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Military post, Sackett's Harbor


Platz-Commando. Auditor u. Feldkriegs-Commissar

The king before a besieged castle -- the battering-ram making a breach in the walls.

Attendants bringing vases &c. to a banquet ; A castle taken by assault. (From the centre ruins, Nimroud [Calah])

Fort Taylor, Key West, Fla.

Fort Taylor, Key West, Fla.

Looking East from Fort Negley, Nashville, Tenn.

Looking East from Fort Negley, Nashville, Tenn.

The Barracks, Fort Oglethorpe, Chickamauga Park, Tenn.

Huts built by Germans in the Bois de Chaume, no. one [top left photograph] camouflaged with moss ; Concrete machine gun nest, with large dugout forty ft. below.

Barbed wire used by Germans ; German artillery observation and control post, south edge Bois de Chaume.

Direct hit on pillbox at Vilosnes.

Officers' quarters in Forges woods ; Church used by Germans as prison camp ; Monument erected by Germans in Forges woods ; Concrete dug-out overlooking Drillencourt, used as observation post by American officers.

Rear view of machine gun nest in the Bois de Chaume, note pigeon cote to the right of entrance.

Dressing station post at Dommartin, buildings on the side of the hill have enormous bomb-proof dugouts back of them built by the Germans ; View of the valley ; Church at Dommartin, struck by a shell, while being used as an Ambulance dressing station ; An unexploded German bomb.

Ambulance Co. dressing station ; Concrete construction of entrance ; Observation post.

Sausage or kite balloon shed between Vilosnes and Donnevaux.

A German brick kiln.

Natural machine gun post ; Desolation of Forges ; A large dugout in the solid rock.

One of eight entrances to dugout, Bois de Chaume, bottom of dugout two flights of stairs below where soldier is standing, or about sixty-five ft., accomodating about fifteen hundred men.

Enormous holes caused by air bombs along entrenchments ; Where the boys dug in ; German dugout reinforced by stone and sand bags ; Elaborate dugouts of solid concrete and railroad iron generally camouflaged by branches.

Front view of machine gun nest in the Bois de Chaume.

Camouflaged road ; German observation posts ; German officers' rustic bungalows.

Elaborate observation post built in the Bois de Chaume ; View taken from the top of an observation post, showing top of dugout in the foreground ; Dugout shown to the left and kitchen to the right, flower bed in the centre.

Bois de Chaume valley, east of Consenvoye : dugout ; deadly grenades found in dugout ; north side of valley, near Consenvoye ; an enormous shell hole.

Large shell hole in railway bed at Vilosnes, notice large German ammunition dugouts in the background.

A typical German concrete and stone dugout.

A flashlight interior of a dugout.

Interior of church at Saulx, showing the interior barricade of machine gun nest ; Exterior view of ruined church ; Outside view of machine gun nest ; German machine gun pillbox, built to sweep the main street.

Ruined villiage [i.e. village] of Saulx ; Pillbox at Saulx ; Chalkpit at Braybant ; Ambulance Co. dressing station, near Braybant.

Dead-Man's-Hill (Le Mort Homme).

Vilosnes : how shells make large windows out of small ones ; small chapel used by the Germans as a shelter and machine gun nest ; Bridges over the Meuse River, canal and section of the valley flooded by the Germans in their retreat.

Pillbox in wrecked building, Sivry-sur-Meuse.

Pferde-Unterstände im Walde an der Düna.

Die zersprengten Kasematten von Ossowicz.

Schlafzimmer im Schützengraben.

Die Kunst im Felde. Wohnraum in einem Offiziersunterstand in den französ. Vogesen.

Haddrils [i.e. Haddrell's] Point, near Charleston S.C.

Im vordersten Schützengraben in den Argonnen. Wachtposten am Wallspiegel beobachtet den Feind.

Fort 1 der russ. Festung Ossowicz. Kehlkaserne im Zentralwerk der Festung mit bombensicheren Fenstern.

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