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Full-page miniature showing John before the provost, and en route to Rome. Text, with red placemarkers.

Miniature showing 1. warring factions of Romans and Palmirians represented by a joust scene; 2. procession into Rome, with Zenobia paraded before the emperor as a prisoner. Initial, rubric, border design.

Miniature showing 1. Isis inscribing book of laws amidst a group of farmers; 2. the apotheosis of Io and the goddess adored in her temple at Rome; 3. Io's ship with its sail furled. Initial, border design.

Miniature showing the Cumean Sibyl (Amalthea) as she presents the last three sibylline books to Tarquin, King of Rome, seated on a throne, offering a gold ball to the Sibyl in exchange for the books. Initial, border design.

69 CE: Domitian, son of Vespasian, miraculously escapes the carnage in Rome.

70 CE: With severe famine in Jerusalem, a Jewish fighter against Rome slaughters a starving civilian.

41 CE: At Rome, Herod Agrippa serves as a mediator between his friend Claudius and the Senate. The Senate vows to take military action against Claudius, but the army has chosen him as their new emperor. Here, the soldiers show their support for Claudius.

68 CE: Cerealius, one of Vespasian's officers, attacks Hebron and slays all the inhabitants. 69 CE: The emperor Otho, having been defeated by the troops of Vitellius, commits suicide in Rome.

69 CE: The emperor Vitellius, drunk and weighed down by an extravagant meal, is dragged through the crowd and butchered in the middle of Rome, after a reign of just eight months and five days.

68 CE: Titus and Herod Agrippa II embark on a voyage to Rome to salute the new emperor, Galba.

4 BCE: Archelaus goes to the Temple and addresses the people. He thanks them for the respect they showed at his father Herod's funeral, but says that he will not exercise authority until his right to succession is confirmed by the emperor of Rome.

66 CE: After an impassioned speech by Herod Agrippa II urging the Jews to avoid war with Rome by paying the tribute tax, magistrates disperse to the villages to levy the tribute.

69 CE: War breaks out in Rome between the supporters of the emperor Vitellius and those of Vespasian.

64 CE: Florus, tyrannical procurator of Judea, removes 70 talents from the Temple treasury on the pretext that Rome requires it. The indignant Jews heap abuse upon him. Here, Florus holds a tribunal to judge the Jews who have derided him.

47 BCE: Antigonus II accuses Antipater of disloyalty to Caesar, whereupon Antipater strips off his clothes and exposes the scars won in battles on behalf of Rome.

52 CE: Jewish leaders plead their case before Ummidius Quadratus, governor of Syria, in the escalating violence between Jews and Samaritans. Quadratus punishes the instigators and sends Jewish and Samaritan leaders to Rome to render an account of the affair to the emperor Claudius.

70 CE: Antiochus Epiphanes, son of the king of Commagene in Syria, joins Rome against the Jews, but most of his young fighters, called "Macedonians," are overpowered.

Palazzo e giardino dell' S.r Card. Bentivoglio page 504

Tail-piece. Caput XV.

[Bust portraits.] Horatius Gentilesco, Artemesia Gentilesca, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Paulus Pontius Antverpien., Lucas Vorstermanus Antm., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Vincentius Iustinianus Marghio Basan., [...]

Nova Nupta in Geniali Thalamo.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Bolonie, Peterus Breugel Bredanus, [...]

Eum Pivilegio Sac: Caes Maiest.

[Bust portraits.] Carolus. Patin. Med. D. Prof., Gabr. Car. Patina., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni da Fiesoli Dominicanus Monac., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Thomas Planschet Parisiensis, I. Iacob Thurneyser Basileensis, [...]

Lala Virgo Vestalis.

[Bust portraits.] Bartholome: Boham Noribergensis, Iacob Binckius Pictor et Sculptor, [...]

[Head-piece.] Nobilissimi atq; Strenui Domini Joachimi â Sandrart in Stockaw, Serenisi mi Ducis Neoburgici Consiliari Vita atg opera [...] Argumentum.

Portrait.] Par son tres humble serviteur R. Collin [...]

[Bust portraits.] Francesco Salviati Florentinus, Baccio Bandinel Forentin., [...]

Serenissimæ Venetorum Reipubicæ [...]

[Bust portraits.] Matthæs Merianus Matthæi Filius, David Klocker Ehrnstrahl Hamburgensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Gulianno da S. Gallo, Piero di Cosimo, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Melanthus Cycionius, [...]

