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Central park in 1862. [Collection of photographs in portfolio, without text] Published by special permission of the commission.

Sunset from the Battery (or Moonlight), New York, N. Y.

An Albanian woman wearing her native costume

Danish man.

Portrait of great-grandmother of Johannis de Peyster

T'Fort Nieuw Amsterdam op de Manhatans.

Man, at left. with bow and arrows seated on ground, handing beaver[?] to a woman, at right, standing. On banderole, over clouds: Nieu Amsterdam, al. New Yorck

New York. A. The fort. B. The chappel.

Nieu Amsterdam, at. New Yorck.

New York a city in N. America inhabited by English and Dutch subject to the K. of England.

New York. References . . . New York is situated . . . masts, etc.

A south prospect of ye flourishing city of New York in the province of New York in America.

John Dryden.

Certificate of the Hand-In-Hand Fire Company, New York.

A view of Niagara Fort, taken by Sir William Johnson, on the 25th of July 1759, drawn on the spot in 1758.

Southwest view of Fort George with the City of New York.

A view of Niagara taken by Sir William Johnson...

The Right and Honourable Wililam Pitt Esquire, one of His Majesty's principal Secretaries of State.

The south prospect of the city of New York, in North America.

New York.

Plan of New York City of New-York and its environs to Greenwich . . .Town. Survey'd in the winter, 1775

Giovanni Pier Andrea di Bernardo da Verrazzano.

A south west view of the city of New York, in North America = Vue de sud ouest de la ville de New York dans l'Amérique septentrionale.

[A south east view of the city of New York, in North America = Vue du sud est de la ville de New York, dans l'Amérique septentrionale.]

A south west view of the City of New York in North America. 1. The harbour. 2. Nutting Island. 3. Staten Island. 4. Long Island. 5. Rutgars House. 6. South River. 7. Brew-house.

South east view of the City of New York. 1. New Colledge. 2. Old English Church. 3. City Hall. 4. French Church. 5. North River. 6. Staten Island. 7. The prison. 1768

East View of Hell Gate, in the Province of New York.

A view of New York, Governors Island, the River &c. from Long Island.

Plan of the city of New York, in North America. Surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767

Spanish fryer, or, The double discovery : Mrs. Mattocks in the character of Elvira.

South west view of Fort George with the City of New York.

David Garrick.

[Henry II., King of England.]

Admiral Sir Charles Hardy.

[Philip] Schuyler.

Iosephvs II, Caesar Avg.

[Alexander] McDougall, president 1784-1785.

John Jay Esqr. late Chief Justice of the United States.


Alexander Hamilton.

I. Edwards, pres.

New York.

Major General Baron Steuben.

His Excellency John Adams.

Philip Livingston.

Governeer Morris Esq. Member of Congress.

Geo. Clinton.

Francis Lewis.

Governor [sic] Morris, member of Congress.

Sacred to the memory of Philip Livingston.

Governor Morris.

His excellency General Washington, commander in chief of the forces of the United States of North America.

Robert R. Livingston.

His excellency John Jay, president of Congress and minister plenipotentiary from Congress at Madrid.

Genl. Burgoyne, Governor of New York, North America.

Jean Pierre Blanchard.

The deed of settlement of the Mutual Assurance Company, for insuring houses from loss by fire in New York.

View of Columbia College in the city of New York.

Federal Hall the seat of Congress.

Dr. John Moore.

[George III, King of Great Britain.]

Della Crusca.

Government House.

View of the city and harbour of New York, taken from Mount Pitt, the seat of John R. Livingston, Esqre.

[Pierre Van Cortland.]

View of the old city hall, Wall St.

Hannah Moore [i.e. More].

John Hamilton Moore.

Louis Quinze.

Portrait of LaFayette painted by A. Scheffer

A. Burr, vice president of the United States.

The City of New York in the State of New York, North America, published Jany. 1, 1803

The city of New York in the state of New York North America.

Mr. Bernard as Jack Meggot.

These are to certify that "Daniel Payne" is pursuant to law, nominated and appointed one of the Firemen of the City of New York, September 5th, 1808, John Pintard, clerk

George Clinton.

View of the New York hospital.

Launch of the steam frigate Fulton the First, at New York, 29th. Octr. 1814.

Entrance to St. Bartholomew's Hospital from Smithfield.

Robert Burton.

Mr.Thos. Bewick, engraver on wood.

View of Quebec, the Capital of British America.

Albany from Van-Unsselaen's Island.

Samuel Johnson, L.L.D.

Albert Durer.

This certifies that "Daniel Payne" has served as a fireman the time prescribed by the law of the state entitled "An act granting privileges to the Firemen of the City of New York: passed 12th of April 1816, New York," November 5th, 18 "22", Thomas Franklin, chief engineer. I. Morton, clerk C.C.

David Garrick.

Certificate of membership, General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York

Benjamin West, P.R.A.

Benjamin Franklin.

Rev. Gregory T. Bedell, A.M.

Mrs. [Dorothy] Jordan as Nell.

George II.

Landing of Gen. La Fayette at Castle Garden, New York, 16th August 1824.

Capt. T. Webb preaching in the barracks of N. York. View of the First Methodist Church in John St. New York--the first erected in America 1768.

North Battery, foot of Hubert St., New York.

Landing of Gen. Lafayette, at Castle Garden, New-York, 16th August 1824

The ferry at Brooklyn, New York.

Official badge used at the canal celebration and invitation issued by the Corporation of New York.

The outlet of Niagara River (Lake Ontario in the distance).