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A chart of the eastern coast of Africa, from the thirteenth degree of South, to the 16th degree of north latitude.

[Voyages and travels to Guinea, Benin, Kongo and Angola. Description of Loango, Kongo, Angola, Benguela, and adjacent countries. Description of the countries along the eastern coast of Africa, from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Guarda Fuy. Voyages and of Africa, from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Guarda Fuy. Voyages and travels in China, 1655-1722; Volume III; Frontispiece.]

South - West prospect of William's Fort at Whidah.

A map of Kalabar River [commonly called Kalabar or Rio Real], and the adjacent coast.

Chinese barks; A galley.

Dress of the noblemen and commonality of Kongo.

A map of Kitay or Empire of the Kin, adapted to the history of Jenghîz Khân.

City Tong-chew, 180 miles north west of Canton; Pilgrimage to a Chinese God twice a year, to implore a good crop & return thanks for it.

Fort Badenstein at Boutri; Fort St. Sebastian at Shama.

Gold trinckets worn as spells [and utensils].

City of Nan-hyong-fû.

Prospect of Cape Corse, or Coast Castle.

The fortress of Tyen-tsing-wey, on the utmost border eastward of the province of Pe-king, where 3 rivers meet.

View of the town and road of Fonchal, the capital of Madera.

A map of the River Gambra from its mouth to Eropina.

The mountain of the five Horse-heads.

Plan of the fort of Mozambik from de Faria; Prospect of Mozambik from Herbert; Coast of Mozambik; Bay of Mozambik.

The observatory at Pekin.

View of the mountains called Sierra Leone; Houses at Sierra Leone.

The island and city of Quiloa.

Temple of Quang-qua-myau covered with porcelain.

Gold Cost animals.

North prospect of the English & Dutch Forts at Akkra; [Beasts and insects on the coast of Guinea]; lizard; scorpion of natural size; snake; quoggelo; guano; scorpion of natural bigness; worms of different kinds.

Weapons used by the Gold Coast Negroes.

Man - ape from Angola ; Chimpanzi from Angola.

A chart of the coast of Arabia, the Red Sea & Persian Gulf.

[First voyages of the Portugueze to the East Indies, 1418-1546. First voyages of the English to Guinea, and the East Indies, 1552-1598. First voyages of the English to the East Indies, set forth by the company of merchants, 1600-1620. Voyages to Africa and the islands adjacent, 1455-1721; Volume I; Title page.]

Another way of carriage.

Procession to the Temple of the Great Snake on crowning the King.

Chinese sepulchres; Chinese husbandmen.

Prospect of the european factories at Xavier or Sabi, from Marchais.

The great Cape lizard, and the small Cape lizard.

A map of the coast and country about Sierra Lione and Sherbro [or Serbera] River; Map of the River Sierra Lione.

Fort St. Anthony at Axim; View of the coast near Rio San Andero, or St. Andrew, the Cape A at N.N.E.

Coronation of the King of Whidah.

The Grand Lama & King of Tangus.

A map of the countries bordering on the rivers Sanaga and Gambra.

Temple of Konjansiam, held in great veneration by the Chinese.

Death of the Last Chinese Emperor of the Ming in 1644.

A general map of the River Sanaga, from the falls of Govina to the ocean; Plan of Fort St. Joseph; Country about Fort St. Joseph in Galam; Map of the entrance of the Sanaga; Island of Sanaga or St. Louis.

A chart of the Western Coast of Africa, from the Straits of Gibraltar to eleven degrees of north latitude; including the Canary & Cape Verde Islands.

Plan of the Island of Gorée; [Fort St. Michael; Fort St. Francis] ; [Two views of Cape de Verde off at sea].

A map of Great Tibet.

Females: A Tartar lady; Servant maid; A Bonzess; A country woman.

A chart of the Bay Chin-chew or Chang-chew in China.

City of Diu.

A map of the mouth of the River Kongo, or Zayre with the adjacent coast; Bay of Kabinda.

