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Etchings of rustic figures....(Title page)

Californie indien dansant

Price list; B. Kuppenheimer & Co.; Chicago, Nov. 1, 1899.

Guadeloupean woman.

Three women from Guadeloupe.

"A Native Product" - postcard mailed to Frederick Hoeing, 1916

"A Native Product" - postcard mailed to Frederick Hoeing, 1916

"A Native Product" - postcard mailed to Frederick Hoeing, 1916

Men moving hay with pitchforks.

Period about 1775.

Marketplace scenes. People in groups with baskets of fruit, men on horseback.

Period about 1800.

Men using rakes, a wheelbarrow, and a shovel to move hay. Men resting.

Period about 1804.

Marketplace scenes. People in groups holding baskets of fruit. People resting in a group. Women talking with baskets balanced on their heads.

Period about 1810.

Woman with a bucket. Woman and child haul fruit in a basket. Woman and child sort fruit from a basket. Woman standing with large basket of fruit. Woman moving a bucket. Child pulling a sledge, mother holding a baby.

Period about 1814.

People walking and carrying baskets or sacks. Family group resting in a field.

Period about 1815.

Mrs. Margaret Sterling.

Young woman and small children gather near sleeping older woman holding a bundle. Child reads to an elderly woman. Young children play with string, basket.

Period about 1820.

Men haul fruit, hay, in wheelbarrows. Men feeding pigs fruit from a wheelbarrow.

Period about 1825.

[People lead a donkey carrying baskets. Men on a boat, one man steers with a poll. People feeding hay to a donkey.]]

Period about 1835.

[Fishermen work inside boats at low tide. Men use a shipbuilding tool.]]

Period about 1840.

[Marketplace scenes. Men on horses, people selling baskets of fruit, women carrying baskets or sacks.]]

The spring book of B. Kuppenheimer @ Co.

[Women carrying baskets, sacks, or hay. Women with children. Men using walking sticks. Men carrying farming tools or baskets.]]

Class A: suits; No. 1. The new Bowdoin sack suit.

[Fishermen work inside boats at low tide.]]

Class A: swatches of fabric.

[Men carrying basket, shovel, wood. Two men resting on the ground with a dog. Man feeds slop to pigs.] ]

In passing; No. 7. The new Epsom topcoat.

[Women and men carrying baskets or bundles, or walking with children.]]

Flannel outing suits; No. 9. The new Breakwater summer suit.

[Fishmongers. Men and women sorting fish from baskets or from a net.]]

Class B: suits; No. 2. The new Military sack suit.

[Men carrying baskets or bundles. Men resting on the ground. Men tying bundles.]]

Class B: swatches of fabric.

[Horse drawn carts. Horses pulling rollers and barrels on carts or sleds.]]

Supplement to class B: swatches of fabric.

Mother and children walking and carrying baskets, one child rides a donkey. Family cooks a meal over an open fire.

Class C: topcoats; No. 8. The new Boulevard topcoat.

[Woman fills a bucket with water. Man rests on haystack. Men sit on a rock. Woman holds baskets. People resting on the ground.]]

Class C: swatches of fabric.

[Marketplace scenes. Donkey drawn carts. Donkeys with baskets. Small family groups walking, pointing, carrying sacks.]]

Class D: suits; No. 3. The new Rugby sack suit.

[Marketplace scenes. Men and women gather around baskets of fruit, or sacks. People rest on the ground.]]

Class D: swatches of fabric.

[[A man and two women gather firewood. A family group rests together on the ground.]]

Where the work is done: B. Kuppenheimer @ Co. Fine clothing.

[Men standing with a whip, basket, or bundle. Men sitting or laying, or kneeling on the ground.]]

Class E: bullock suits; No. 5. The new Salisbury cutaway suit.

[Fishermen. Men pull a rope. Men push a boat into the water. Men pull a boat on shore.]]

[Horses pulling carts, hay, sleds, and wagons.]]

Class E and Class F: swatches of fabric.

[Men carrying firewood. Men sawing a log.]]

In trousers again: No. 10. Trousers.

Men moveing barrels on boats at low tide. Men repairing the masts of two boats.

The value we offer; No. 4. The new Downtown sack suit.

[Fishmongers. Men and women sorting fish from a basket. A man holds up a fish for inspection.]]

Back cover of the Spring book of B. Kuppenheimer & Co.

[Marketplace scenes. Women gather around a basket of fruit on a table. Women hold a tray of fruit. A family group talks, rests, a mother feeds her child.]]

[Women carrying baskets or sacks, kneeling , or resting on a rock.]]

[Men pulling wheelbarrows, shoveling, using a pick ax, resting on the ground.]]

[[A woman holds fruit to be placed in a man's basket. A man offers a duck to a family cooking around an open fire.]]

[Women , or women with a child carry bundles of flowers or grain.]]

[Woman drives a horse drawn cart, a dog chases along side. Man driving a cart talks to another man on horseback.]]

[Men on horseback. Men leading work horses, some hauling loads of rocks.] ]

[Men lift a net from the water. A family group walks down a hill. People rest on a bench in a marketplace.]]

[Boats in the water. Men steer boats and raise the boat sails.]]

[Men work on a boat at low tide. Men pull am anchor rope onto a boat. Men remove a mast from a boat.]]

[[A man ferries a boat full of barrels while another sleeps. Men ferry cattle and sheep.]]

[Men carry heavy sacks or bundles of grain. A man rests on a sack.]]

[Men on boats pull a net from the water. Men steer boats with polls. Men work in boats.]]

[A family group walks through a gate. A man points while another rests on the ground.]

Rev. Mary Hill.

[Men steer boats that carry cargo.]]

[Men use walking sticks and carrying sacks or baskets.]]

[Men bundling, carrying, sorting, or chopping firewood.]]

[Men chopping or sawing wood]]

[Men sitting on a fence or on the ground.]]

Wagons (front and back view). A barrel on a cart.

[Women sitting on the ground, women gathering or kneeling.]]

[Women sitting on the ground, women bending or kneeling.]]

[Men driving horse drawn carts. Men on horseback.]]

[Women picking up cloth. Women laying or sitting on the ground.]]

[Men and women riding horses, mules.]]

[People gathered around a cooking fire. People sitting on a hilltop.]]

[Women walk with children. A man and two children cross a body of water.]]

[Men using pick axes, shovels. Men chopping wood.]

[People gathered around cooking fires. People sitting on the ground.]]

[Men using rakes, pitchforks to move hay. Men sitting on the ground.]]

Monk or cleric with white hair and grey robe, kneeling--back view.

[A man, St. Carmine?, being baptized with several religious figures in attendance, amid a crowd of spectators.]

Class F: suits; No. 6. The new Beaconsfield frock suit.

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