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Alice Austen (1866-1952) at age 22, posed at her home "Clear Comfort" published by Friends of Alice Austen House.

Staten Island Savings Bank Stapleton, Staten Island, NY Organized 1867 [people and old cars]

Public Square Building., Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. [large brick building, with car in street]

Prospect Gables Modern Apartments, Prospect Ave. New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y. [Tudor style buildings with old car parked in front advertising text on back.]

Masonic Temple, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. (building with old cars on street, and old-type water cisterns on roof with ad for Ritz Theatre.)

Amboy Road, Great Kills, Staten Island, N.Y. [old cars in street, shops and sign behind telephone pole that appears to be 'Light, Power... Gas...Electric']

Bay Street, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y. [old cars in street, horse and wagon, people walking, red-striped awnings on shops, sign for hotel, sign on building E.D. Wayman Dry Goods and Millinery]

Bergen Point Ferry, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. [entrance to ferry, two ferries docked, people in old garb walking about, old touring car parked at entrance gate, restaurant with sign in front advertising various seafoods]

Dutch Reformed Church, Port Richmond, Staten Island [old car and horse carriage in street]

Railroad Station, Eltingville, Staten Island, N.Y. [old cars at R.R. crossing, people on sidewalk in front of Eltingville Pharmacy with sign for soda and "Reid's" ice cream]

Corn Exchange Bank, New Court House and Borough Hall Staten Island, N.Y. [old cars, horse and wagon.]

St. John's Villa, Arrochar, Staten Island, N.Y.

Law Office of Hon. Cortlandt Skinner, King's Attorney for the province of New Jersey. In 1776 Brigadier General in British army with headquarters on Staten Island.

Tavern on the Green, New Dorp, Staten Island [ext. same building as #506, but different awnings and no cars, etc. in front of building. Map of Staten Island showing location in message area on back]

Trackless Trolley, Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. [old bus, men standing outside]

Todt Hill, Staten Island, N.Y. Highest Point on Coast from Maine to Florida [view of golf course and golfer]

Business Centre, St. George, Staten Island, N.Y.[old car in street and 'Title Guarantee and Trust Company' painted on side of 6-story building]

Silver Lake Reservoir and Park, Staten Island, N.Y.

Dutch Reformed Church, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. [man and bicycle in front]

Light House and Aeroplane(sic) Hangars, Miller Field, Staten Island, N.Y.

Liberty Theatre, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y. [full ext. view with people strolling out front, billboards on sidewalk in front of building]

Elk's Club, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y. [old red touring car parked in front of beautiful white mansion]

AMERICAN SOUVENIR CARD, Staten Island 10, On South Beach, cpy 1897 [people in old bathing costumes wading in surf.]

Sailors(sic) Snug Harbor, Staten Island, N.Y.

Durkee Manor, Grasmere, Staten Island, N.Y.

Scenic Railway, Midland Beach, Staten Island, N.Y. [people on boardwalk and the entrance] building to the Scenic Railway; ride itself is not in view)

Port Richmond's Busy Block [looking North on Richmond Terrace] Port Richmond, Staten Island

Billopp(sic) House, Tottenville, Staten Island, Issued by the Advance Pub. Co.

First Reformed Church founded 1716, Port Richmond, Staten Island

Augustinian Academy, Grymes Hill, Staten Island, N.Y. [aerial view]

12497-Woodland Beach, Camping Grounds adjoining Midland Beach, Staten Island [tents, shoreline, entrance building.]

Light House Series, Robbins Reef Light.

Hylan Motel [sign at front gate air conditioned, television]

Club House Cedar Grove Beach, Staten Island, N.Y. [with old car.]

Mount Manresa Staten Island, N.Y.

Municipal Swimming Pool and Club House, Faber Park, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. [people in water and on balcony of club house]

At the Plaster Mill, New Brighton, Staten Island

Tavern on the Green [ext. with 30's-40's? car out front and dog on lead attached to flag pole! ad text on back]

Cameron's Pond, Grasmere, Staten Island, N.Y.

12488-80th Precinct, Mounted Police Sub-Station, of New Dorp, Staten Island [6 officers in dress uniform posed on horses]

St. Peter's Church, Rectory and Convent New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y.

Vanderbilt Arch New Dorp, Staten Island, N.Y.

Richmond Hotel, Midland Beach, Staten Island, N.Y.

The Lake at Durkee Manor, Staten Island, N.Y. [people and small boats at shoreline]

Greetings from Staten Island

Trinity Lutheran Church, Staten Island, N.Y. [int. view of altar]

Canal Street, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y. [Staten Island Savings Bank buillding on corner, Washington Park across street, old gas street light, horse and carriage, brick street]

New Dorp Beach Hotel, Edward Hett, Proprietor [small inset ext. view upper left corner, remainder of face is white]

Residence of Nicola Aquilino, Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. [ext. of house the familys Italian restaurant was in the rear of the building]

Promenading at Midland Beach, Staten Island [close-up Cables Hotel entrance on boardwalk, people strolling and ferris wheel.]

