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Common dress in Tibet.

Common habit of a young lady in Moscow in 1768. Fille Moscovitte dans son habit simple.

Common dress of a monk of the order of St. Bazil. Moine de l'ordre de St. Bazill en robe simple.

The Right Hon-ble Sr. Charles Pratt Kt. (now Lord Camden) Lord Chief Justice of His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas.

Symphytum, Consolida major, flore albo, vel pallide luteo, quaæ foemina = Consolida maggiore = Grande Consoude. [Common Comfrey]

Horminum Sylvestre, floribus dilute azzureis in verticillum dispositis = Ormino, e Betonica Salvaiiea = Ormin. [Clary, Common, Clarry. Orvale. Toute-bonne. Clear Eye. See Bright. Eyebright]

Vicia sativa, vulgaris semine nigro = Veccia comune = Vesse. [common vetch; winter tares; spring vetch]

Artemisia vulgaris major = Artemisia, o Erba S. Giovanni = Armoise. [Common wormwood; Mugwort; Felon herb]

Globularia vulgaris = Globularia = Globulaire. [Common globe daisy]

Reseda maxima = Reseda alba, foliis pinnatis = Réséda grande = Le Reseda, ou Herbe maure. [white upright mignonette; wild mignonette, Common mignonette; Bastard rocket; Sweet reseda ]

Centarurium minus = Centaurium minus, flore purpureo = Picciola Centaurea = Petite Centaurée. [Common centaury or Red centaury]

Alsine altissima memorosum = Centocchio, e morso di Gallina. [Common Chickweed]

Vulneraria rustica, sive Anthyllies = Vulneraria = Vulnerarire. [Common kidneyvetch]

Circaea Lutetiana = Ocimastrum verrucarium = Circea = La Gorcée [Broadleaf enchanter's nightshade, Common witch herb]

Senecio minor vulgaris = Senecio o Cardoncelle = Senecon. [Common groundsel]

Thymus vulgaris, folio latiore = Thymus durius = Timo = Thym commun. [Garden Thyme, Common Thyme]

Sclarea vulgaris lanuginosa amplissimo folio = Sclara maggiore = Toute-bonne. [Common Sage]

Martynia annua villosa et viscosa, folio subrotundo, flore magno rubro = Proposcitea. [Horn-capsuled Martynia, Common Unicorn Plant, Common Devil's Claw, Ram's Horn, Proboscis Flower, Elephant Tusk]

Salvia, foliis auritis, et non auritis, floribus violaceis = Salvia = Sauge. [Common Sage]

Symphytum majus, tuberosa radice = Consolida maggiore = Le Grande Consoude. [Common Comfrey]

The Honorable Sir Wm. Blackstone, knight, one of the justices of the Court of Common Pleas.

Trachinus Draco, The Common Weever.

Sir James Eyre Knt. Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas.

Ficus = Figues. [Ficus carica, or 4 more varities of the Common Fig]

Ligustrum vulgare = Troëne commun. [Common privet]

Prunus domestica = Prunier domestique. [More varities of Common plum, Garden plum, Bullace plum]

Cytisus laburnum = Cytise des Alpes. [Common Laburnum, Scotch Laburnum or Alpine golden chain]

Ficus = Figuier. [Ficus carica or the Common Fig]

Pyrus communis sylvestris = Poirier commun sauvage. [Common pear].

Mespillus oxyacantha = Neflier aubépine. [Common Hawthorn]

Quercus robur = Chéne rouvre. [Pedunculate Oak, Truffle Oak, Common Oak, English Oak. Irish Dair]

Xanthoxylum fraxineum = Clavalier à feuiller de Frêne. [Common prickly-ash, toothache tree, toothache bush, yellowwood, angelica tree]

Geranium inquinans = Géranion tachant. [common geranium]

Prunus domestica = Prunier domestique. [Common plum, Garden plum, Bullace plum]

Malus communis = Pommier commun. [Common apples]

Fig. 1. Juniperus communis = Génévrier commun. Fig. 2 Juniperus oxycedrus = Génévrier oxicédre. [Common juniper - Prickly juniper]

Fig. 1. Prunus sinensis = Prunier de la Chine. Fig. 2. Prunus prostrata = Prunier couchê. [Bush cherry - Common cherry]

Fig. 1. Cytisus sessifolius = Cytise à feuilles sessiles. Fig. 2 Cytisus biflorus = Cytise à deux fleurs. [Sessile-leaved Cytisus,Common Cytisus]

Berberis vulgaris = Vinettier commun. [Common Barberry]

Common Tortoise.

