Sutherland, Scotland]

The Sea-Atlas.

A draught of the south part of AFRICA from cape Bona Esperance to Delagoa

The sea coast of VALENCIA and CATALONIA from C S Martin to C Drago with the Island of Maiorca Minorca and Jvica

A chart of the EAST-SEA

The coast of NORWAY from Bergen to the High Land of Horrel

A large draught of the south part of BORNEO

A new and correct large draught PLYMOUTH SOUND catt-water and ham-owse

A chart of the Sea-Coast of ZEALAND from Walcheren to the Macs

A chart of coasts of CIMBEBAS and CAFFARIA

The coast of DENMARCK and Sweden from Falsterbon to Schanckenes and Coast of Pomeren from Island of Rugen to Rygshead

A chart of the sands, shoals, buoys, beacons, sea marks, depths of water and anchoridge. Upon the coast of ENGLAND from South Foreland to Flambrough Head

A large draught of parrt of the coast of INDIA from Bombay to Bassalore

A new mapp of the Island of BOMBAY and SALLSET

A new mapp of East and West New Jarsey.

A new mapp of the Island of SAINT HELLENA

A new and correct Mapp of the WORLD


A chart of the WHITE SEA with the River Dwina

A chart of the GOLD COAST in GUINEA from the River St. John to the River Volta

A new mapp of MAGELLAN STRAIGHTS discovered by Capt. John Narbourgh commander then of His Majesty's Ship Sweepstakes as he sayled through sade straights.

A generall chart from ENGLAND to cape Bona Espranca with the coast of BRASILE

A draught of Cape Bona ESPERANCA

A chart of the sea coast of SPAIN from cape de Gata to cape S. Martin and of the sea coast of BARBARY from cape de Hone to cape de Tenes

A chart of Islands Corfu, Pachfu and Antipachfu with channel and Rodds between the Island of Corfu and Graetian coast

The sea coast of the ISLAND CANDIA with all the bayes havens and roades on the Island and theare about

The sea coast of BARBARY from cape de Tenes to cape de Rosa

A new draught of the Island of MADAGASCAR ats St. LORENZO with Augustin Bay and the Island of Mombass at Large

A chart of the sea coast of IRELAND from Dublin to London-Derry ; Lough Foyle or the passage to London-Derry.

the Island of Keduyn; the River of Kola in the Great Besteck; the coast of Lapland from the River Kola to ye the Island of Swetnoes.

The Sea-Atlas.

A chart of the NORTH-WEST coast of IRELAND from LOUGH SWILLY to SLYNE HEAD

The Chart of FINMARCK from Dronten to Tromsound

To the Honorable William, E.le. of Derby, Lord of ISLE of MAN

A large chart of the Island ANTEGUA

A new draught of the coast of GUINEA and BRASILE

A chart of the BELT and SOUND

A large draught of the MALLABAR COAST from bassalore to cape comaroone

A chart of coast of ANGOLA from R Ambris to Mount Negro

A large draught of the Isle of Orkney and Shetland with the north part of SCOTLAND.

A large draught of the ISLE of WIGHT and OWERS

A large draught of New England, New York and Long Island ; Boston Harbour.

A large draught Port Royall harbour in CAROLINA

A chart of JUTLAND and the Islands of Omtren