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The industrial arts of the XIX century. [Embossed cloth design glued onto pastedown.]

Industrial arts of the XIXth century at the great exhibition MDCCCLI by M. Digby Wyatt.

[Title page.]

The amazon.

Specimens of painted lacquer work from Lahore.

Dagger and sheath in the Damascene work, by Zuloago of Madrid.

The Great Exhibition of 1860.

Embroidery in bullion from Tunis.

The child Christ ("Christ Engel") a bas relief in white marble by Rietschel of Dresden.

A group of earthenware vases, by Mansard of Voisinlieu France.

White-wood cabinet, by Michel L. Wettli of Berne.

Pistols, engraved and inlaid with Damascene work, by Zuloaga of Madrid.

"The massacre of the innocents," carved in wood by Geerts of Louvain.

Specimens of Turkish embroidery.

Group of vases &c., by "Minton" of Stoke upon Trent.

Specimen of Indian embroidery.

A group in bronze, by Vittoz, of Paris.

Vase, "la gloire" from the royal manufactory at Sévres. [sic]

Window ornament from Tunis.

Indian elephant trapping.

The hunter - a statue in marble by John Gibson, esq. R. A.

A group of objects in glass - cut and engraved. Consisting of an engraved claret, and cut cream jug by Green of London - a Venetian champagne and an engraved ale glass by Bacchus of Birmingham - and an engraved claret glass and cut salt cellar by Apsley Pellatt of London.

Fountain and ornamental gates, (in cast iron) by the Coalbrookdale company.

Specimens of Russian embroidery.

"Cassette" carved in ivory, exhibited by Matifat of Paris.

Silk brocades - by Campbell, Harrison & Lloyd, of Spitalfields, for Howell James & co. of London and by Vanner & son of Spitalfields.

The crystal fountain F & C Osler of London and Birmingham.

Indian kincob pattern - woven at Ahmedabad.

Victory - a statue in marble, by Rauch of Berlin.

Printed muslins by Depouilly & co. of Paris.

Vase in silver, by Hunt & Roskell of London.

Cashmere scarf end.

Cupid and panther, by Rietschell of Dresden.

Black lace flounce, (Nottingham manufacture) by Greasely & Hopcroft.

Vase in China from the royal manufactory at Sévres. [sic]

Specimen of Indian lac-work.

Richard cœur-de-lion, an equestrian statue by the baron Marochetti.

Centre [sic] piece in silver, by Wagner of Berlin.

Embroidered boot front. (Scindian so. indian?} manufacture.) From his highness Meer Ali Moorad.

The "first step," a statue in marble by Pietro Magni of Milan.

Group of glass, by count Harrach of Bohemia.

Fountain in iron, by André of Paris.

Group of crystal vases, and Indian jewellery.

A group of church plate by Skidmore of Coventry.

Paper hanging by Hinchliffe & co. of London.

Metal bedstead, by Winfield of Birmingham.

Shawl from Delhi, the pattern worked on a cashmere ground.

A fountain (in terra cotta) by March of Thiercartenfelde, near Charlottenberg, Prussia.

Group of plate by Garrard of London.

Book cover by french of Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire.

Indian scarf end embroidered at Dacca on white muslin.

The pleasures of public gardens, - a series of bas reliefs by F. Drake of Berlin.

Candelabrum and arabesque - modelled by Trentanove of Rome.

A group of enamels from the royal manufactory at Sévres. [sic]

Bookbinding in Morocco and inlaying by Batten of Clapham.

'Andromeda" - a statue in bronze by John Bell of London. (Cast by the Coalbrookdale company.)

A Chinese looking glass in carved wood frame.

Stove in white porcelain by Hoffman of Berlin.

Indian embroidery in white silk on black net.

The hunter fighting with the panther. A statue by Jerichau of Copenhagen.

The renaissance vase and dish in parian, by Minton of Stoke-upon-Trent.

Pianofortes by Collard & Collard of London.

The Coventry ribbon, and specimens of ribbons from St. Etienne, France.

The first cradle, by Debay of Paris.

A group of flowers craved in wood by Wallis of Louth in Lincolnshire.

Decoration of an apartment by Thomas of London.

Portieres of printed mohair by Lees and co. of London.

Pilaster in carton pierre by Cruchet of Paris.

Gold vase - enriched with jewels and enamels, by Watherston & Brogden of London.

Luca-della-Robbia friezes by Minton of Stoke-upon-Trent.

Borders from Indian manuscripts.

Niche and figure, carved in wood by Knecht of Paris.

Table covers by Erskine Beveridge of Dunfermline.

Paper hanging by Woollams of London.

Indian kinkaub pattern.

A portion of a silver shield.

Vase in terra cotta modelled by John Thomas of London. For Edward Ladd Betts of London.

Bed room furniture in marqueterie by Trollope of London.

Greek embroidery.

The boy at the stream, a statue by J. H. Foley esq. of London. Cast in bronze by Hatfield of London.

Vase in white china by Jouhanneaud & Dubois of Paris.

The industrial arts of the XIX century. [Embossed cloth design glued onto pastedown.]

The industrial arts of the XIXth century at the great exhibition MDCCCLI by M. Digby Wyatt. [Title page.]

A table and other objects by Elkington & Mason of Birmingham.

Albanian costume embroidery.

Flower stand modelled by Marochetti for Minton of Stoke-upon-Trent.

Jewellery designed by Pugin and executed by Hardman of Birmingham

Marqueterie enrichments of a piano-forte by Broadwood of London.

Indian embroidery on black cloth.

Group of Chinese bronzes.

Stained glass walls of Newcastle upon Tyne, and by Chance of Birmingham.

Figured silk manufactured by Campbell Harrison & Lloyd of Spitalfields, for Lewis & Allenby of London.

Indian embroidery on crimson silk.

Objects selected from a dessert service presented by her majesty the queen to the emperor of Austria. Exhibited by Minton of Stoke upon Trent.

Cabinet in oak with brass panels designed by Pugin and executed by Crace of London.

Table covers, from designs by Miss A. Carey exhibited by H. & T. Woods of London.

Portions of shawls exhibited by Roxburch & co. of Paisley.

Statuette in ivory, and objects in gold and silver, by Froment Meurice of Paris.

An open-work panel cast in brass by Bailey & co. of London.

Paper hanging executed by Townsend & Parker of London.

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