[Plate. Top scene is group of men pointing out their shadows on the ground; bottom scene is artist using lamp to project shadows onto a wall.]

[Bust portraits.] Titiano Uccello da Cadoor. Venet., Arioste Poeta Ferrariensis, [...]

[Head-piece.] Præfatio.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Ab Eyck-Fland, [...]

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Pictoriæ Liber Secundis de vita & encomiis [...]

[Bust portraits.] Lucas A. Leyden S. Lugdun BA., Quintin Mes Sies Antverpie, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Polygnotus Athen. Pic., Polygnot. Thas. Pic., [...]

[Plate. Parts of skeleton, nude man pulling sock over leg.]


Lucii Scipionis Statua.

[Bust portraits.] P. Ath. Mat. Kircher, Gal Galilila. Mat., [...]

[Coat-of-arms bookplate.] The right honorable Francis North Baron of Guilford 1703 [...]

[Tail-piece.] Cap. XI.

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis Liber Tertius.

[Bust portraits.] Michael Mirevelt, Iacobus Callot, [...]

[Tail-piece. Nobilissimi atq; Strenui Domini Joachimi â Sandrart in Stockaw, [...] cont.]

[Tail-piece.] Caput IX, De Picturis Historicis.

[Tail-piece.] Index.

[Bust portraits.] Homerus, Heraclitus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Plato, Theophrastus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Adam Van Oort, Octavio Van Veen, [...]

Apelles pict. Athen:

[Bust portraits.] Mat Grunwald Aschafenburgensis, Barthel Geham Noribergenensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Anna Felicit Neubergerin, Carl Gustau Ambling Nori, [...]

[Head-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis atque eruditæ pars secunda, [...]

[Head-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis atque eruditæ pars prima, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Albrecht Durer Senior, Albrecht Durerus Noribergensis Iunior, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni Cimabue, Gaddo Gaddi, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Holbein Senior Augustanus, Sigismundus Holbein Augustanus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Raphael Sanzio d. Urbino, Antonio da Corregio, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Parasius Ephesius, [...]

[Title page.]

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni Bellino Venet., Andreas Mantegna Mantuan., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Ioos Maurer Tigurinus, Tobias Stimer Schafhusanus, [...]

[Head-piece.] Juventuti, Pictoriæ.

[Bust portraits.] Francisco de Quenot alias Fiamengo Bruxellanus, Peter de Laar alias Bambots Harlemensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Michel Le Blon Francofurtensis, Ægidius Sadeler Antverpensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Giorgio Vasari d'Aretso., Iosephus Arpinus, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Pictura Lineas Amat. Partis Secundæ Libri II. Præfatio.

[Bust portraits.] Iulio Romanus Mantuan., Francesco Mazzoli Parmigiano, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis Partis Secunda Præfatio [...]

Composuit Zeuxes Iunonem e Quinque Puellis; Parrhasius Velo, Volucris Ceu Fallitur Uva.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Pocksbergerus, Franz Flores Antverpiensis, [...]

Nova Nupta in Geniali Thalamo.

[Bust portraits.] Iohan Torrentius Amstelrodamensis, Wendelinus Dieterlinus Argentoratensis, [...]

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Pictoriæ Liber Prymus de vita & encomiis, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Cap. XXIII, Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis.

[Bust portraits.] Barth. Mo. Rillius. Pic., Susanna De Sandrart, [...]

An historical map of Roman Empire and the neighbouring barbarous nations to the year of our Lord four hundred, when the empire began to be rent with foreign invasions.

Veduta della Piazza di Monte Cavallo.

Le Magnificenze di Roma. [Title page]

Veduta del Sito, ov'era l'antico Foro Romano.

Tempio di Pola in Istria.

Sepolcro della famiglia de' Scipioni.

Parte dell'antica Via Appia fuori di Porta S. Sebastiano circa tre miglia.

Tempio di Giano.

Veduta del Ponte e Castello Sant' Angelo.

Tempj del Sole e della Luna, o come altri, d'Iside e Serapi in Campo Vaccino negli Orti di S. Francesca Romana.

Veduta della Basilica di S.ta Maria Maggiore con le due fabbriche laterali di detta basilica.

Veduta del Tempio di Bellona.

Colonna Antonina.

Rovescio del Tempio di Pola in Istria.

Veduta della Piazza del Popolo.