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Entrance to the Great Temple of Aboo Simble [sic], Nubia. [Title vignette, vol. 1]

Dedication To His Majesty Louis Phillippe, King of the French.

Pyramids of Gezeeh [Giza], from the Nile.

View on the Nile looking towards the pyramids of Dashour [Dahshûr]and Saccara [Saqqârah].

Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria.

Kom Ombo. Nov. 21st, 1838.

Temple of Tafa, in Nubia. Nov. 16th, 1838.

The Great Temple of Aboo Simble. Nubia.

Excavated Temple of Gyrshe [Gerf Hussein], Nubia.

Portico of the Temple of Edfou [Idfû], Upper Egypt. Nov. 23rd, 1838.

Statues of Memnon, Thebes. Dec. 4th, 1838.

Thebes. Dec. 4th, 1838.

Sanctuary of the Temple of Aboo-Simbel, Nubia.

Interior of the Temple of Aboo Simbel. Nov. 9th, 1836. Nubia.

Ruins of Luxor, from the south-west.

The Great Sphinx, Pyramids of Gezeeh.

The Great Sphinx, Pyramids of Gizeh [Giza]. July 17th, 1839.

Dakke, in Nubia. Nov. 14th, 1836.

Thebes. Great Hall at Karnak. Nov. 28, 1838.

Obelisk at Alexandria, commonly called Cleopatra's needle.

Luxor. Dec. 1st, 1838.

Wady Maharraka, Nubia. Nov. 14th, 1838.

Temple at Esneh [Isnâ]. Nov. 25th, 1838.

Temple of Wady Kardassy [Qirtâsî] in Nubia.

General view of the Island of Philæ, Nubia. Nov. 18th, 1838.

Abyssinian slaves resting at Korti, Nubia.

Portico of the Temple of Kalabshi [Kalâbishah].

At Luxor, Thebes. Upper Egypt.

Libyan chain of mountains, from the Temple of Luxor.

Approach to the Temple of Wady Sabua [Wadi al-Sabua], Nubia.

View from under the portico of Temple of Edfou [Idfû], Upper Egypt.

One of two colossal statues of Rameses [sic] II. Entrance to the Temple at Luxor.

Temple of Edfou [Idfû], ancient Appolinopolis, Upper Egypt.

Dendera [Dandara]. Dec. 1838.

Dendera [Dandara]. Dec. 7th, 1838.

Siout [Asyût]. Upper Egypt.

Ruins of Karnack [Karnak].

Nubian women at Kortie, on the Nile.

Grand portico of the Temple of Philæ, Nubia.

Entrance to the caves of Beni Hasan.

Grand approach to the Temple of Philæ, Nubia.

Temple of Wady Saboua [Wadi al-Sabua], Nubia.

Front elevation of the Great Temple of Aboosimble [sic]. Nubia.(Frontispiece, vol. 2)

Great gateway leading to the Temple of Karnac [Karnak], Thebes. [Title vignette, vol. 2]

List of subjects. (Vol. 1 & 2)

Group of Nubians, Wady Kardasey [sic] [Qirtâsî].

Fragment of the Great Colossi at the Memnonium, Thebes.

Fortress of Ibrim, Nubia.

Approach to the Fortress of Ibrim.

Colossus in front of Temple of Wady Saboua [Wadi al-Sabua], Nubia.

Ruins of the Memnonium, Thebes. Dec. 5th, 1838.

A Persian wheel, used in raising water from the Nile.

Entrance of the Temple of Amun, Thebes.

Island of Philæ on the Nile, Nubia.

Hager Selsilis [Gebel el-Silsila].

Part of the hall of columns at Karnak, Thebes.

Karnac [Karnak]. Nov. 27, 1838.

Ruins. Temple on the Island of Biggeh [Bîga, Bîjah], Nubia.

Karnac [Karnak]. Nov. 29th, 1838.

Remains of the Temple of Medamout, at Thebes.

Medinet Abou [Medinet Habu], Thebes. Dec. 5th, 1832.

Temple of Amada of Hassaya in Nubia.

Medint [sic] Abou [Medinet Habu], Thebes. Dec. 8th, 1838.

Temple of Dandour [Dendûr], Nubia.

The hypæthral temple at Philæ called the Bed of Pharaoh.

Temple of Isis on the roof of the great temple of Dendera [Dandara].

Pyramids of Geezeh [Giza].

Lateral view of the temple called the Typhonæum, at Dendera [Dandara].

View from under the portico of the Temple of Dendera [Dandara].

Ruins of the Temple of Kardeseh [Qirtâsî], Nubia.

General view of Esouan [sic] and the Island of Elephantine.

Obelisk of Heliopolis. 1839.

Karnac [Karnak]. Nov. 29th, 1838.

Temple at Wady Dabod [Wadi Dâbûd], Nubia.


Dayr el Medeeneh [Dayr al-Madînah], Thebes.

Entrance to the tombs of the kings of Thebes. Bab-el-Malouk [Bîbân al-Mulûk].

Excavated temples of Aboosimble [Abû Sunbul], Nubia.

Statues of Memnon at Thebes, during the inundation.

Wady Dabod [Wadi Dabod], Nubia. Nov. 16th, 1838.

Grand entrance to the Temple of Luxor.

Temple of Kalabshee [Kalabsha, Kalâbishah], Nubia. Nov. 1838.

Edfou [Edfu, Idfû]. Nov. 24th, 1838.

Hermont [Armant], ancient Hirmonthis. Nov. 26th, 1838.

Kom Ombo. Nov. 21st, 1838.

Philæ. Nov. 18, 1838.

Map to illustrate the sketches of David Roberts, Esq. R.A. in Egypt and Nubia. 1849.

Street scene in Cairo. [Title vignette, vol. 3]

List of subjects. (Vol. 3)

Interview with The Viceroy of Egypt, at His palace at Alexandria. May 12th, 1839.

Gate of Victory [Bab an-Nasr], and Mosque of El Hakim.


Gate of the Metwaleys [Bab Zuwayla], Cairo.

Minarets and grand entrance of the Metwaleys at Cairo.

Ruined mosques in the desert, west of the Citadel.

Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Cairo.

One of the tombs of the caliphs, Cairo.

Bazaar of the silk mercers, Cairo.

Tombs of the caliphs, Cairo.

Tombs of the Khalifs [Caliphs], Cairo.

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