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Arc de triomphe (Petra).

Entrée du ravin (Petra).

Excavations at the Eastern end of the Valley

Mount Hor, from the Cliffs Encircling Petra

The Theatre

The Convent of St. Catherine Mount Sinai

Ascent of the Lower Range of Sinai

Wilderness of Engedi, near the Convent of St. Saba

Convent of St. Catherine, with Mount Horeb

An Ancient Egyptian Temple on Gebel Garabe

The Acropolis, Lower End of the Valley

The Arch Crossing the Ravine

The Necropolis

Site of Petra

Rock of Moses, Wady-El-Leja, Mount Horeb

Summit of Mount Sinai, Shewing the Christian and Mahometan Chapels

The Ravine

Ascent to the Summit of Sinai

La Corniche.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Rocky Path, Watkins Glen.

Au Sable Chasm. Table Rock, looking up.

Central Gorge and Jacob's Ladder.

Table Rock, looking down.

The Grand Flume, Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm.

Au Sable Chasm. Jacob's Well, looking out.

Mammoth Gorge.

Portal cascade, Watkins Glen.

Matchless scene, Watkins Glen.

Au Sable Chasm. From Table Rock, looking up.

Rainbow falls and Triple cascade, Watkins Glen.

Looking down through Summit Gorge.

Entrance gorge.

Au Sable Chasm. Rapids below the Pool.

"Column Rock," near Post Office.

Head of Watkins Glen.

Fairies Cascade, lower view.

Hallock Hill groupe, at Devil's Oven.

Pluto falls, Watkins Glen.

Below Rapids [down?] toward Basin.

Artist's Dream, Watkins Glen.

[View in Au Sable Chasm.]

Matchless scene, Watkins Glen.

The Broken Needle from Sentry Box, Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm.

Mystic gorge, Watkins Glen.

Interior of Council Chamber looking out from Gallery.

Bridal veil from Jacob's Ladder.

[Falls in ice.]

From Smugglers Pass, looking down the river.

Au Sable Chasm. Pulpit Rock.

Mystic gorge, Watkins Glen.

Stairs of Long Gallery, Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm.

Looking down Boat Ride from Table Rock.

View below Birmingham Falls, looking down-stream.

Hell Gate, from below, Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm.

Leaning Column.

Below Table Rock, looking down.

[View in Au Sable Chasm.]

[Falls in ice.]

Fairies Cascade, central view.

Artist's Dream, Watkins Glen.

Cathedral, Watkins Glen.

Lake View House, from Birmingham Falls, Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm.

Seneca Council Chamber and Eagle Fall looking in.

Head of Watkins Glen.

The Grand Flume, Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm.

View from Sylvan Bridge,.

Glen of the Pool.

Birmingham and Horseshoe falls, Adirondack Mts., N.Y.

Looking up the Chasm from "Devil's Oven", Ausable Chasm, N.Y.

Ausable Chasm. The Flume.

Wondrous [sic] scene, Watkins Glen.

Glen of the Pool.

Cathedral Rock.

Eagle Fall from Eagle Cliff.

Interior of Hermit's Gorge.

Cavern gorge, Watkins Glen.

Lower Ausable [Au Sable] Pond, Adirondacks.

Near Mystic Gorge, looking down.

High falls and cascade, at Birmingham, east side.

The Grand Flume from the Rapids down, Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm.

Artist's Dream, Watkins Glen.

Entrance gorge, Watkins Glen.

Havanna [Havana] Glen., Central Gorge.

Table Rock, looking down.

Shadow gorge, Watkins Glen.

Pulpit Rock, looking down.

Narrow Pass, Watkins Glen.

Running the Rapids, Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm, the start.

Au Sable Chasm. The Sentinel.

Loon, the great northern diver.

Ausable Chasm. Profile Rock.

Watkins Glen.

Near Post Office, looking down.

Through the spray, Watkins Glen.

The "Devil's Covered Way," Ausable Chasm, N.Y.

[View in Au Sable Chasm.]

Entrance gorge, Watkins Glen. (Back view of)

New York State. View in Ausable [Au Sable] Chasm.

Au Sable Chasm. The Boat Ride.

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