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Friendship is the joy of reason, ... ' (Isabella Boardman, Rose Hill, June 21st, 18?2.)

[Jumping horse.]

[Steeplecase race.]

Old Senate Chamber in the United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Man seated, back view.

[Knife in a sheath, belt with attachment and hook, belt buckle; Two buckles joined with ornamental hardware.]

[Two figures and a horse.]

Monk wearing robe with hood.

Young woman; Young man.

[Mother and child.]

Falconer, German, 1200.

A page, 1400.

[Classical statue of nude male in landscape.]

Four half length studies of men wearing hats.

Noble Spaniard, MCCC.

Man in robe and hood, gesturing.

1500, Cimabue.

Two figures with various aspects of their garments diagrammed.

Three men behind a balustrad.

Kneeling man in tunic holding a jug.

Young man in tunic and tights with sword, Anton Pollaiolo--Florentino 1426, 1498.

[Woman playing harp,] 1300.

Matrimonio1200; [Kneeling knight.]

[Man in hat, tunic and tights.]

[A seated man; Two figures and a sheep; Mother and child; Three figures, half length.]

Three figures (back view), Ognissanti.

Back view of a man.

Man in wide brimmed hat, doublet and breeches.

Knight on horseback, Lombardy MCC.

Half length study of a woman,] 1400; [Man in breeches, sash, pointed shoes, stockings, and hat]; [A monk in his habit,] 1400.

[Man on horseback.]

German Bishop Cologne, 1450; Venetian priest, 1563; English priest Carlisle Cath., 1480.

[Two women, one holding infant,] Ghirlandio--Santa M. Novello.

Two men displaying a piece of paper, upon which one has made some marks with a compass.

Woman with back turned toward viewer with boy on her lap.

[Donz?]ella Fiorentino, MCCC.

Young man with dog; Young woman with older woman.

[Rear view of man in a tunic and belt with sword, tights, gloves and hat with long tail.]

Ognissanti, St. Francis.

Man wearing breeches, doublet and sword.

Florence, 1300; 1300.

[Woman in head piece and long dress with sling about her neck, possibly for infant.]

[Woman in bonnet and long dress with full sleeves, with back view shown in mirror,] 1300.

[Front view of young man in hat; Back view of young man in hat; Man kneeling, in cape and breeches.]

[Helmets and various other pieces of armor] 1400, 1397, 1475, 1480]; Cross bowman; Cross bowman no. 1; Cross bowman no. 2.

Man in tunic and stockings with purse belted around his waist.

Milan, MCCC; MCCC, Guidici del Jornico.

Man with sword and shield.

1400, 1300; 1300.

[Woman wearing veil kneeling in prayer.]

Roman priests; Church of St. Lorenzo [?], 1410; St. Maria del Popolo, 1400.

Back view of man in hat, vest and tights.

Mother and baby; Man in wide brimmed hat holding a sketchbook.

Man in doublet, breeches, tights, with mantle, sword, and hat.

[Person in headdress, upper body view] Spain, MCCCC; [Woman in long dress and tiara,] MCC; [Woman viewed half length in head piece with veil,] MCCC.

[Armored figure on horseback.]

Two women and a boy and a group of men and boys.

Priest in a cape; An archbishop vested for mass.

Man in hat, tunic, and tights.

[Cosimo de' Medici]

Laura, 1300.

[Knight with sword kneeling.]

Guillaume Berard, 1200.

Two women seated, wearing veiled head pieces, each holding an infant.

A priest vested for mass; A deacon vested.

[Two men, one in back view wearing tights, doublet, sword, a hat with plume, and holding a staff.]

Cosimo Padre della Patrea, died 1464.

Milanaise; [?] in Italian; 1400.

[Club and flail.]

Young man wearing tights, blouse, hip belt with purse, and hat with feather.

MCCC, Italian.

Back view of man standing beside a horse

Two men walking perpendicularly to each other.

Burgundische herzöge aus dem ansage des 14 jahrhunderts.

Pages, MCCC.

A deacon Cloisters Leige [sic], 1460; Roman deacon, c. 1450; English priest, 1480.

[Woman in cape and cowl,] Florence, MCCC; [Woman wearing head piece.]

[Woman kneeling,] MCCC.

White haired man in black robe, seated at a desk and holding a quill pen.

Monk or cleric with white hair and grey robe, kneeling--back view.

Médecin, 1300.

Français, 1300.

Tuscan huntsmen, MCCL.

[Two men, one on horseback.]

[Horn, a man's head, and a knife in a sheath.]

Casting off the hawk; Luring the hawk.

Knight on horseback, MCCCC.

Passo parmi, 1300.

The duke of Urbino, 1400

Two seated women, one holding a baby.

Fausapin [?] Italien, 1400.

Six half length studies of various figures, male and female, and a child, the fourth dated 1400, and the fifth and sixth described Venice, and dated 1200.

[A man on horseback with a falcon, a man on foot, and four dogs.]

Military costume, 1400.

Two young men wearing hats, cloaks and tights carrying thin staffs or swords; two figures in background.

Man wearing hat, doublet and breeches.

[Warrior with shield,] MCCC.

Young duchess, 1400.

Three women in hats with trains viewed half length, a fourth figure partially sketched.

Knight, 1200.