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Rustam, roasting an onager, kicks aside the rock pushed by Bahman.

Front cover of binding with silver plaque of Moses striking the rock.

Dox Quixote and the Knight of the Rock

Rock, flowers, and bamboo.

View of the Hudson from Flat Rock, Fort Lee, with New York City in the distance.

View of the Hudson, from Flat Rock, Fort Lee, with New York City in the distance; The bastion

Limonium parvum Bellidis minoris folio = Limonio piccolo. [Rock Sea lavender]

Turritis vulgaris, ramosa = Arabis Linn. Virid, Cliff. = Turrite, ovvero Pelsella spicata. [Rock Cress]

No. 33. Scene of a Storm, with a Vessel wrecked. The ruined Castle, and its bold Situation on the Summit of a Rock, are finely conceived

No. 184. Perseus Conversing with Cupid, or View of a pierced Rock open to the Sea, with an allegorical History introduced

A view of the city of Quebec, the capital of Canada, taken from the rock on Point Levi.

Cerasus mahaleb = Cerisier de Sainte Lucie. [English cherry, Rock cherry, St. Lucie cherry]

Fig. 1. Quercus tinctoria = Chéne Quercitron. Fig. 2. Quercus montana = Chéne de montagne. [Black Oak or Quercitron Bark - Rock Chestnut Oak]

Acer saccharinum = Erable à sucre. [Sugar Maple or Rock Maple]

[Woman fills a bucket with water. Man rests on haystack. Men sit on a rock. Woman holds baskets. People resting on the ground.]]

[Women carrying baskets or sacks, kneeling , or resting on a rock.]]

1. From the temple in Berenice [Baranis]; 2. Stations for the caravans? ; 3. Plan of the temple on the road to Berenice; 4. Greek fort... ; 5. Samaut; 6. Plan of the temple of Sakiet Minor; 7. Temple excavated in the rock in Sakiet Minor.

Falcated Rock Carp, Cyprinus (Bangana) falcata.

1. Bruce's Balitora, Balitora Brucei. Mountain Stream. India ; 2. Spotted Balitora, Balitora maculata. Mountain Stream. India ; 3. Gotyla Rock Carp, Cyprinus Gotyla. Mountain Stream. India.

Pyramids of Gizeh. Section of rock from S. to N. along E. front of pyramids.

Title page. Part 3. The pyramids to the southward of Gizeh and at Abou Roash: also, Campbell's tomb, and a section of the rock at Gizeh: from actual survey and admeasurement. With notes and references by J. S. Perring ... Accompanied by remarks on the hieroglyphics, by S. Birch.

Rock Ptarmigan. 1. Male in Winter plumage. 2. Female, Summer plumage. 3. Young in August.

Sculptures on the Rock at Humam [Hamam Kaya].

Rock of Moses, Wady-El-Leja, Mount Horeb

Sepulchral Chamber, in the Rock, Mount Sipylus.

Plymouth Rock from the Burying Hill.

Assyrian rock sculpture. (Bavian.)

Table Rock, Canada side.

Scenes below Table Rock.

Below Table Rock.

Table Rock - summer. Niagara.

Table Rock from below, Niagara.

Pulpit Rock, Warwick, N.Y.

Pulpit Rock, Warwick, N.Y.

Table Rock, from above.

High Rock Spring, Sarasota.

Below Table Rock, winter.

Monument Park. Phantom rock.

Table Rock, Canada Side.

Whirlwind Bridge and Rock of Ages Niagara U. S. A.

Table Rock, looking down the River, Niagara.

Drift Rock.

Rock of Rest, Garden of the Gods, Col.

Pulpit Rock, Echo Canyon. Union Pacific Railroad.

[Unidentified rock outcropping.]

High Rock Spring.

The shores of Nahant, Mass, Castle rock and Egg rock light.

Pulpit Rock, looking down.

Hanging Rock, Clear Creek Canyon, Col., U.S.A.

Table Rock, Niagara Falls.

Distant view of Sentinel Rock.

Pulpit Rock, (view east), Echo, Utah. U.P.R.R.

Balancing Rock, 300 tons, Colorado.

Sentinel Rock, 3270 feet high.

Goat Island, from Terrapin Rock, Niagara.

Castle Rock.

Looking down from above the Steeple Rock.

Balancing Rock.

Below Table Rock, looking down.

Au Sable Chasm. Pulpit Rock.

High Rock Spring.

Table Rock from the Horse Shoe Fall. Clifton House in the distance.

Horse Shoe Fall and Profile Rock.

Rock temple, Nahant.

Balanced Rock.

[Sandstone rock formations.]

The Sphynx. (View of rock formations.)

Tower Rock.

Ausable Chasm. Profile Rock.

"Rock of Ages" and Whirlwind Bridge, Cave of the Winds.

View down the river from under Table Rock.

Niagara. Below Table Rock in winter.

Canopy over Pilgrim Rock, Plymouth, Mass.

Table Rock, looking down.

The American Fall, from back of Table Rock.

Table Rock, looking down, in winter.

High Rock Spring.

Beach, cliffs, and Gun Rock House.

Maiden rock, 480 feet high.

Merced R., Hutching's Hotel, and Sentinel Rock, Cal.

"Rock of Ages" and Whirlwind Bridge Cave of the Winds.

View on the Merced. Hutching's Hotel and Sentinel Rock.

Hanging Rock, Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado.

Lynn from high rock.

Canopy over Pilgrim Rock, and Cole's Hill.

[View of sea with rock formation.]

Bridge over Rock river.

Pulpit Rock, Crawford Notch, White Mts.

Castle Rock, Wisconsin.

Rock cut, sta. 290, sec. 8.

Hanging Rock, looking up.

Balancing Rock, near Manitou, Col. (Estimated weight 300 tons. Four miles from Colorado Springs.)

High Rock Congress Spring.

Table Rock, looking down, in winter.

Niagara in winter, Crystal Cave below Table Rock.

Cathedral Spires: giant rock formations in the "Garden of the Gods," Colorado, U.S.A.

Au Sable Chasm. From Table Rock, looking up.

Below Table Rock, winter.

Rest at Prospect Rock.

Upper Hanging Rock, C.C.R.R., Floyd Hill.

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