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Large opening initial with angel of Matthew. Border design with animals. Rubric and red placemarkers.

Front cover, large initial on gold field, with vines extending into border, and music.

Page of text with large puzzle initial with elaborate penwork extending into border.

Back cover, with large initial, border design, and music.

Opening of text with large initial, rubric, full border design, small initials with penwork, placemarkers, name of book and chapter number in red and blue. Later note and library stamp.

Beginning of main text; 5-line initial with elaborate puzzle work and penwork in border. 2-line initial with penwork. Smaller initials. Book name and chapter name. Red daubs as sentence markers.

Opening of text, large initial with Jerome as scribe and elaborate extension into border. Small initials with penwork, rubrics, placemarkers, book name and chapter numbers in red and blue.

Opening of main text. Large painted initial showing Jerome as scribe extending far into border with animal figures. Red and blue initials with penwork. Rubric. Book name and chapter number.

Page of text with initials, border design and quire number.

Large illuminated initial on penwork field. Smaller initials, border design, rubrics.

Large illuminated initial. Smaller initials, rubrics, border designs.

Large initial, smaller initials, human and animal figures in border design.

Large illuminated initial, smaller initials, rubrics, border design.

Large red initial on gold field, full border design, small initials, rubrics.

Hours of the Virgin - None: decorated initial and border

Opening of text in French, initial and border design.

Miniature of Mary and Jesus, border design and initial, French text.

Explicit, border, and placemarkers.

Miniature, elaborate border design, initials, rubrics.

Miniature of Virgin and Child, with diapered background. Large initial, border design. French text.

Opening page of calendar, written in French. Border decoration.

Opening of French text, border decoration, large initial, rubric.

Opening of main text, large gold initial, rubric, border design.

Opening of French text, large initial and border design.

Page of French text with initials, linefillers, and border design.

Large initial with painted design in border.

Opening of main text, with initial, border design, placemarkers.

Opening of text, with miniature of consecrated host in a chalice, and with elaborate border design.

Miniature of John the Evangelist, 3-line blue initial, border design. Main hand (hand 1).

Opening of text one, initial with miniature, border, rubrics.

Opening of text, large letter with penwork, small initials and linefillers, hierarchy of scripts. Large penwork feather drawn in border.

Elaborate initial and border decoration. Fourth line of text and music are replaced by five lines of smaller text. This happens occasionally throughout, perhaps to save space.

Explicit. Initial, rubrics, linefillers, border design.

Text with initials, linefillers, border design, catchword.

Opening of text, two-line gold initial on blue and green field with flourish in border, red and blue initials, rubrics, placemarkers. Coat of arms. Note that ink has run somewhat.

Page of text with initials, rubric, linefillers, border design, catchwords.

Miniature of King David, border design, initial and linefiller

Opening page of calendar, written in French, border decoration.

Opening of text, rubric, hierarchy of scripts, large initial on gold field with painted design in border, hand 1.

Page of text with rubrics, initials, linefillers and catchword. Border design.

Opening of the text, with historiated initial of holy man kneeling in prayer in a landscape; with rubrics, placemarkers and elaborate border design that includes the XPS monogram.

End of erasure, large initial, gothic script, border design.

Main hand (hand 3), initials, border decoration, rubrics, catchword.

Miniature of mass for the dead. Full border decoration, initial, rubric.

Calendar page. Gold initial on blue and red field, sprouting foliage into border. Rubrics and linefillers.

Opening of main text -- gothic script erased and humanistic written in. 3-line initial and border design.

Opening miniature (four Evangelists) and opening of main text. Border designs, initial, rubric.

Opening page of calendar; initials and border design.

Opening of text. 4-line initial on gold field, in many colors, with decoration extending into border. 2-line red and blue initials. Rubrics. Music.

Opening of French section, in mid-sentence. Initials and border design.

Opening of text. Six-line opening initial with animal heads and border design. Small initials.

Page of text with initials and peapod design in border.

Opening of main text. Large initial on gold field with decorations extending into border, rubric, placemarkers.

Opening page of text with border decoration.

Initial with illumination, red and blue initials, border design, rubrics and placemarkers.

Opening of main text, miniature of John the Evangelist, border design, 3-line initial, rubric.