Echinus Esculentus or Common Sea Urchin; The same with the Spines rubbed off.

Common Beaver.

Common Eel; Conger Eel.

Sepia Officinalis or Common Cuttle Fish; Calcareous bone of ditto with a longitudinal section of the same; Eggs of ditto popularly called Sea Grapes.

Common Frog.

Common Flying Squirrel.

Common Chamoeleon.

Common Antelope (male & female).

Common Cuckow.

Common Mackrel.

Common Pelican.

Common Seal, Pied Seal, var.

Common Crocodile.

Common Jerboa.

Cepedian Pike; Common Pike.

Common Kingfisher.

Common Porcupine.

Great or Common Paradise Bird.

New Holland Jabiru; Common Jabiru.

Common Toad.

The Right Honourable Sir John Eardley Wilmot, Knt. Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas.

Malabar Hen, Gallus giganteus. Common in Doab. 4/5 Nat. size. A. Foot Nat. Size.

1. Chinese Ring Necked Pheasant, Phasianus torquatus; 2. Head of the Common Golden Pheasant, Chrysolophus pictus.

The National Lancers with the reviewing officers on Boston Common.

Common Cormorant. 1. Male. 2. Female. 3. Young.

Common Harrier.

Wood Thrush . 1. Male. 2. Female. (Common Dogwood.)

Common Mocking Bird. 1, 2. Males, 3. Female. (Florida Jessamine. Gelseminum niditum. Rattlesnake.)

Common or Arctic Puffin. 1. Male. 2 Female.

Common Scaup Duck. 1. Male. 2. Female.

Common American Gull.-- Ring-billed Gull. 1. Adult. 2. Young.

Towhe Ground Finch. 1. Male. 2. Female. (Common Blackberry.)

Common Tern. Male Spring Plumage.

Common Purple Crow-Blackbird. 1. Male. 2. Female. (Maize or Indian Corn. [Zea Mays])

Little or Acadian Owl. (Common Mouse.)

American Goldfinch. 1. Male. 2. Female. (Common Thistle.)

Common American Partridge. 1. Male. 2. Female. 3. Young.

Common Magpie. 1. Male. 2. Female.

Common Troupial. Male.

Common Cow-bird. 1. Male. 2. Female. 3. Young.

White-throated Finch. 1.Male. 2. Female. (Common Dogwood.)

Common Gannet. 1. Adult Male. 2. Young.

Common Cardinal Grosbeak. 1. Male. 2. Female. (Wild Almond Prunus caroliniana)

Common Gallinule. Adult Male.

Common Buzzard.

Wilson's Snipe. - Common Snipe. 1. Male. 2 & 3. Females.

Common Pine-finch. 1. Male. 2. Female.

Common American Crow. Male. (Black Walnut.)

Common Osprey, Fish Hawk.

Common Blue Bird. 1. Male. 2. Female. 3. Young. (Great Mullein. Verbascum Thapsus.)

Common Snow-Bird.. 1. Male. 2. Female.

Common Crossbill. 1. Males. 2. Females.

1. The Common Star-nose (Condylura cristata). 2. The Common Shrew-mole (Scalops aquaticus).

1. The American Gray Rabbit (Lepus nanus). 2. The Common American Wolf (Lupus occidentalis).

90. The Spotted Bergal (Ctenolabrus uninotatus). 91. The New-York Shiner (Stilbe chrysoleucas). 92. The Red-fin ( Leuciscus cornutus). 93. The Common Bergall (Ctenolabrus ceruleus).

46. The Common Toad, young, (Bufo americanus). 47. The Hermit Spade-foot (Scarphiopus solitarius). 48. The Bullfrog (Rana pipiens).

285. The Common American Gull (Larus zonorhyncus). 286. The Winter Gull, var. (Larus argentatus).

13. The Common Bullhead (Cottus virginianus). 14. The Little Star-gazer (Uranidea quiscens. 15. The Web-fingered Gurnand (Prionotus carolinus).

275. The Common Tern (Sterna hirundo). 276. Ditto, young.

49. The Common Crow Blackbird (Quiscalus versicolor). 50. The Rusty Crow Blackbird (Quicalus ferrugineus).