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Abû Bakr approached by a group of Quraysh unbelievers who try to persuade him to give up the new religion.

'Abd-Allâh talks with a group of his kinsmen about the new religion.

'Umayr, addressing a group of seated Muslim leaders, falsely accuses Muhammad of not paying a debt owed to him.

'Alî explains to a group of men the truth about Muhammad's alleged debt.

One of the newly converted Muslims of Medina urges a group of Jews of this city to convert.

Surâqah ibn Mâlik tells a group of Quraysh leaders how they can capture Muhammad.

Historiated initials, Hand II, of Joel talking to a group of people. Marginal note in blue ink directs reader to second prologue of Joel at the end, after Interpretations of Hebrew Names.

Rubric and full-page miniature showing a group of women with instruments.

Miniature of Opis or Rhea: in a gothic setting, a pedestal displays a golden statue of Rhea/Opis worshipped by a group of noblemen and women. Border design, initial, rubric.

Miniature showing 1. a group of Roman soldiers advancing on the retreating Galatians; 2. Roman centurion's rape of the wife of Orgiagon; 3. she slices his throat while a soldier weighs ransom money; 4. she exposes the severed head. Initial, border design.

Miniature showing Claudia Quinta hauling a rope attached to a golden ship that carries the marble statue of a goddess. A group of men and women watch from across the harbor. Initial and border design.

Miniature showing 1. Isis inscribing book of laws amidst a group of farmers; 2. the apotheosis of Io and the goddess adored in her temple at Rome; 3. Io's ship with its sail furled. Initial, border design.

Miniature showing 1. Virginia exiting the temple of Pudicitia, expelled by a group of women; 2. Virginia directs three workman constructing tower of temple of Pudicitia. Stone cutter works on block of stone. Initial, border design.

Miniature showing 1. Group of worshippers at statue of Latona. Niobe, dressed as a queen, stands apart, trying to sway people from their worship; 2. Niobe mourns over the corpses of her husband, Amphion, and her children. Initial, rubric, border design.

Miniature showing 1. Joanna in majesty, flanked by male figures; 2. Five corpses hanging from the gallows outside a walled city. A group of archers and soldiers approach the city. Initial (not painted onto gold field) and border design.

68 CE: The Sicarii, a Jewish extremist group, take possession of the fortress of Masada. During the feast of Passover, they raid En Gedi, killing 700 women and children who are unable to flee.

67 CE: After Jewish rebels of Scythopolis rout a group of Roman horsemen, the elders of the city beg Vespasian not to take vengeance on an entire people because of the madness of a few.

[Plate. Top scene is group of men pointing out their shadows on the ground; bottom scene is artist using lamp to project shadows onto a wall.]

Caryophyllata vulgaris = Geum = Garofolata = Benoite. [Clove group]

Large group conducting a trial [?]]

Group of waltzers

Islanders of Sir James Hall's Group.

[A family group walks through a gate. A man points while another rests on the ground.]

People walking and carrying baskets or sacks. Family group resting in a field.

[[A man and two women gather firewood. A family group rests together on the ground.]]

[Marketplace scenes. Women gather around a basket of fruit on a table. Women hold a tray of fruit. A family group talks, rests, a mother feeds her child.]]

[Men lift a net from the water. A family group walks down a hill. People rest on a bench in a marketplace.]]

Group of Parisian dancers

Two women and a boy and a group of men and boys.

Group of figures, with man, viewed from the back, reclining in foreground.

Pantheon. 1,2. Group of Pthah-Sokar-Osiris, with Isis & Nepthys [Nephthyd] & Athor? ; 3. Perhaps the god of the solar disc ... ; 4. Singular instance of a dog with the figure of a deceased person between its paws. Found by me [i.e. Wilkinson] in a tomb at Thebes.

Group of Nubians -- Wady Kardassy

A group in the slave-market in Cairo.

Large group, three figures wearing masks, two figures in center drinking from small cups.

Large group, two figures wearing masks.

Large group, two figures wearing masks, one figure carrying a baby in a sling, two figures standing on platform at center.

Terra cotta figure of Galatea & group of majolica garden vases, by Minton of Stoke-upon-Trent.

Group of Chinese enamels.

Group of objects in porcelain, by Copeland of London and Stoke-upon-Trent.

A group of flowers craved in wood by Wallis of Louth in Lincolnshire.

Group of Chinese bronzes.

A group in bronze, by Vittoz, of Paris.

A group of objects in glass - cut and engraved. Consisting of an engraved claret, and cut cream jug by Green of London - a Venetian champagne and an engraved ale glass by Bacchus of Birmingham - and an engraved claret glass and cut salt cellar by Apsley Pellatt of London.

Group of glass, by count Harrach of Bohemia.

Group of Indian objects principally enamelled.

Group of vases &c., by "Minton" of Stoke upon Trent.

Group of crystal vases, and Indian jewellery.

Group of plate by Garrard of London.

Group of furniture by Snell of London.

A group of enamels from the royal manufactory at Sévres. [sic]

Group of objects enriched with damascening by Falloise of Liege.

A group of earthenware vases, by Mansard of Voisinlieu France.

A group of church plate by Skidmore of Coventry.

Group of objects in glass by Apsley Pellatt, W. Naylor & J. G. Green of London.

Group of enamelled objects by Morel of London.

First group of ruins near Mitla. Second group of Mitla ruins.

Grand hall of the main building of the second group.Chamber of the main building of the second group.

Group of Kiowa and Caddoe [sic] Indians, in native costume, confined in Fort Marion. St. Augustine, Florida.

Group portrait, possibly students.

Group of children, Central Park, N.Y.

Group of children, Central Park, N.Y.

[Group poses under arbor umbrella.]

Group in Central Park.

Group of visitors.

Group in the park.

Group on the Mall.

Group in Central Park.

[Group posing on porch of large house, possibly a boarding house, with wagonette standing by.]

[Group playing croquet under budding trees in front of large wood frame house.]

[Group of people in the garden in front of their home.]

[Group of men on beach.]

[Group and their tents on rocky beach, at or near East Weymouth.]

[Group of adults and children on a stairway.]

[Group posed under trees at a campground.]

[Group of picnickers lounging in a yard.]

[Group of adults and children on a stairway.]

[Large family (?) group of over 70 people in front of a barn in Clinton.]

Group of men posing at the preacher's stand.

[Large group of people in front of a building.]

[Large group of people gathered in an unidentified interior.]

[Large group at speaker's stand.]

[Group of boys and girls in front of unidentified brick structure.]

[Group posed under trees at a campground.]

[View of a group of women sitting around a table with a stereo-viewer on it.]

[Group of people in front of a tipi.]

[Group of people sitting on rocks, in front of a tent and a tipi.]

[Group of elderly women and men on a porch, in Whitinsville.]

[Group of women in front of house (identified on verso).]

[View of a group of women sitting around a table with a stereo-viewer on it.]

Group of musicians, Pittsfield, N.H.

Suspension Bridge, interior. [Group posing on the carriage way.]

[Group of children in front of Grand Union?.]

[Group of children in front of Grand Union?.]

Butternut Tree & Group.

[View of a group of tourists, some African American.]

[Group portrait of two men and three women taken in the garden.]

[Group portrait of men and women.]

[A portrait of a large group of people, perhaps an extended family.]

[Group portrait at a campground.]

[Group portrait of Indians, including children.]