Large initial on gold fields, border design, rubrics, small initials, placemarkers, quire signature?

Opening of main text. Full border with human and animal figures. Hierarchy of initials, with penwork. Rubric.

Miniature of mass for the dead? Large initial, border decoration.

Miniature of Annunciation, initials, linefillers, and border design.

Miniature of the Visitation, initials, linefillers, border design.

Opening of main text with large initial, border decoration; sketches of birds in lower border.

Page of text with initials and penwork; border; catchword.

Small initial with border decoration, rubrics, placemarkers, catchword.

Opening of text, hand 1, initial with illumination, elaborate border design.

Opening page of calendar, written in French. Border decoration.

Miniature of the Visitation; initials, border.

Miniature of skeletons accosting knights, large and small initials, linefiller, full border with grotesques.

Opening of text, 3-line initial and painted border design. 1-line initials and coat of arms.

Various sizes of initials, rubrics, linefillers, full border with grotesques.

Miniature of John the Evangelist. 3-line blue initial, rubric, and full border with animals and grotesque.

Miniature of the Circumcision. Border design, rubrics, placemarkers.

Latin and French text, initials, border design.

Opening of main text. Miniature of Annunciation. Border design, 3-line and 1-line initials, placemarker.

Opening of main text in mid-sentence; border decoration and small initial.

6-line green initial on gold field with vines and flowers in border, music and small initials.

Miniature of Virgin and Child [Flight into Egypt?], large initial on gold, linefiller, full border design.

Opening of first book, miniature with large blue initial, border design, arms of first owner, placemarkers, rubric.

Opening of book two, miniature, initial with penwork and blue initial on gold, border design.

Opening of third book, initial, border design, catchword.

Page of text with placemarkers and large blue initial. Two human figures in upper border.

Text with placemarkers and rubric and large red initial; border design drawn in but not yet colored.

Page of text with rubric and large red initial; human figures in lower border.

Page of text with placemarkers, rubric, large blue initial, and border scenes showing Moses receiving the laws.

Page of text with placemarkers, rubrics, large red initial. Figure of knight riding in lower border.

Page of text with rubric, placemarkers, large red initial, and border design including human figures.

Text with placemarkers, rubric, and large blue initial. Border design with leaves and grotesques.

Page of text with placemarkers, rubric, large blue initial, and human figures in border -- some loss to trimming.

Page of text with placemarkers, rubric, large red initial. Scene shown in lower border.

Text with placemarkers, rubrics, large red initial and border design. Miniature spread across two pages, including Moses and men pitching tents.

Text with placemarkers, rubric, and large red initial. Border design including man and peapods.

Text with initial, rubric, placemarkers and border design including drawing of Adam, Eve and the Serpent.

Miniature showing Julia, dressed in pink and gold, recoiling in horror from kneeling man who presents Pompeii's bloody robe. Initial, rubric, and border design.

Miniature showing Roman archers surrounding and attacking the palace chamber where Mithridates, Hypsicratea, and three others are drinking poison from chalices and falling to the ground. Initial, rubric, border design.

Miniature showing 1. Hypermnestra in a prison cell; 2. Linus and three men murder Danaus; 3. Hypermnestra's sister murders her husband in bed. Cathedral town and clock tower in background. Initial, border design.

Miniature of Flight into Egypt, initials and border.

Miniature showing 1. Athaliah, crowned, extends her hands to 2 youths being slain; 2. coronation of Jehoash by two bishops; 3. three citizens observe over a wall; 4. the body of Athaliah is dragged from castle gate by her hair. Initial, border design.

Miniature showing 1. the betrothal of Sophonisba to Syphax; 2. Syphax alone and bereft; 3. Sophonisba stands before a kneeling figure and drinks from a poisoned chalice. Initial, rubric, border design.

Miniature showing 1. Epicharis being racked by two men as Nero and Proculus watch; 2. two men standing at the feet of dead Epicharis, her arms still over her head. Initial, border design.

Miniature showing torture chamber. Leaena is shown lying on a table, bound by feet and wrists to cords drawn through rings on walls. Attendents rack her, two cowled men stand apart. She spits her tongue at one of them. Initial, border design.