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Hottentot dancing and music; Hottentot villages and huts.

Design for building, whose front is equal to twice its depth.

Design of a house 24 feet in front, shewing the propriety of placing the entrance-door in the middle.] [sic]

Design for a house whose front, 66 feet, is equal to once and one half the depth of 44 feet.

Design of a building whose plan is near to a square where the two back rooms and arcade are proposed to rise but one story

Part of the lower story of the palace of Count Valerio Chiericalo at Vicenza built by A. Palladio.

Perspective view of Wentworth-House, in Yorkshire, the seat of the marquiss of Rockingham.

Apthorpe mansion

Maisons ordinaires des Arabes, ou plutôt leurs colombiers et qui donnent une Idée générale de leur Architecture.

La perspective du Mokkias, par dehors, à la pointe de l'Isle de Rodda.

Perspective du Vieux Caire.

Vue de Vieux Caire, et d'une Pyramide a perte de vue.

Partie de l'extremité orientale de Tschirsche, capitale de l'Égypte Supérieure. (a. Fragment dessiné à Tschirsche).

Sir William Pepperell's [i.e. Pepperrell's] house, Kittery Point, Maine.

The early home of Abraham Lincoln as it now stands in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co. Ky.

View of the Country at the Cape of Good Hope.

The first presidential mansion.

Mount Vernon.

Burr's residence near New York.

The president's house in Washington, lately taken and destroyed by the British army.

The great room in the De Lancey mansion.

The Roger Morris House

Delafield Mansion, 77th St. N.Y.

When on the highest lift....

Drayton Hall, on the Ashley, western front.

Alexandrie [Alexandria]. 1. Vue d'une rue conduisant au Port Vieux; 2. Vue du grand bazar ou marché principal.

Alexandrie [Alexandria]. 1. Vue de la place des tombeaux; 2. Vue des terrasses d'une partie de la ville.

Ancient Temple in the Island of Salina

Garde d'honneur d'Anvers. 1810.

View at Villa Scabrosa

Late residence of ex-President Madison, Montpelier, Va.

Ancient Temples at Agrigentum

North Bend and residence of the late President William Harrison.

Residence of Thomas Jefferson.

Van Rensselaer manor-house.

Vue de Suez, prise du nord-est; Vue de la maison et de l'embarcadère du gouverneur.

Vue du somet du Sinaï.

Relevé topographique de Ouadi Feiran et de ses affluens; Vue des ruines de Feiran (presqu'isle de Sinaï).

La Grange Terrace, La Fayette Place, City of New York.

Plate 5th. Mansion house (Bunker's), Broadway, New York ; Steam boat wharf, Battery Place, New York.

Aldea de Cabocles à Canta-Gallo.

Différentes formes de huttes des sauvages bréziliens [brésiliens].

Femmes Cabocles (sauvages civilisés) vivant du métier de blanchisseuses dans la ville de Rio Janeiro.

Modern mansion, showing the arabesque architecture of Cairo.


Escalier devant une maison.

Escalier devant une maison.

Ruined building at Xampon.

Front of the Casa Grande at Zayi. [Sayil].


Buveur ; Escalier devant une maison.


Zayi (Sayil) - great terrace and building.

Building at Chunhuhu. [Chunhuhub].

Chichén Itzá - building called Akatzeeb.

Paysage d'hiver avec maisons.

Suburan gothic villa.


Paysage d'hiver avec maisons.

Dwellings variously formed. Circular, conical, hemispherical with a protruding neck


Paysage : chaumière de paysans.

Paysage : maison de paysans.

Paysage : chaumière de paysans.

Paysage : chaumière de paysans.

Paysage : maison de paysans.

Paysage : chaumière de paysans.

Modern mansion, showing the arabesque architecture of Cairo.

General view of W. Aurora showing homes, the river, train yards.

Rutland dwellings.

Ft. Wrangle [Fort Wrangell]. Chief's house.

Summer view. [Showing Indian tipis.]

Street scene at Oribay.

La Rue des Mauvais Garçons, Paris.

View of countryside dwellings.

Peoria: a home with trees in the yard.

Dwellings, Waterville, Maine.

South to picturesque Wolpi, a mesa village of Hopi Indians, Arizona.

View from East Boston.

View at Sam[...] Hill, Boston.

Dwellings on the foot of the mountain.

Elgin: general view showing churches, river, homes, a home with trees in the yard in bloom, a street view showing covered wagon.

View of the dwellings.

Tourelle de la rue de la Tixéranderie.

John Hancock house.

View of Native Americans in a dwelling.

Cave dwellings near Beaver Creek.

The Red Room in the President's House.

Indian homes at the Pueblo of San Juan.

Residence of H. F. Day. 605 N Madison Street, Peoria, Ill.

Birthplace of Gen. Joseph Warren in Roxbury.

View of family sitting at the Cuff Cottage porch.

The Indian Puebla of La Guna, New Mexico.

The President's House.

View of Pueblo cliff dwellings.

At breakfast--a typical desert home of the Navajo Indians, Navajo reservation, Arizona.

John Hancock house.

View of Cochiti cliff dwellings.

The Moquis at home, Arizona.

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