South prospect of the English & Dutch forts at Kommendo; Plan of the English fort at Kommendo; An exact map of the River Sherbro.

More birds found on the Guinea coast.

A chart of eastern coast of Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope, to Cape del Gada.

Birds and fowl; Damsel of Numidia; The alcatrazi or mad bird.

[Europe, Asia, Africa and America; Frontispiece.]

The flying bridge built between two mountains on the River Whang-ho in China, 600 feet long and 650 high from the River.

Hang-chew fû, capital of Che-kyang.

The flying fish and its enemies of the air and water; a frigot or fork taile; a straw taile; flying fishes; an albicore; a dorado; a dolphin; alcatras; a bonito to the south of the line.

Banquet in the best Audience Hall.

A map of the country of the Hottentots, towards the Cape of Good Hope..

Man & woman of St. John's in their best habits; Man and woman of the Island of St. John.

The porcelane tower at Nan-kin.

A young alligator; The cat fish of Cape Verde; The requien or shark.

Birds and fowl; The pintado or Guinea hen, according to the Paris Academy of Science; African swan called also stalker, or stork of the Gambra.

Pe-Kin, capital of China.

Chinese ladies.

A map of the Kingdom of Whidah.

The city of Pekin.

Johanna, or Anjuan, one of the Komoro islands.

Courtiers in Tibet; Trophies erected on mountains in honor of the Grand Lama.

Dutch fort of Amsterdam at Kormentin; Fort Royal at Mansro.

Trees & shrubs of India; Two sorts of cotton trees; The ja ka; The li chi.

Indian trees or shrubs; Quey pe or cinnamon; The ya ta or A te.

Mandarins or place-men; Those of war - Tartar, Chinese; Those in the government - winter habits, summer habits.

The Great Imperial Throne.

Audience of leave.

Strolling beggars in China; Laying burning coals on their heads and using other austerities.

Dress of the women of Kongo.

Women of Kazegut in different dresses; Negroes climbing the palm tree; A Negro playing on the Ballard or Balafo; Hut of the Negroes.

Map of part of the windward coast of Guinea, and of the Malaghetta, or Grain Cost; Map of Sestro River.

A Map of Karasm & Great Bochara or Uzbeck Tartary.

Plans; Lan-chew in Shen-si; Kan-chew in Shen-si; Chin-ywen fû in Quey-chew.

Circumcision of the Negroes .

Dress of the Grandees; King's wives of Whidah; King's favourite; Agoye, God of Councils.

A young crocodile; The sea toad; An ancornet or scuttle fish.

Lyons of Africa.

A map of the Kingdoms of Koto, Popo, Fida, or, Whidah, and Ardra.

Temple images; A defender of his country; The Goddess of Tsin-tsin.

The city Quang-chew-fû, or Canton.

Procession of a bride going home to her husband.

A map of the River Gambra from Eropina to Barrakunda; [Insects found on the River Gambra.]

Habits on the Gold Coast; [Dress of the people of Cape Lope Gonsalvo and Rio Gabon].

A buffalo.

Sepulchre of the Kings in Guinea.

A map or chart of the western coast of Africa, from Tanit, to the mouth of the River Sanaga.

Way of catching fish by boards japanned with white varnish, which the fish mistaking by moonlight for water, leap on and are taken; Way of taking wild ducks by men going into the water with their heads in the shells of large gourds, with holes to see and breath through.

Great Fredericksburgh, Danish fort at Pokqueso.

Ambassador conducted to Audience.

Bridge in the Quoja's country; Coco trees; Porcupine; Jackal; Tiger trap.

[Description of China, of Korea, eastern Tartary and Tibet. Travels through Tartary, Tibet, and Bukharia, to and from China, 1246-1698; Volume IV; China; Frontispiece.]

A chart of the western coast of Africa, from the eleventh degree of south latitude, to the Cape of Good Hope.

A map of the rivers Faleme & Sanaga, with the countries of Bambûk & Tamba Awra.

Hu-kew-hyen, or Kyew on the River Kyang.