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Sphinx at Gizeh

Text with map filling blank spaces, small drawings of cities, including skyline of Cairo in lower right corner.

Miniature of Virgin and Child [Flight into Egypt?], large initial on gold, linefiller, full border design.

Miniature of Flight into Egypt, initials and border.

Fourth map of Africa (Egypt and Sinai), in full gold border.

Third map of Africa (eastern Libya and Egypt), in full gold border.

69 CE: Vespasian, realizing the importance of Egypt to the empire, sets out for Alexandria. The legions of Alexandria swear allegiance to him as their new emperor.

Double-sided page [fol. CCLXXXV, {Zy?} derselben zeyt leynd von zweyen künigen Philippo von Macedonia unnd Ptolomeo künig von Egypto... (King Philip of Macedonia and Ptolemy of Egypt)]

Double-sided page [fol. CCLXXXV, {Zy?} derselben zeyt leynd von zweyen künigen Philippo von Macedonia unnd Ptolomeo künig von Egypto... (King Philip of Macedonia and Ptolemy of Egypt)]

Flight into Egypt

Flight into Egypt

Miniature of Flight into Egypt; border dated 1544 in small plaques on the outer margins.

Miniature of Flight into Egypt; border dated 1544 in small plaques on the outer margins.


Habitus Hierophantae Agyptij in Adytis sacrificantis ex musaeo Leonardi Augustini Antiquarij.

Egtypon Isaei. Ichonographia Septi Isiaci.

Statua Aegyptia in foro Oppidi Arignani uisenda, sub qua druplici situ, antico, postico, dextro, sinistro expressa.

[Explicatio idoli aegyptiaci barcinone inuenti.] Anterior pars.

Simvlacrvm Nephtae.

[Explicatio idoli aegyptiaci barcinone inuenti.] Posterior pars.

Obeliscvs aegyptiacvs anno 1665 intra rudera minervae delubri detectus et expositus ab Athana Kirch. Sedente Alexandro VII Pontifice Maximo.

Mausolæum Simendÿ prisci regis Ægipti.

Pyramides ...

Tail-piece. Caput XV.

[Bust portraits.] Horatius Gentilesco, Artemesia Gentilesca, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Paulus Pontius Antverpien., Lucas Vorstermanus Antm., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Vincentius Iustinianus Marghio Basan., [...]

Nova Nupta in Geniali Thalamo.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Bolonie, Peterus Breugel Bredanus, [...]

Eum Pivilegio Sac: Caes Maiest.

[Bust portraits.] Carolus. Patin. Med. D. Prof., Gabr. Car. Patina., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni da Fiesoli Dominicanus Monac., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Thomas Planschet Parisiensis, I. Iacob Thurneyser Basileensis, [...]

Lala Virgo Vestalis.

[Bust portraits.] Bartholome: Boham Noribergensis, Iacob Binckius Pictor et Sculptor, [...]

[Head-piece.] Nobilissimi atq; Strenui Domini Joachimi â Sandrart in Stockaw, Serenisi mi Ducis Neoburgici Consiliari Vita atg opera [...] Argumentum.

Portrait.] Par son tres humble serviteur R. Collin [...]

[Bust portraits.] Francesco Salviati Florentinus, Baccio Bandinel Forentin., [...]

Serenissimæ Venetorum Reipubicæ [...]

[Bust portraits.] Matthæs Merianus Matthæi Filius, David Klocker Ehrnstrahl Hamburgensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Gulianno da S. Gallo, Piero di Cosimo, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Melanthus Cycionius, [...]

[Plate. Top scene is group of men pointing out their shadows on the ground; bottom scene is artist using lamp to project shadows onto a wall.]

[Bust portraits.] Titiano Uccello da Cadoor. Venet., Arioste Poeta Ferrariensis, [...]

[Head-piece.] Præfatio.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Ab Eyck-Fland, [...]

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Pictoriæ Liber Secundis de vita & encomiis [...]

[Bust portraits.] Lucas A. Leyden S. Lugdun BA., Quintin Mes Sies Antverpie, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Polygnotus Athen. Pic., Polygnot. Thas. Pic., [...]

[Plate. Parts of skeleton, nude man pulling sock over leg.]


Lucii Scipionis Statua.

