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Mode in which the young Memnon's head, (now in the British Museum,) was removed by Belzoni.

Nigell's Pheasant Grouse, Tetraogallus Nigellii. Adult. Hamalaya Mountains. British Museum. 2/3 Natural size.

Macqueen's Bustard, Otis Macqueenii. Hamalaya Mountains. British Museum. 3/4 Natural size.

Sarcophagus found in Col. Campbell's tomb (now in the British Museum): hieroglyphical characters and deities on the left side.

School of Verrocchio, British museum, 2707. [Study of drapery.]

Leonardo, British museum, 1037. [Studies for a victory placing a shield on a trophy.]

Garbo, British museum, 764 [The resurrected Christ.]

Sogliani, British museum, 2637 verso. [Study of partially nude man wearing cape.]

Benozzo, British museum, 542. [A bare-headed young man, in a cloak, pointing with his right hand as he walks.]

Filippino Lippi, British museum, 1344. [Scene of large crowd in a temple.]

Fra Angelico, British museum, 162. [The youthful David with a crown on his curly head, sitting on a settle, singing and playing on the psaltery.]

Sellajo, British museum, 2508. [Female saint and angels adoring the Christ child.]

P. di Cosimo, British museum, 1859a. [Studies of blessed virgin with Christ child.]

Botticini, British museum, 589. [Study for coronation, with Christ.]

Verrocchio, British museum, 2691. [Head of a woman.]

Botticini, British museum, 590. [Study for coronation, with the blessed virgin.]

Domenico Ghirlandajo [sic], British museum, 881. [Bust of an oldish man, in profile to right.]

Fra Filippo, British museum, 1387. [Pleading woman.]

School of Botticelli, British museum, 578. [An allegorical figure of faith.]

Cosimo Rosselli, British museum, 2385. [Monks visited by saint and angels.]

Credi, British museum, 691. [Study for an angel in the Fortiguerri monument.]

Carli, British museum, 640. [The vision of St. Bernard.]

Leonardo, British museum, 1035. [Profile bust of a warrior in fanciful armour [sic].]

Benozzo, British museum, 540. [The Madonna appearing to a girl saint, who sits up in her bed.]

Botticelli, British museum, 567. [Study for an allegorical figure of abundance.]