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Vol. 2. Plate, I. [Map bound by Flushing Ave., Bushwick Ave., Varet St., Bogart St., Central Ave., Melrose St., Adams St., Broadway; Including Cooke St., White St., Yates Pl., Fayette St., Ellery St., Park Pl., Locust St., Belvidere St., Wall St., Monteith St., Forrest St., Prospect St., George St., Beaver St., Garden St., Bremen St., Evergreen Ave.]

Vol. 2. Plate, J. [Map bound by Bogart St., Thames St., Vandervoort Aver, Ingraham St., Gardner Aver, Flushing Ave., Wyckoff Ave., Starr St., Central Ave.; Including Rock St., Forest St., Prospect St., George St., Melrose St., Jefferson St., Troutman St., Harrison St., Grattan St., Hamburg St., Knickerbocker Ave., Porter Ave., Varick Ave., Irving Ave., Stewart Ave.]

Bronx, V. 10, Double Page Plate No. 223 [Map bounded by Boston Rd., E. 169th St., Prospect Ave., George St.]

Bronx, V. 10, Double Page Plate No. 221 [Map bounded by Washington Ave., George St., Trinity Ave., Clifton St.]

Bronx, V. 10, Double Page Plate No. 222 [Map bounded by George St., Prospect Ave., E. 163rd St., Trinity Ave.]

Plate 8: [Bounded by Hillside Ave., Union Ave., Highland Ave., Grand St., Warwick Ave., Warwick Crescent, King St., Madison St., Fulton St., Wheeleer Ave., South St., George St., Sayres St., Merrick & Jamaica Plank Rd., South St., Jay St., Humboldt Blvd., Wyckoff Street, Liberty Ave., Guilford St., Chichester Ave., Kensington Ave., Johnston Ave., Rockway Tpke., Fulton St. & Hoffman Blvd.]

Queens, Vol. 1, Double Page Plate No. 11; Sub Plan; Formerly Town of Flushing 3rd Ward; [Map bounded by Grand Ave., Black Stump Road, Charlecote, Croydon Jamaica Estates Road, Edgerton Blvd., Doncaster Blvd., Henley Road, Midland Parkway, Radnor Road, Brdnor Road, Avon Road, Kent Road, Chevy Chase Road]; Part of Ward 4 Jamaica; [Map bounded by Hillside Ave., Prospect Ave., Home Lawn Ave., Harvard Ave., Yale Ave., Larremore Ave., Homer Lee Ave., Compton Terrace, Warwick Ave., Hilldale Ave., Avalon Ave., Ackroyd Ave., Dugan Ave., Thomas Ave., Shelton Ave., Wheeler Ave., Cooper Ave., Dunham Ave., Candage Ave., Brenton Ave.; Including Madison St., High St., Lafayette St., King St., Emma St., Henry St., Orchard St., N. First St., Liberty St., Fulton St., Skidmore St., Charles St., Dora St., Franklin St., Willow St., Douglas St., Larch St., South St., Theoadbe St., Sayre St., George St., Gilbert St., Samuel St., William St.; Including Covert PL., Islington PL., Hedges PL., St. Albans PL., Eastwood PL.; Including Merrick Road, Radnor Road, Croydon Road, Charlecote Cardiff Road, Henley Road, Dalny Road, Ridge, Circle, Wexford Terrace, Midland Parkway, Putney Road, Black Stump Road, Canonburg Road]; Sub Plan; [Map bounded by The Odore St., Adolph St., George St.]

Queens, Vol. 1, Double Page Plate No. 29; Part of Ward 4; Jamaica; Sub Plan; [Map bounded by Merrick Road, Cumberland St., Carmen PL., Highview PL., Highview Ave., South St.; Including Merrick Plank Road, Hobson St., Dewey Ave., Samuel St., Gilbert St., George St., Adolph St., Theodore St., Herbert St., Watson Ave., Baldwin Ave., Borough Lane, Rosevelt Ave.]; Sub Plan From Plate No. 18; [Map bounded by Locust Ave., Waldron St., Forman Ave., Stevens St., Stewart St.; Including Duane St., Tremont St., Rutland St., Central Ave., Leslie Ave., Gordon St., Irving Ave., Wilton Ave., Caxton Ave.]; Sub Plan From Plate No. 18; [Map bounded by Farmers Ave., Heath St., Randolph St., Wright St., Golder St., bennett St., Carmen St., Nicholas St., Pemberton St., Derby St., New York Ave., Higbie Ave.; Including Merrick Ave., Anita PL., Nadal PL., Humphry PL., Nostrand PL., Pacific St., Scutt PL., Vine St., Short St.]; Sub Plan From Plate No. 18; [Map bounded by Leslie St., Farmers Ave., Merrick Road, Arlington St., Anderson St.; Zoller St., 11th St., Ray PL., Sidway St., Stanley St.]

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