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Palazzo e giardino dell' S.r Card. Bentivoglio page 504

Wolfe's Cove.

The Plains of Abraham, near Quebec.

Isaac Norris : his house at Fairhill.

A north view of Fort Johnson drawn on the spot by Mr. Guy Johnson, Sir Wm. Johnson's son.

Perspective view of Wentworth-House, in Yorkshire, the seat of the marquiss of Rockingham.

House of General Charles Lee

Apthorpe mansion

Duche's house, res. of Gov. Thomas McKean, S. Third Street, Philadelphia.

The Brooklyn house of Philip Livingston, the signer.

Country residence of Leon. Lispenard, Lispenard Meadows (near Canal St.).

Last residence of James Otis, Andover, Massachusetts.

Res. of John Morton, Delaware Co., Pa.

The Vernon house, Newport, R.I., headquarters of Rochambeau.

No. 1 A map of the lands belonging to the estate of the late Sir Peter Warren lying at Greenwich in the outward of the city of New York

Site of Washington's birthplace

Mr. Chew's House

View at Bauffet's Point - Howe's head-quarters - Washington's head-quarters - Place where the British crossed the Bronx - Chatterton's Hill from the rail-way station

N.W. view of the mansion of George Washington, Mount Vernon

Gilman house.

Governor Langdon's mansion.

Baron Steuben's Residence, 1802.

Steuben's log house; Steuben's rural monument; Steuben's mural monument

Residence of Washington in High Street, Philada.

Home of John Jay at Bedford, S. Westchester Co., N.Y.

The Brooklyn house of Philip Livingston, the signer.

Residence of Rev. Samuel Johnson D.D. at Stratford, Connecticut.

The Grange, Kingsbridge Road, N.Y., residence of Gen. Alex. Hamilton.

The Archibald McCall House: built 1762-63: N.E. Corner Second and Unions St's. Phila.

Mount Vernon, Virginia, the seat of the late Genl. G. Washington

The Morris house.

Residence of Edward S. Burd Esq. S.W. Cor. 9th and Chestnut

Battle of Germantown. Attack on Judge Chew's house

Lansing house.

Home of Oliver Ellsworth, Windsor, Connecticut.

The residence of Gov. Geo. Clinton.

The old Schuyler mansion, Albany, N.Y.

Residence of Dr. Wm. Shippen Jr. 1810, NO. 10 Prune St.

The Lardner Mansion, near Tacony, above Philadelphia

Res[idence] [of] Oliver Wolcott, South St., Litchfield County.

Temple de Salomon.

Temple de Salomon.

Sir William Pepperell's [i.e. Pepperrell's] house, Kittery Point, Maine.

Plan du Temple de Jerusalem, bati depuis le captivité de Babilone.

The early home of Abraham Lincoln as it now stands in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co. Ky.

Front of the house of Joseph Coolidge Esqr. in Boston

Front of the house of Joseph Coolidge Esqr. in Boston

Schuyler House at the Flats

Dwelling of General McIntosh

The first presidential mansion.

Mount Vernon.

Burr's residence near New York.

Green Hill, the residence of Samuel Meredith, MOC.

Res[idence] of George Ross, Lancaster, Pa.

Site of Washington's birth place.

Residence of Timothy Matlack, in 1777, East Orange St. Lancaster, Pa.

Willing house.

Stratford House the birthplace of R.H. Lee

The Grove, the residence of Gov. Jones of N.C.

Mount Vernon in Virginia. The seat of the late Lieut. General George Washington commander in chief of the Armies of the United States

Mount Vernon in Virginia the seat of the late Lieut. General George Washington Commander in Chief of the armies of the United States.

Christ Church, Philada.

Mount Vernon, the seat of the late President Washington.

Hancock house, Boston.

Residence of Abraham Van Nest Esqr., Bleeker Street between Charles and Perry Streets.

Philadelphia, from the great tree at Kensington, under which Penn made his great treaty with the Indians.

No. 7 Cherry Street, N.Y. residence of Saml Leggett, first president of the New York Gas Co., the first house lighted with gas 1825

Residence of Philip Hone Esq. and American Hotel, Broadway

Van Rensselaer House, Albany

Mount Vernon, the seat of the late Genl. G. Washington.

Res. of Edwd. Rutledge Broad St. Charleston S.C.

Hoboken in New Jersey, the seat of Mr. John Stevens.

The Livingston house.

Governor William Livingston.

Thèbes. Karnak. 1. Vue intérieure du Grand Temple du sud; 2. Coupe longitudinale du temple dépendant du palais.

Thèbes. Memnonium [Ramesseum]. Vue générale du tombeau d'Osymandyas [User-Maat-Re] prise du sud-ouest.

Thèbes. Memnonium [Ramesseum]. Vue générale du tombeau d'Osymandyas [User-Maat-Re] et d'une partie de la plaine de Thèbes, prise du nord-ouest.

Residence of ex-President Adams.

Late residence of ex-President Madison, Montpelier, Va.

North Bend and residence of the late President William Harrison.

View of the spot where Gen. Ross fell near Baltimore.

Residence of Thomas Jefferson.

View of Flushing (Long Island) North America. Mr Bowne's house. It remains in the possession of his family ever since 1661 time when it was built.

Monument to Ararat.

Birthplace of Dewitt Clinton, New Windsor.

University of Virginia.


The residence of Lord Stirling

View of the spot where Gen. Hamilton fell, at Weehawk.

Residence of ex President Adams.

Pl. 3. Bowling Green, Broadway ; Pl. 4. Residence of Philip Hone Esq. and American Hotel, Broadway.

Hancock House, Boston.

Residence of Philip Hone Esq. and American Hotel, Broadway. New-York

Teste di alcuni stranieri figurati nelle tavole precedenti, ritratte nella stessa dimensione, o ridotte a un terzo delle figure originali.

Figg. 1, 2. Altre scene domestiche del medesimo re. Comincia la rappresentazione della serie di sue conquiste a Medinet-Abu [Medinet Habu]: Fig. 3. Percote i popoli vinti dinnanzi a Phtah-Sokari [Ptah].

Rideau d'avant scène exécuté au Théâtre de la Cour, pour réprésesntation d'apparat, à l'occasion du couronnement de l'Empereur D. Pedro I-er.

Carta de Despedida do Ex-Imperador do Brasil. [12 Avril, 1831].

Suite de la panorama de la baie de Rio de Janeiro [above]; Rond-Point mênagé pour la station ombragée des chevaux des voyageurs; Profil du bloc de granit qui forme la sommité presque nûe du pic; Tronc d'arbre sur lequel l'empereur D. Pedro grava son chiffre, et la date da mois et de l'année de l'achèvement du chemin praticable. Travail tracé et dirigé par lui personnelment [below].

Map of 995 lots of the Rapelje propy. on the Brooklyn & Jamaica Rail Road & Turnpike

Map of property belonging to Gedney, in Nyack, Rockland Co., state of New York