Richmond Borough National Bank, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.

Rectory of St. Christopher's R.C. Church

Actor's Home, Staten Island [ext. view reflected in pond]

[Non Postcard] First Day of Issue Envelope Cover with 'Gateway to Europe, Verrazzano(sic) Narrows Bridge', picture of bridge on front

Municipal Ferry Boat, New York [ferry approaching slip]

The Sanctuary, St. John's Villa Academy

Summerfield M.E. Church, Mariner's Harbor, Staten Island, N.Y.

Hillside Ave., Great Kills, Staten Island [large house, people walking in street, old street lamp, horse and carriage]

Bard Ave., looking South from Henderson Ave. West Brighton, Staten Island [tree-lined street with large houses on right and horse and carriage in nearly empty street]

View of Friedrich's Pier, Tottenville, N.Y. [people on wooden boardwalk and pier.]

Swiss Village, Formerly Columbia(sic) Fishing Club (aerial view, ad text on lower white border

Hotel Richmond, Staten Island

Prospect Avenue, Dongan Hills, Staten Island, N.Y. [wide lawns and large homes behind stone wall]

Columbian(sic) Fishing Club, Eltingville, Staten Island

Light House, Princes(sic) Bay, Staten Island, N.Y. [view of lighthouse and buildings from water]

Elk's Home, Staten Island Lodge 841 B.P.O.E. Oakwood Heights, Staten Island, N.Y. [huge bunting-decorated building with line of old cars parked in front]

N.Y. Public Library, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.

St. George Ferry Terminal, Staten Island, N.Y.

Bungalow City, Midland Beach, Staten Island, N.Y. [people and children outside of cottage row.]

Moravian Church, Staten Island, N.Y. (1763)

Koch Hall, 16-18 New Dorp Lane, cor. Second Street, New Dorp, Staten Island

'Buster' of Overlook Park, Prince(sic) Bay, S.I. (toddler in sun hat and dress)

Trinity Lutheran Church, Staten Island, N.Y. [view of Baptismal Font]

Public Square, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. [nice close-up of trolley loading people, and another trolley behind it, shops on street]

Business Section, Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y. [corner of park, with people in street, 40's cars parked in front of shops, F.W. Woolworth, Co., Miles shoes]

Ferry Slip, St. George, Staten Island, N.Y. (view of ferry slips from water)

Chapel, St. John's Villa Academy, Arrochar, S.I., N.Y. (int.)

St. John's Villa Academy [appears to be door to chapel]

Pass to the Cemetery, Sailors' Snug Harbor, Staten Island

Municipal Club House and Swimming Pool, Faber Park, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. [entrance area to club house]

Augustinian Academy, Staten Island, N.Y. [old car parked in drive leading to main entrance]

Newsboys Camp, Woodland Beach, Staten Island, Conducted by Newsboys Home Club Where fifteen hundred newsboys of Greater New York spent a free outing in the country.

Richmond Apartment, New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y. [5-story apt. bldg., with row homes in back, two men in street and early century car]

Tottenville High School, Tottenville, Staten Island, N.Y.

AMERICAN SOUVENIR CARD, Staten Island-3, [Stapleton View towards the Narrows]

Souvenir of Midland Beach. [Branches of holly and pine with cones]

No. 7 U.S. Transports McClellan and Kirkpatrick at Bradys Pier, Stapleton, Staten Island

Tomb of R.R. Randall, Founder of Sailors' Snug Harbor, S.I. in the year of 1801.

Swedish Home for Aged People [Non-Sectarian] Staten Island, N.Y.

St. Christopher's School, 130 Midland Ave., Grant City, Staten Island, N.Y.

The Polar Icebreaker USCGC STATEN ISLAND

Post Headquarters, Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, N.Y [addressed to someone in Linoleumville, S.I]

Stuyvesant Place looking North from High Street, St. George, Staten Island [houses along tree-lined street]

St. Vincent's Hospital, West New Brighton, Staten Island

Annadale Road, Annadale, Staten Island, N.Y wide road with shops -- Taub's Pharmacy on corner next door to the Atlantic & Pacific, i.e. the

$500 Reward if you can find me here at South Beach, Staten Island [people on beach, float, and what appears to be Harris Bathing Slide.]

House A., Sailor's Snug Harbor, Staten Island, N.Y. [people on walk leading to bldg.]

12468-Bentley Street at Ferry, Tottenville, Staten Island [view of ferry gate to N.J. and restaurant on street corner]

Richmond Theatre Bldg. Stapleton, Staten Island [full ext. view, marquee advertising latest feature on top of building]

How I Spend my time at Midland Beach, Staten Island. [people on boardwalk, Scenic Railway building.]