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China, Regio Asiae.


[Street entertainers in China]

Noordtoost cust van Asia, van Japan tot Nova Zemla.

China ; Tartaria.

A new map of Great Tartary, and China, with the adjoyning part of Asia, taken from Mr. de Fer's map of Asia.

Danseur chinois


Part of China (a tract of the journey which Father Verbieft made from Pekin to the Eastern Tartary in the year 1682) ; Great Tartary, the Isle of Japon.

A chart of the eastermost part of the EAST INDIES and CHINA, from Cape Comarine to JAPAN, with all adjacent Islands

A large draught of the coast of CHINA from Amoye to Chusan with harbour of Amoye at large

A large draught of the North part of CHINA. Shewing all the passages and chanells into the harbour of CHUSAN. To the honourable the court of mannagers for the UNITED TRADE to the EAST INDIES

The Embassadors entry through the famous Chinese wall which is 1200 miles long.

The Ambassadors introduction into the audience hall.

The Embassador entertained by the Emperor in the best audience chamber.

The Embassadors audience of leave of the Emperor.

Chinesische Comedianten

[Voyages and travels to Guinea, Benin, Kongo and Angola. Description of Loango, Kongo, Angola, Benguela, and adjacent countries. Description of the countries along the eastern coast of Africa, from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Guarda Fuy. Voyages and of Africa, from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Guarda Fuy. Voyages and travels in China, 1655-1722; Volume III; Frontispiece.]

Pe-Kin, capital of China.

Strolling beggars in China; Laying burning coals on their heads and using other austerities.

A chart of the Bay Chin-chew or Chang-chew in China.

The flying bridge built between two mountains on the River Whang-ho in China, 600 feet long and 650 high from the River.

[Description of China, of Korea, eastern Tartary and Tibet. Travels through Tartary, Tibet, and Bukharia, to and from China, 1246-1698; Volume IV; China; Frontispiece.]

[A map of China, Korea and adjoining parts of Tartary.]

View of the Great Wall, on the side where the Ambassador entered China.

The silk manufacturing in China; Winding from the cods in the cauldron; Balneum Maria to kill the worms in the cods; Taking the cods from the mats after smothered in the earthen pots; Winding from the cods in a copper if warm water; Ways of winding silk; Hanging up the sheets of paper with eggs on them.

Strolling beggars in China; Who practice austerities to extort alms, striking their heads against a stone or one another.

Indian trees & shrubs; The fu ling or China root; The tsing fhu or varnish tree; Betel; Rhubarb; The tea shrub.

The silk manufacturing in China; Weaving; Reeling & doubling; Warping; A twisting mill; Winding from the clews to the bobbins.

Figures; An emperor of China - in his usual dress, in his robes; A Bonza; A husbandman.

Another habit of a Chinese lady in 1700. Autre dame Chinoise.

The ordinary habit of the emperor of China in [sic]. L'Empereur de la Chine dans sa parure ordinaire.

Habit of a Bonza or priest in China. Bonza de la Chine.

Habit of a Chinese mandarin of war in 1700. Mandarin de guerre de la Chine.

Emperor of China in his robes, in 1700. L'empereur de la Chine.

Winter habit of a Chinese Mandarin in 1700.

Habit of a bonzess of China in 1700. Bonzess de Chine.

Habit of an ambassador from China, in 1749. Ambassadeur Chinois.

Habit of a servant maid in China. Servante de la Chine.

The ordinary habit of the emperor of China in [sic]. L'Empereur de la Chine dans sa parure ordinaire.

Habit of a lady of China in 1700. Dame Chinoise.

Habit of a lady of China in 1700. Autre dame Chinoise.

Habit of the emperor of China, in 1667. L'empereur de la Chine.

Summer habit of a Chinese mandarin in 1700. Habillement d'ete de'un mandarin Chinois.

Caryphyllus, Barbatus hortensis, latifolius = Garoffoleti della China = Le petit Oeillet de Jardin.[Sweet William]

Bal chinois donné par l'empereur une fois tous les ans aux jours gras

Bal chinois donné par l'empereur une fois tous les ans aux jours gras

China, divided into its great provinces, and the Isles of Japan

The rack.

Beheading--the capital punishment in China.

Punishment of the swing.

Four figures; one man beats another who is chained to a weight.

Punishment by cangue, or wooden pillory.

Torture by pressing the ancles [sic] of criminal with wooden poles.

Scene of beheading.

A malefactor conducted to execution.

Large group conducting a trial [?]]

Trial scene; [?] thrree people kneel in front of man who reads from a paper.]

Arrest of criminals.


Burning a man's eyes with lime.

Slapping the mouth for telling lies.

Punishment of a wooden tube.

Man is tied to cross-shaped frame; another man kneels.

Torturing the fingers.

Two guards lead a man bound with chains.

Two men placing severed heads in cages.

Ling Ch'ee (i.e. cutting off the flesh of the criminal piece by piece.

Two prisoners, bound hand and foot, are led by two guards.

Tying him to a stone.

Man is trapped inside a large barrel.

Two men carry a man in a basket.

An offender undergoing the bastinade.

A culprit conducted to trial.

Punishment of the wooden collar.

Punishing an interpreter.

Close confinement.

Man is tied to cross-shaped frame and bled; another man carries severed head in cage.

Twisting a man's ears.

Conducting an offender into banishment.

A man fastened to a block of wood.

Four figures; one man leads another by chain around neck.

Woman is led by another woman by chain around neck.

Punishing a boatman.

A malefactor chained to an iron bar.

Bambooing his breeches.

A culprit conveyed to prison.

The manner of beheading.

A malefactor in a cage.

Punishment of criminal by parading him in the street.

[Title page.]

The capital punishment of the cord.

Punishment by stretching the criminal on a wooden bench[.]

Man is laid in coffin and pierced through the neck with a sword.

Hamstringing a malefactor.

Man is bound to low platform on which a piece of wood secures his head.

Magistrate in court.

Melia Azedarach = Azédarac bipinné. [Chinaberry, China tree, Chinaball tree]

Rosa semper florens = Rosier de tous les mois. [Ever-blowing Rose,China Rose, Bengal Rose]

Rosa semperflorens = Rosier toujours fleuri. [Ever-blowing rose, china rose, Bengal rose]