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Bilâl al-Habashî, an Ethiopian negro, tells 'Umar ibn al-Khattâb that he wants to go to Damascus.

Hannâd ibn 'Umar and members of the Tamîm tribe seated before Muhammad.

An erstwhile rich man, Najiz ibn Farrâsh, who was cursed by the Prophet, now a beggar.

'Ayyâsh and Hishâm freed by al-Walîd ibn al-Mughayrah who unlocks their manacled hands, a large candle lighting the scene.

Hannâd ibn 'Umar kisses the hand of Muhammad, pledging his aid and allegiance.

'Abd-Allâh ibn Ybayy climbs a date palm and announces that Muhammad is approaching Qubâ', a suburb of Medina.

Muhammad and Abû Bakr on camels arrive at the 'Ukâz Fair at the campground of a heathen tribe, the Bakr ibn Wâ'il.

Ayyûb leads Râfi ibn Wadîghah, one of the hypocrites, out of the mosque for creating a disturbance.

Sa'd ibn Ma'âdh listens to complaints about Mus'ab ibn 'Umayr, a leading proselytizer of Islam in Medina.

Muhammad and Abû Bakr on camels talk with an old man, Muhsin, of the Bakr ibn Wâ'il tribe, at the 'Ukâz Fair.

Ibn Husayn, Mâlik ibn Jabal, and 'Alâ' ibn 'Alâ' of the Fîrâzâ tribe become Muslims.

Surâqah ibn Mâlik comes to kill Muhammad but his horse is stuck in the ground and refuses to approach the victim.

'Abd-Allâh ibn Ubayy of the 'Awf tribe and two friends sit before the cave of a hermit priest and question him about Muhammad.

'Abd-Allâh ibn Kharis talks to the king of Yemen in a camp, discussing the meaning of the great storm that struck Medina.

Mus'ab ibn 'Umayr gives Muhammad information about Medina.

Muhammad reveals to an assemby of Jewish converts that al-Husayn ibn Sallâm has converted to Islam and taken the name 'Abd-Allâh.

Muhammad discusses Islam with leaders of the Banî Sa'sa'ah tribe, including 'Âmir ibn Sa'sa'ah.

Nufayl ibn Ghawth, seated at a low desk, reads a passage from the Old Testament that refers to the coming of the Prophet Muhammad.

Surâqah ibn Mâlik tells a group of Quraysh leaders how they can capture Muhammad.

After Jalâl speaks ill of Muhammad and his statements are reported by 'Amr ibn Sa'ad, he tries to deny them and attributes them to 'Amr. At that moment, Jibrîl brings down a section of the sûrah on repentence.

Abû Tâlib, 'Abbâs ibn al-Muttalib, and other leaders of the Quraysh question Muhammad about his miraculous night journey.

Nufayl ibn Ghawth attends a secret meeting of the Jews of Medina and answers questions about Muhammad and his new religion.

The southern expanse of the plain of Esdraelon, from Jenîn. The whole extent of the plain is now called Merj ibn Amîr (the Meadow of the Son of Amîr)

The Kûl'at ibn Ma'ân, on the north-west side of the Valley of Pigeons. This castle consists of caverns connected by passages; opposite to it stands Irbid, the ancient Arbela

Ein Mekkaner, Kaufleute (Mekka und Djiddah), Ali Rèjjis (aus einem Geschlechte von Obersten der Mu’èddinîn, welches von Abdallah ibn Zubair herstammen soll) und ein Mu’èddin (Aufrufer zum Gottesdienste).

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