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Sphinx at Gizeh

Fourth map of Asia (Middle east and Cyprus), in full gold border.

Africa, Europe, and Middle East.

Carte de la terre de Chanaan, avant le conquêtes de Josué.

Carte des pays frequentés par les patriarches.

La danse de l'Almé à Bénisouëf

La danse de l'Almée

Arabes du désert.

Vue du couvent de Sainte-Catherine, prise du nord (Mont Sinaï).

Nazareth, general view

Convent of St. Catherine Mount Sinai

Fountain of Cana

Nubian women at Korti

Entrance to the temple of Amun, Thebes

Great temple at Karnak, Thebes

A group in the slave-market in Cairo.

Nablous, ancient Shechem

Temple at Wady Dabod, Nubia

Tomb of Aaron, Summit of Mount Hor

The Pyramids of Geezeh

Mosque of Ayed Bey, in the desert of Suez

David Roberts, R.A.

Libyan chain of mountains, from the temple of Luxor.

Temple of Wady Saboua, Nubia

Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria

Modern mansion, showing the arabesque architecture of Cairo.

Grand approach to the temple of Philae, Nubia.

Excavations at the Eastern end of the Valley

Dakke, in Nubia

Group of Nubians -- Wady Kardassy


Scene on the Nile near Wady Dabod, with crocodiles.

Ruins of Kom Ombo

Temple at Wady Kardassy in Nubia

Tiberias, from the walls ; Safed in the distance

Ruins of the temple at Medamout, near Thebes

Hadjar Silsilis

The Theatre

Petra Shewing the Upper or Eastern End of the Valley

Arabs of the Desert

Baalbec, western portico

Entrance to the Tomb of the Kings

Sebaste, ancient Samaria

Lateral view of the temple called the Typhonaeum at Dendera

Ruins of Luxor from the southwest

Encampment of the Alloeen in Wady Araba

Lesser temple of Baalbec, looking towards Lebanon

Mount Hor, from the Cliffs Encircling Petra


Entrance to the cave at Beny Hassan

Obelisk at Alexandria, commonly called Cleopatra's needle.

The holy tree of Metereah

Tiberias, looking towards Hermon

The Mosque of Omar, or the ancient site of the Temple.

The sea of Tiberias, looking towards Bashan

List of Subjects

The Dead Sea, looking towards Moab

The Holy Land ... Vol. 3.

Remains of the portico of the temple of Kom Ombo

Beit Jebrin, or Eleutheropolis

Ruined mosques in the desert, west of the citadel.

Shrine of the Nativity, Bethlehem

Jaffa, looking south

Chapel of Elijah, Mount Sinai

Doorway of Baalbec

Convent of the Terra Santa, Nazareth

Bab en Nasr, or Gate of Victory, and mosque of el Hakim, Cairo

Medinet Abou, Thebes

Obelisk of On

Abyssinian slaves resting at Korti


Scene on the Quay of Suez

Interior of the Greek Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Minarets and the grand entrance of the Metwaleys at Cairo

Jerusalem -- the Church of the Purification



Interview with the viceroy of Egypt, at his palace, Alexandria, May 12th 1939.

One of the tombs of the caliphs, Cairo

Gate of the Metwalis, or Bab Zuweyleh, Cairo

The island of Philae at sunset

Sanctuary of the temple of Aboo- Simbel, Nubia

Statues of Memnon, Thebes

The great temple of Aboo Simble, Nubia

Statues of Memon at Thebes, during the inundation.

The Ghawázees, or dancing girls of Cairo

The bazaar of the silk mercers, Cairo.

Jacob's well at Shechem

Pyramids of Geezah, from the Nile


Ascent of the Lower Range of Sinai

View from under the portico of the temple of Edfou, Upper Egypt

Portion of the eastern portico, Baalbec

Ruins of the Church of St. John, Sebaste

The tower of David


Gate of Damascus, Jerusalem

The Convent of St. Catherine Mount Sinai

Grand entrance to the mosque of Sultan Hassan.

Fortress of Akabah, Arabia Petræa