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Page of music and text. Staves with single red line.

Greek writing in lines 13, 15, 16 and 24, with transliteration written above. Initials.

Opening of text with large initials and hierarchy of script. Rubrics.

Page of text with 1-line red and blue initials. Prickings clearly visible. Marginal note.

Explicit with initial and another note from St. Martin's.

Text with note of ownership and warning by monastery of St. Martin of Tournai -- "Liber sancti martini tornacii servantii benedictio auferenti maledictio amen." Prickings clearly visible.

Close-up of erased ex libris.

Chronological notes for 1257.

Opening of John with elaborate initial showing eagle. Smaller initials, placemarkers.

Note dated 1239.

Opening of Paul to the Romans; elaborate initial with portrait of Paul. Smaller initials, placemarkers.

Explicit, final note and (last rule line) erased ex libris. 2-line initials with penwork, name of book in red and blue.

Music -- square notation on brown stave. Text and initials.

Large opening initial with angel of Matthew. Border design with animals. Rubric and red placemarkers.

Opening of text. Large puzzle initials, rubric, red daubs and blue marker as placemarkers, marginal notation.

Page of text with music drawn in lower margin -- square notation on red staves.

Opening of calendar; in later hand with Franciscan entries.

Large and small initials, rubrics, name of text in red and blue, human face sketched in bottom margin.

Small initials, and marginal note with names of Magi. Name of book in red.

Front cover, large initial on gold field, with vines extending into border, and music.


Back cover, with large initial, border design, and music.

Page of text with large puzzle initial with elaborate penwork extending into border.

Page of text with vellum tab attached.

Opening of surviving text with placemarkers, rubrics, small initial, notes on content in upper and lower margins.

French poem.

Note of content in modern hand.

Note of purchase of manuscript for St. Augustine's Canterbury.

Page of text with commentary and pointers in margins.

Page of text with rubrics, placemarkers, small initials, content note and catchword.

Explicit of main text.

Opening of text, initial with animal heads, 2-line initial, rubric, placemarkers.

Page of text with catchword.

Initial with animal figure.

Explicit, library stamp.

Opening of list of readings, in hand 2.

Initial showing rabbit playing harp; small initials with penwork, placemarkers.

Opening of text with large initial, rubric, full border design, small initials with penwork, placemarkers, name of book and chapter number in red and blue. Later note and library stamp.

Opening of Interpretation of Hebrew Names.

Hand 1, beginning of table of chapters.

Page of text with possible trace of quire signature at bottom?

Opening of part two, with initial, placemarkers, book name and chapter number.

III Kings, historiated initial: Abishag and David, marginal sketch

Opening of Interpretation of Hebrew Names. Initials, rubrics.

Proverbs, historiated initial, Solomon beating student; decorated prologue initial

Galatians and prologue, pen-work initials

Opening of Interpretation of Hebrew Names.

Beginning of main text; 5-line initial with elaborate puzzle work and penwork in border. 2-line initial with penwork. Smaller initials. Book name and chapter name. Red daubs as sentence markers.

Page of text with initials, additional text in margins, and in bottom margin scribe's directions for initial "t iiii".

Illuminated initial showing Jonah and the whale, 2-line initial with penwork, rubric, book name and chapter number.

Opening of Interpretation of Hebrew Names.

III Kings, historiated initial: Abishag and David, marginal sketch

End of Apocalypse

Page of text with small initials and penwork, placemarkers, book name and chapter numbers, and commentary box.

Opening initial of Book of Ruth.

Opening of text, with large illuminated initial showing Jerome writing. Rubric, red placemarkers, and name of text in red and blue.

List of the books of the Bible with the number of chapters in each.

Opening of text, large initial with Jerome as scribe and elaborate extension into border. Small initials with penwork, rubrics, placemarkers, book name and chapter numbers in red and blue.

Psalm 26: historiated initial: David holding Candle blessed by Lord

Illuminated initial of Job covered in sores. Small painted initial in blue, orange etc. Rubric. Book name and chapter number in red and blue.

Very large illuminated initial on gold field, small initials and linefiller.

Opening of main text. Large painted initial showing Jerome as scribe extending far into border with animal figures. Red and blue initials with penwork. Rubric. Book name and chapter number.

Final page, with prayer in different hand.

Virgin and Child; Flagellation

Page of text with extensive marginal commentary on Queen of Sheba, red placemarkers, name of book in red and blue.

Page of text, initial with grotesque (human face).

Ecclesiastes, initial


Ruth, initial

Ruth, initial

Opening of text (begins mid-sentence). Large initial with human face. Rubrics. Book name and chapter number in red and blue.

Table of contents and Jerome's preface for the psalms in different hand.

Initials with elaborate penwork, book name and chapter numbers in red and blue. Catchword.

List of biblical passages useful for various purposes (to convert sinners, to put up with tribulations, etc.)

Initials and linefillers.

Full-page miniature, notes.

Opening page of calendar with drawing of seasonal activity.

October-November pages: crushing grapes; slaying hog

Ecclesiastes, initial

Explicit of Interpretation of Hebrew Names.

A pseudo etymological breakdown of the word Alleluia, done "secundum ebraicam expositionem."

Opening of text, with large gold initials, small red and blue initials, and linefillers, including one in form of fish.

Page of text with catchword.



Page of text, initial with penwork, rubrics and placemarkers.

"Contia tabula"

Historiated initial of man holding a quadrant up to the sky, and opening of the 'Quadrans.'

Algorismus, historiated initial, Scholar with Compass.

Page of calendar for October.

Page of calendar for September.

Notes in text expand the names of the months and the names of the zodiac; chart integrating months and zodiacal signs; animal and human figures.

"Tabula terminorum" for the dates of Easter.

Explicit of main text, followed by added verses numbered 9 (repeated from the text) through 14.

Chart of the seven climatic zones, with the torrid zone in the center and the poles at the extremes.

Diagram of an eclipse of the sun, with the moon casting a shadow cone.

Chart showing solar system as concentric circles: Primum Mobile, the planets, fire, air, water, with earth at the center; in the spandrels, grotesques, a dog, a queen.

Chart of the decemnovenale cycle, the cycle of epacts, and the cycle of the "claves."

Opening of first calendar, month of January, in red, green, blue and black.