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Plan of New York City of New-York and its environs to Greenwich . . .Town. Survey'd in the winter, 1775

View of the city and harbour of New York, taken from Mount Pitt, the seat of John R. Livingston, Esqre.

The city of New York in the state of New York North America.

[Mistress of the house with servants.]

[View of a country house.]

[Mistress of the house with servants.]

[View of a country house.]

[View of people in their backyards.]

[View of people in their backyards.]

The city of New York

Fifth Avenue, New York[view of townhouses].

A.T. Stewart's New Store.

Fifth Avenue, New York[view of townhouses].

New post office.

New Masonic Temple, Twenty-third St. & 6th Ave.

Scene on the Battery at New York, on the occasion of the Reception of the Prince of Wales.

The winning boat passing the judge's boat, July 4, 1860.

Christ Church, cor. Clinton & Harrison Sts., Brooklyn.

The Santa Maria, flagship of Christopher Columbus.

Vase of flowers on the Rustic Bridge.

Vase of flowers on the Rustic Bridge.

Christ Church, cor. Clinton & Harrison Sts., Brooklyn.

The Tombs, N.Y.

Arbor scene [Central Park].

Bartholdi's statue [the Statue of Liberty].

ew York, Brdwy. Decoration Day Parade. The big building is Brooks Bros store cor. Bond St.

Polar bear, Bronx Park, New York City.

Academy of Design.

Castle Garden [view of grounds].

Central Park, the waterfall.

The Iron Bridge, Central Park, N.Y.

Bethesda Fountain.

The East River bridge.

Charlotte Canda's monument, Greenwood, Brooklyn, N.Y.

New York elevated R.R.

These 4 houses were moved 175 feet, without any injury to them whatever.

The Lake and Rustic Bridge.

Bird's-eye view of New York Harbor, U.S.A.

Cleft Ridge Span, distant view.

Dining Room of the 5th Avenue Hotel, N.Y.

St. George's Church, (Stuyvesant Sq.)

Trinity Church Yard. The final resting place of many great Americans, New York City.

Entrance to Central Park, N.Y.

East River bridge, N.Y.

On the promenade, Brooklyn Bridge.

They saved our Union; the Brave G.A.R., Columbus Celebration, New York, U. S. A.

Arrival of the Governor at the City Hall under the escort of the Cavalry of the Seventh Regiment, June 18, 1860.

Central Park, N.Y.

Central Park. [Vine covered walk.]

Boat landing at the Terrace, Central Park, N.Y.

Gilsey House.

Central Park.

Sectional view, U.D. Dry Dock.

Bridge over Harlem River, N. Y..

Interior of Grand Central Depot.

Grand Central Depot.

The Lafarge House and Broadway.

Bridge No. 11, Central Park, with the Arsenal in the distance.

Instantaneous Broadway view, New York.

Old knotty oak on Cypress Avenue.

The World building, New York, U.S.A.

High Bridge, New York.

A.T. Stewart's Retail Store, Broadway and 10th Street.

National Academy of Design.

Central Park, N.Y., 2 1/2 miles long, half of mile wide, and contains 838 acres.

Bow Bridge.

Grand Central Depot.

View on Broadway, New York.

Brooklyn Bridge and a bird's-eye view of the city of Brooklyn.

Post office, N.Y.

The Broadway Bridge, N. Y..

Dr. Hutton's Church, University Place.

The Casino. Central Park, New York.

Greatest of Sky-scrapers, -- Syndicate Building, (left) 31 stories, and St. Paul Bldg., 27 stories, New York, U.S.A.

Church of All Souls. Corner of 4th Avenue and 20th Street.

Ferry boat running to Atlantic Street, Brooklyn.

The swans on the lake.

Instantaneous Broadway view.

Mall, Central Park, New York.

View in Central Park, New York.

The World building and City Hall.

View near the Upper Lake.

Brooklyn from Prospect Park.

Metropolitan elevated railway, 14th st. station.

Lincoln Monument.

Brooklyn LIbrary, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Receiving ship "Vermont."

Flower basket.

View in Central Park, New York.

View from East River Bridge, N.Y.

Oak Bridge, Central Park, New York City.

From Grand Central Hotel to Grace Church. Instantaneous Broadway View.

The Hook and Ladder Boys, Great Centennial.

[Boating, Central Park.]

Brooklyn Bridge, N.Y.

St. Peter's Church, Brooklyn, New York.

Steamers running full speed.

[Brooklyn Bridge.]

Post office, New York City.

Bas relief over old NYC HRRR [Hudson River Railroad] terminal at St. Jones Park.