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Garshâsp, an ancestor of Rustam, kills a dragon with a lance.

Rustam spears Pîlsam and lifts him into the air.

Akvân dîv about to fling the sleeping Rustam into the sea.

Barzû's mother tells Rustam of the lineage of her son.

Rustam wrestles with Suhrâb.

Rustam's Seventh Feat: he kills the white dîv.

Rûdâba giving birth to Rustam.

Rustam drinks wine with Kay Qubâd.

Rustam's Third Feat: he kills a dragon.

Rustam mounted on Rakhsh attacks Khabâs, the son of Akvân dîv.

The baby Rustam in swaddling clothes is suckled by one of his ten wet nurses.

Rustam shoots Isfandiyâr in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow.

Rustam shoots Ashkabûs.

Barzû, the grandson of Rustam, captures Gurgîn.

Rustam catches Rakhsh.

Rustam kills Alkûs.

Rustam as a child kills an enraged white elephant.

Rustam drags Sûdâbah from her throne.

Rustam captures Kâmûs.

Rustam hits Kâfûr.

Farâmarz, a son of Rustam, strikes Shîrm.

Rustam shoots Shaghâd.

The sîmurgh aids the wounded Rustam and Rakhsh.

Rustam slays Qulûn.

Rustam kills the castellan of Mount Sipand.

Rustam's Sixth Feat: he kills the dîv Arzhang.

Rustam kills Suhrâb.

Suhrâb menaces Rustam with a knife.

Rustam lifts Shangul from his saddle on his lance.

Rustam battles three Turanian soldiers.

Rustam meets with Kay Kâ'ûs.

Rustam captures Garsîva, the brother of Afrâsiyâb, and Jahn at the fortress of Gang-dizh.

Rustam and the soldiers of Iran fight the Tûrânians.

Rustam kills Ashkabûs and his horse.

Kay Khusrau meets with Rustam prior to his going to rescue Bîzhan.

Rustam's Seven's Feat: he slays the White dîv.

Rustam and Rakhsh dying in a pit filled with spears.

Suhrâb and Rustam fight.

Rustam after removing Bîzhan from the pit, bends over to remove his rope.

Akvân Dîv flings Rustam into the sea.

Rustam grabs the tail of Chingish's horse.

Rustam, having killed Afrâsiyâb's horse with his spear, attacks the Tûrânian leader.

Rustam's Sixth Feat: he kills Arzhang dîv.

Rustam, Yazdigird's general, slain by Sa'd, the son of Vaqqâs the Arab.

Rustam, wearing his leopard hat and armor, lifts Pîlsam off his horse on a spear.

Rustam's First Feat: Rakhsh kills a lion while Rustam sleeps.

Rustam, fully armed and wearing his traditional tiger-skin coat and leopard hat, comes out through a gateway to kill an enraged white elephant that has trampled its keeper.

Rustam views Suhrâb's tomb.

Rustam's Fourth Feat: he kills the sorcerer.

The king of Hâmâvarân sues Rustam for peace.

Pîlsam fights with Rustam.

The meeting of Rustam and Isfandiyâr.

Rustam kneels, grieving before the mortally wounded Suhrâb.

Suhrâb raises his dagger to kill Rustam in their second combat.

Rustam, roasting an onager, kicks aside the rock pushed by Bahman.

Rustam attacks Akvân Dîv, who is described in the text as in the guise of an onager of invisible, but here is shown as a dîv.

Rustam shoots Isfandiyâr in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow.

The text concerns Zâl's fight with the Turanian hero Khazarvân, but the illustration shows Rustam in his traditional costume and mounted on Rakhsh striking off the head of a dragon with his sword.

Rustam captures Rakhsh.

Rustam comes to the chamber of Tahmînah, daughter of the king of Samarkand.

Rustam captures the King of Mâzandarân and takes him before the tent of Kay Kâ'ûs.

The birth of Rustam.

Caveaux funéraire et bas-reliefs de Nakch-i Roustâm [Naqsh-i Rustam]. Site de Persépolis.

Nakch-i-Roustam [Naqsh-i Rustam]. Vue, plan et profil.

Rochers sculptés et autels du feu à Nakch-i-Roustâm [Naqsh-i Rustam]. Site de Persépolis.