[Bust portraits.] P. Ath. Mat. Kircher, Gal Galilila. Mat., [...]

[Coat-of-arms bookplate.] The right honorable Francis North Baron of Guilford 1703 [...]

[Tail-piece.] Cap. XI.

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis Liber Tertius.

[Bust portraits.] Michael Mirevelt, Iacobus Callot, [...]

[Tail-piece. Nobilissimi atq; Strenui Domini Joachimi â Sandrart in Stockaw, [...] cont.]

[Tail-piece.] Caput IX, De Picturis Historicis.

[Tail-piece.] Index.

[Bust portraits.] Homerus, Heraclitus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Plato, Theophrastus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Adam Van Oort, Octavio Van Veen, [...]

Apelles pict. Athen:

[Bust portraits.] Mat Grunwald Aschafenburgensis, Barthel Geham Noribergenensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Anna Felicit Neubergerin, Carl Gustau Ambling Nori, [...]

[Head-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis atque eruditæ pars secunda, [...]

[Head-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis atque eruditæ pars prima, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Albrecht Durer Senior, Albrecht Durerus Noribergensis Iunior, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni Cimabue, Gaddo Gaddi, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Holbein Senior Augustanus, Sigismundus Holbein Augustanus, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Raphael Sanzio d. Urbino, Antonio da Corregio, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Parasius Ephesius, [...]

[Title page.]

[Bust portraits.] Giovanni Bellino Venet., Andreas Mantegna Mantuan., [...]

[Bust portraits.] Ioos Maurer Tigurinus, Tobias Stimer Schafhusanus, [...]

[Head-piece.] Juventuti, Pictoriæ.

[Bust portraits.] Michel Le Blon Francofurtensis, Ægidius Sadeler Antverpensis, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Giorgio Vasari d'Aretso., Iosephus Arpinus, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Pictura Lineas Amat. Partis Secundæ Libri II. Præfatio.

[Bust portraits.] Iulio Romanus Mantuan., Francesco Mazzoli Parmigiano, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis Partis Secunda Præfatio [...]

Composuit Zeuxes Iunonem e Quinque Puellis; Parrhasius Velo, Volucris Ceu Fallitur Uva.

[Bust portraits.] Iohannes Pocksbergerus, Franz Flores Antverpiensis, [...]

Nova Nupta in Geniali Thalamo.

[Bust portraits.] Iohan Torrentius Amstelrodamensis, Wendelinus Dieterlinus Argentoratensis, [...]

[Head-piece.] Partis Secundæ Academiæ Pictoriæ Liber Prymus de vita & encomiis, [...]

[Tail-piece.] Cap. XXIII, Academiæ Picturæ Nobilis.

[Bust portraits.] Barth. Mo. Rillius. Pic., Susanna De Sandrart, [...]

[Bust portraits.] Francisco de Quenot alias Fiamengo Bruxellanus, Peter de Laar alias Bambots Harlemensis, [...]

A new map of the north part of antient Africa shewing the chiefe people, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c. in Mauritania, Numidia, Africa Propria, Libya Propria, and Egypt.

A new map shewing the travels of the patriarchs, as also of the children of Israel, from Egypt through the wilderness to the land of Canaan.

Egypt and Barca &c. ; Abissina and Nubia &c.

A chart of the LEVANT or the sea coast of Egypt, Syria, Caramania and the Island Cyprus

Habit of a noble lady of Alexandria in 1581. Dame de Alexandrie.

Habit of a bashaw of Egypt in 1749. Bacha d'Egipte.

Deux coupes sur la longueur des superbes ruines du Temple d'Isis, sur l'isle Ell Heiff.

Coupe et profil de magnifiques bâtiments de Luxxor [Luxor]. (a. Obélisque, b. Statue colossale, c. Portail, d. Partie d'un portique, e. La grande colonade, f. Petite colonade, h. Portique, i. Salon, l. Temples couvert, m. Corridor, o. Vestibule, p. Portique, q. Vestibule.)

Plan et perspective de l'ancien temple de Garbe Dendour, dans la Nubie.

Vue du Vieux- et du Grand Cayre, de l'autre côté du Nil. (a. Vieux Cayre; b. Chateau du Grand Cayre; c. Grand Cayre; d. Boulac; e. le Port du Grand Cayre; f. les Pyramides).

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