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Opening of text, with large gold initials, small red and blue initials, and linefillers, including one in form of fish.

Full-page miniature of God creating birds and fish.

Fish market ff. 50-51

Scolopendra cetacea

Ornamental fish

A young alligator; The cat fish of Cape Verde; The requien or shark.

The flying fish and its enemies of the air and water; a frigot or fork taile; a straw taile; flying fishes; an albicore; a dorado; a dolphin; alcatras; a bonito to the south of the line.

A young crocodile; The sea toad; An ancornet or scuttle fish.

[More fish found on the Guinea coast.]

Way of catching fish by boards japanned with white varnish, which the fish mistaking by moonlight for water, leap on and are taken; Way of taking wild ducks by men going into the water with their heads in the shells of large gourds, with holes to see and breath through.

Fish at Sierra Leona; Bekune; Monk; Pilchar; Trezhar or Thresher; Banana.

[Fish found on the Guinea coast.]

The fish in these parts; A bourse; Panapana or hammer-fish; Susset or Remora.

Fish taken at Sierra Leona; The parrot; La vieille or the old wife; A korango; Kind of bource.

Sea weeds; Sargasso; Trombas; flying fish chase.

Fish of Cape Mesurado; A strange fish; The devil ray.

A flying fish; Village of Lan-tang, near Ma-kau.

The fish in these parts; A sea monster; A Guinea porpoise or marsouin; The beccass or sea woodcock.

[Fish and other African animals at the Cape.]

Habit of a Russian boor that sells live fish in 1765. Marchand de poisson vivant en Russe.

Letter to [John] Fisher, Fish Kill Landing

Letter to His Excellency George Clinton, at or near Fish Kill

Letter to His Excellency George Clinton, at or near Fish Kill

Letter to His Excellency George Clinton, at or near Fish Kill

Delphinus Phocoena, The Porpesse.

Cyprinus falcatus, The Sickle-Carp.

Stromateus argenteus, The Silver-Pampel.

Squalus Centrina, The Centrina.

Scomber Thynnus, The Tunny.

1. Salmo Saurus, The Sea-Lizard; 2. Salmo foetens, Sea-Sparrow-Hawk.

Lutjanus erythropterus, The Red-fin.

1. Platystacus angullaris, The Flat-Eel; 2. Platystacus verrucosus, The warty Flat-fish.

Acipenser Huso, The great Sturgeon.

1. Chaetodon Setifer, The Bristle-Chetodon; 2. Chaetodon Falcula, The Sickle-Chetodon.

Chaetodon ciliaris, The Hairy Angel-Fish.

Ostracion Nasus, The Nose-Trunk.

Sparus Chrysurus, The gold-tailed Gilt-head.

1. 2. Pegasus Draconis, The Sea Dragon; 3. Syngnathus Hippocampus, The Sea-Horse; 4. Syngnathus Pelagicus, The Sea-Pipe.

Mugil Plumeri, Plumier's Mullet.

Sparus Raii, The Toothed Gild-Head.

Chaetodon tricolor, The treble-coloured.

1. Cataphractus Callychthis, The Tamoate; 2. Cataphractus punctatus, The punctulated Cataphracte.

Silurus bimaculatus, The bimaculated Silure.

Ostracion Tricornus, The Triangular-fish.

Anthias formosus, The Grunt.

1. Chaetodon striatus; 2. Chaetodon capistratus, The Sea Butterfly.

Cyprinus macrophthalmus, The Telescope.

Gymnetrus Hawkeniii, The Hawken's-Fish.

1. Syngnathus Typhle, The Neelde FIsh; 2. Syngnathus Acus, The Pipe Fish; 3. Syngnathus Ophidion, The Sea Adder.

Labrus melapterus, The Black-fin.

Platycephalus Spathula, The Shovel.

1. Salmo Eperlano-marinus, The Smelt; 2. Salmo Eperlanus, The Lesser Smelt; 3. Salmo Marænula, The Small Maræne.

1. Salmo argentinus, The Piabuco; 2. Salmo bimaculatus, The bimaculated Salmon.

Diodon Hystrix, The round Diodon.

Coryphaena Hippurus, The Dolfin.

Sciaena punctata, The punctulated Umber.

Lutianus Lutianus, The Lutian.

1. Chaetodon Teira; 2. Chaetodon Vespertilio.

Johnius Carutta, The Karutt.

Loricaria maculata, The maculated Cuirassier.

Chaetodon rhomboides.

Sparus vittatus, The blue-striped Gilt-head.

1. Clupea Nasus, The Nose-Herring; 2. Scomber minutus, The little Mackrel.

1. Lutjanus Rupestris, The Goldsinny; 2. Lutjanus Ephippium, The Saddle.

Scomber Sarda, The Scale-breast.

Fistularia tabacaria, The Tobacco-Pipe-Fish.

Scorpaena antennata.

Cyprnus Orfus, The Orf.

Gadus Barbatus, The Whiting Pout.

Sparus annularis, The annular Gilt-head.

Ophicephalus punctatus, The punctulated Snake-head.

Balistes maculatus, The long File-Fish.

Salmo Umbla, The Umble.

Lutianus Surinamensis, The Lutian of Surinam.

1. Salmo groenlandicus, The Capelan; 2. Salmo melanurus, The tail-spotted Salmon; 3. Salmo unimaculatus, The Curimate.

Clupea Thrissa, The Sprat.

Gymnothorax reticulatus [reticularis], The netting Bare-Breast.

Labrus lunaris, The lunulated Wrasse.

Salmo Friderici, The Frederic's Salmon.

Callionymus Lyra, The Gemmeous Dragonet.

Scomber fasciatus, The streaked Mackrel.

Coryphaena pentadactyla,.

[1. Acanthurus Velifer, The Sail; 2. Chaetodon maculatus, The maculated Chetodon.]

1. Perca unimaculata, The Pacu; 2. Perca Juba, The Jub.

1. 2. Cottus Gobio, The River Bullhead; 3. 4. Cottus Cataphractus, The Armed Bullhead.

Salmo Salar, The Salmon.

Polynemus plebeius, The Kalamin.

Holocentrus surinamensis, The Holocentre of Surinam.

Sparus tetracanthus.

Sciaena undecimalis, The Eleven-ray.

Trigla lineata, The Streaked Gurnard.

Raja Torpedo, The Cramp-Fish.

Pleuronectes Platessa, The Plaise.

Title page, vol. 10

Half Title page, vol. 9

Esox osseus, The Gar-Fish.

Perca Lucioperca, The Picke-Perch.

Lutianus Vrres, The Sea Boar.

1. Chaetodon Chinensis, The Chinese Chetodon; 2. Chaetodon Kleinii, Klein's Chetodon.

Title page, vol. 8

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