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Isfandiyâr rides through the Tûrânian encirclement to the mountain where Gushtâsp and his army are beleaguered.

Eighth vision: John watches as the new Jerusalem is sent by God from heaven; an angel has carried John to a mountain where he shows John the holy city. (Apoc. 21:1-11)

The Semitic prophet Sâlîh leads a camel from the side of a mountain.

Wonderful Mountain Popocatepeque.

The mountain of the five Horse-heads.

Habit of a mountain Indian near Hudson's Bay. Sauvage des montagnes pres de la Baye d'Hudson.

Narcissus montanus, flore lacteo, cratere flavo = Tazzetta di Prato = Narcisse. [Mountain daffodil]

Lantana = Camara spinosa, flore varoegatp = Morobatindum = Camara Americana.[Jamaican Mountain Sage]

Sideritis: Montis Libani, floribus e luteo candicantibus = Siderite maff. = Crapaudine. [Mountain tea]

Calamintha magbno flore = Calamento montano = Calament. [Mountain mint]

Allium montanum, foliis Narcissi = Aglio salvatico = Ail. [Mountain garlic]

Cyanus montanus, latifolius vel Verbaculum Cyanoides = Ciano montana = Bluet. [mountain cornflower; perennial cornflower]

Sedum montanum tomentosum = Semprevivo montano = Toubarbe. [Mountain house-leek]

Polium montanum, candidum, floribus ex albo flavescentibus = Polio montano. [Poly-mountain, Mountain Germander]

Ligusticum Alpinum folio acutae = Ligustico montano = Lle Séséli de montagne. [Mountain lovage]

[Montreal from the mountain]

View of a pass over the South Mountain from York Town to Carlisle.

Battle of King's Mountain.

Halesia tetraptera = Halésie à quarte ailes. [Mountain silver-bell or Silver bell tree]

Atragene Alpina = Atragéné des Alpes. [Mountain clematis]

Fig. 1. Pinus rubra (Pin rouge). Fig. 2. Pinus Laricio (Pin Laricio). Fig. 3. Pinus Banksiana (Pin de Banks)... Fig. 4. Pinus pungens (Pin piquant). [Red pine - Called also silano Pine or Pine of Calabria - Jack pine - Mountain pine]

Sorbus aucuparia = Sorbier des Oiseaux. [Rowan or the European Mountain Ash tee]

The mountain in labour.

Road over the Balkan Mountain

Sommet de green mountain. (Ascension.).

1. Bruce's Balitora, Balitora Brucei. Mountain Stream. India ; 2. Spotted Balitora, Balitora maculata. Mountain Stream. India ; 3. Gotyla Rock Carp, Cyprinus Gotyla. Mountain Stream. India.

Madlle Taglioni, as La sylphide, in the Mountain sylph: Painted by G. Lepaulle

View of Dial Mountain.

Trap dyke at Avalanche Lake.

View at Lake Colden.

Geology of the Genesee River.

Section from the mouth of the Genesee River to Instantur, Penn.

View of the Indian Pass, from Lake Henderson.

View of Mt. Mc.Martin.

View of the Adirondack Mountains.

Map of the tertiary of Essex Co.

Rossie lead vein.

Falls of the Genesee.

Vertical section showing the relative thickness of the different rocks.

View of the Indian Pass.

Distant view of Mt. Marcy.

Mining district of Rossie.

Rocky Mountain Plover. Female.

Mountain Mocking Bird. Male.

Rocky Mountain Flycatcher, male. (Swamp Oak. Quercus Aquatica.)

A funeral procession to a tomb beneath the western mountain of Thebes.

View of the mountain Baba-Naunee, called Kutl-Cahor.

Caubul, from a burying ground on the mountain ridge, North-East of the city.

Warriors ascending a mountain to a besieged city. [Quyunjik]

The Catskill's. Mountain House and Ledge.

The Catskill's. Mountain House and Ledge.

River and mountain scene with people loading flat boats from riverbank.

Two people crossing plank bridge over mountain waterfall and stream.

Chariot and attendants of Sennacherib and a castle on a mountain. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik].

[River and mountain, unidentified location.]

The basin. Franconia Mountain, N. H.

Storm King Mountain, Hudson River.

Montreal, Canada east. From the mountain.

Breakneck Mountain, Hudson River.

White Mountain Notch, from Crawford House.

Storm King Mountain, Hudson River.

Storm King Mountain, Hudson River.

Storm King Mountain, Hudson River.

Breakneck Mountain, Hudson River.

White Mountain Notch, from Crawford House.

Mount Webster, from Willard Mountain.

The Minehill gap near Broad Mountain. Coal region near Pottsville, PA.

Bear Mountain.

Twin Mountain House, Carroll, N.H.

Echo Lake and Mote Mountain, North Conway, N.H.

Echo Lake and Mote Mountain, North Conway, N.H.

Flume Cascade, White Mountain Notch.

The Palisades from the Mountain House, New York State.

Winter sporting on the ice mountain, Niagara Falls, U.S.A.

Tunnel through Lewiston Mountain, Niagara, N.Y.

Suspension bridge and mountain house, Watkins Glen.

Mountain of frozen spray on brink of American Fall.

Riding a horse up the Great Ice Mountain, Niagara.

Mountain scene on the Catskills.

Buck Mountain, Lake George.

"Catskill Mountain House," Catskill Mountains, N.Y.

Ramapao, with Torn Mountain in the distance.

View from Piazza of the Mountain House.

Blue Mountain Lake, from Merwin's. New York State.

Glen mountain house on North Cliff, Watkins Glen, N.Y.

View on the South Lake, Catskill Mountain.

The Mountain House and Valley of the Lakes, from North Mt. High Peak and Round Top in the distance.

Mountain House.

Mountain [family] with children.

Mountain House, general view.

Glen mountain house, on north cliff.

Broken ice mountain showing formation.

On the great ice mountain, Niagara Falls, U.S.A.

Catskill Mountain House.

The great ice mountain, Niagara.

Catskill Mountain House.

Catskill Mountain House and the Lake from North Mountain.

View from Lewiston Mountain, looking towards Lake Ontario.

View from the top of the Haines Fall, South Mountain in the distance.

The Mountain House and Valley of the Lakes, from North Mt. High Peak and Round Top in the distance.